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If you have that hole in your heart that you get when you lose the woman that you shared a body with....

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Comment by Brett Bowman on November 3, 2018 at 1:58pm

I certainly will. Thursday was Krissy's 13 the birthday. I went to my men's group at church that night. During the prayer request I gave praise that I still have my little girl. I just started bawling. She is all that I have left of my mom and I just don't want to lose her. After the meeting, one of the church elders told me that I have to understand that people and pets die, and that we have to be able to move on. 

I just don't know how to do that. A couple of days ago I couldn't get Krissy to eat her breakfast. She has to eat so that she can have insulin. I tried everything. I rubbed some wet food on her mouth. I couldn't get her to eat. I just laid down next to her and cried. I came back later that day and all of her food was gone and she was running around and playing. That was great but my emotional well being is reliant on my dog's health. That's a recipe for disaster. 

Comment by Theresa on November 3, 2018 at 6:00am

Brett yes I agree, I always check in, but I feel the same so no use boring everyone

Getting busy at work because in retail it their time of the year, (fine Jewelry)

Also I have some kind of respirator virus throat sore and horse, went to dr thats what he said.  But still have to go to work.

I miss my mom even more because she was always there for me when I was sick, now I just pray it goes away, what else can I do.

Today we have to bring our 11 year old Lab to vet for bloodwork to make sure his new anti-inflammatory is not elevating his kidney levels, please say a prayer

I will check in later

Comment by Avi on November 1, 2018 at 1:48am

Hi Brett

Thanks a lot. Not sure of others, but yes I can say that I am better than before as I need to be involved in lot of activities. India is a country where hundreds of festivals are celebrated and these festival allow you to get involved in religious and family oriented events. In past 15 days there were more than 5 festivals and each of them has its own significance. One of them was a festival where parents fast for whole day without water to pray for better life of their kids. Also on 07 Nov we have Diwali festival which is like Christmas in India and to add to it Christmas is also celebrated with equal zeal in our country. So this diverts the mind a bit but on the other hand I do not enjoy life as I used to do earlier, rarely laugh and have a kind of numbness always. As you know this is more because of the guilt than grief and I guess it will be same through out. 

I am fine to talk to anybody on skype at Please add. 

Comment by Brett Bowman on October 31, 2018 at 10:14pm

I wanted to post something because I feel like this discussion is slipping away. And I think I know why. We all came here looking for support, understanding, and hope. If ever there was a group of people who understands how much it hurts to lose your mom it's this one. The problem is, none of us feel any better, We are just as broken as we ever were. And I don't know what to do about that. Not for myself or for any of you. I keep hoping though, for all of us. As long as we have hope we have something. 

I just want each of you to know that I like you all so very much. I've never met any of you but I think of you all as great friends. I hope we all get better. I have the highest hopes for Avi because he has a child to give his heart to. But, maybe, hopefully, there is hope for all of us.

Comment by Avi on October 29, 2018 at 12:21am

Good morning all. 

Wishing you all a peaceful day. I hope I am able to live one day without guilt. 

Comment by Virginia G on October 28, 2018 at 3:49am

I’d give anything to go home

Comment by Virginia G on October 28, 2018 at 3:49am


Comment by Avi on October 22, 2018 at 7:12am

Completely agree Crystal that whenever something good happens, we think that if she would have been here it would have been great. 

Comment by Crystal K on October 22, 2018 at 6:20am

Hi guys, its been awhile since I posted. Been really busy with work- guess thats a good thing because it means less time for me to dwell on things. My sister just found out she’s pregnant with her fourth kid. Really happy and excited for her, but also very sad that my mom will never meet her grandchild. Tears were shed. I guess this is the reality for us now... happy moments will always have a little bit of sadness. Thats one of the things Im struggling with- everytime something great happens in our family or I achieve one of my personal goals I think “Mom should be here to enjoy this” 

Comment by Avi on October 22, 2018 at 6:18am

I also did not tell my mother that how much I love her. I always took her for granted. 

I can only hope to say sorry now once after I leave the world. Sorry for not taking care of her. 


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Billy Jo Colt commented on Pamela philipp's blog post I need advice
"Hi Pamela, I can understand your situation as you aretorn between two worlds. Your daughter in her own way is trying to help you with your grieving process. She thinks that her way is the only way through your grief. It is also a confrontation you…"
2 hours ago
Avi commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
"Hi Brett Your words give me hope that I will be with my mom someday. This is enough motivation to live.  Virginia, sometimes we do feel that God has done lot of injustice to us but if you look around there are people who suffer lot more than…"
3 hours ago
Brett Bowman commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
"Virginia, do you think I feel any joy right now? I don't. But I think about how much my mom loved me and how much it would hurt her if i harmed myself. She could not have led a happy life if she knew that was in my future. She would have held…"
6 hours ago
morgan commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
"Bluebird,   I always feel a spiritual kinship with what you write.  You were the first person here who when I started reading who was honest and told it like it was.  That hasn't changed and I truly believe that if anyone outside…"
9 hours ago
morgan commented on Pamela philipp's blog post I need advice
"Pamela, I may not be the best person to respond because U can get kind of feisty `but i am going to anyhow.  I will be at six years in January.  I have pictures of my husband all over my house.  I am still slowly going through boxes I…"
10 hours ago
Virginia G posted a discussion

What’s the point

Whats the point of living if there’s no happiness?  If you don’t care about anything except being with the person you lost...if everything is meaningless...if you can’t stand the pain or the numbness...if you don’t belong anywhere..if everything feels wrong...if you have no idea what to do about it...if you can’t get through the daySee More
11 hours ago
Virginia G commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
"There’s no joy without her and I wouldn’t want any. its the only answer"
11 hours ago
Pamela philipp posted a blog post

I need advice

I have been very stressed and upset my daughter came back to my house for a while until she and her family gets on their feet which is not the problem the problem is she has made me get all the things that are important to me out of the house and put in the garage pictures mementos etc. because she thinks that I need to move on she said because it has been three years and she does not understand how she is upsetting me I don't want to be in this house like this anymore how do I make her…See More
15 hours ago
Denise Lavoie left a comment for Pamela philipp
"Hi everyone Scotishbrat here. We had our 1st snowfall Thursday. If Ron was here we would be out making a snowman laughing and throwing snowballs at each other.We did everything together.When he passedl felt so lost I still do its like half of me is…"
Linda Engberg commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
"Joe & Bluebird, Thanks for sharing you thoughts mine are exactly the same. I hate that I have to go on in this world. I have friends that our dying of cancer, I would trade places with them if I could. To endure my feelings I drink at least 6…"
Brett Bowman commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
"Virginia, you so often end your posts with something ominous. You are trying to say something and it is coming across loud and clear. Don't wish yourself dead. Try to live while you're alive. Find joy where you can. Never give up."
Virginia G commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
"Some songs have popped into my head for no reason but that are appropriate.  I don’t even listen to the radio anymore so it’s not like I heard them recently.  I wasn’t trying to think of songs either.  First it was I…"
Brett Bowman commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
"I love the Doors. Jim Morrison is just the coolest. And I love that song. It's about feeling alone in a crowd. I can relate. Virginia, why would God tell you that you deserve to be alone? I think it is quite the opposite. You are telling…"
Virginia G commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
"I am realizing the only people that truly love me are my family. So how am I expected to live without them?"
bluebird replied to Kristen Harlow's discussion Feeling alone
"I agree, that is a big step. You should be proud of yourself for being able to take that step. ((((Hugs))))"
Fran left a comment for Denise Lavoie
"Hello Scottishbrat. I just passed the 4 year mark of losing my husband. With him I felt complete. Now I just seem to be in limbo. I don't remember what  hobbies I used to enjoy. My life had been taking care of him and the 2 wonderful…"
Denise Lavoie commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
"Hi my name is scotishbrat this will be my 3rd holiday season with out my love.It is so hard to do anything.l have crying spells that are so intense it feels like l am going to die.Once l stary it could go on for hours and then l feel completely…"
Kristen Harlow replied to Kristen Harlow's discussion Feeling alone
"Such a good question. No, probably not. I've finally come to the place where I have accepted that I have to accept it's over. That feels like a big step."
bluebird replied to Kristen Harlow's discussion Feeling alone
"That is a lot of shit to deal with, all at once. It's good your sister is ok now.  If the man who you feel is your best friend and the love of your life were to come back now, do you think you would be ready to be with him now?"
bluebird commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
"morgan, As usual, I identify so much with your post.  As you said, by burying our soulmates we buried ourselves. Why can't people understand that? If I had a child with my husband, I would feel some pull to live for that child. I felt that…"

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