We are eternal beings who will never be separated from our loved ones. ~ R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.



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Healing with Pictures

I wanted to share an idea of what we can do with pictures of our loved ones. Nancy Gershman, a digital artist, creates meaningful portraits from photos, memories and stories that we think about every day. Here is a sample of her work:

DREAMSCAPE PHOTOMONTAGE: Myrtle pays homage to the memory of her twin and keeps a promise to her sister. As long as she lives she will keep her nephew - who is a trucker - safe on the road.


I know Nancy's work and I’ve seen how she captures the entire essence of a person and the real truth about their character, their passions and their mission in life.

What Nancy does is digest all these photos, memories and stories until they re-emerge as a holistic portrait of the person you love. You see your father, sister, or beloved poodle, thoughtfully placed into a beautiful legacy portrait for you, but also for generations to come. The end result is that her artwork makes you smile or even laugh.

For the 30 - 60 minutes you spend with her by phone, she delivers a meaningful, heartfelt fine art photomontage in the form of an 8 x 10 print (or enlargement). She can also upload the artwork so you can make something to wear or display (photoblanket, photo-purse, photo trivet, etc.) -- however you want to keep that loved one close by.

I encourage you to view the documentary on Nancy Gershman’s work.

You can visit her website: www.artforyoursake.com/healing. She has provided us with her phone number: 773-255-4677 (EST) or you can email her: nancy@artforyoursake.com

Let me know if you have any questions.


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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741

Journal Therapy

Use Our Blog Feature For Journal Therapy 

You can choose to make it private or public. Blog posts are a great way to express yourself on your profile page.

To get started, go to your profile page and locate the "Blog Posts" module in the middle column. Click the "Add a Blog Post" link. You must join the community to take advantage of Journal Therapy – It’s free.

You can add text, links, images, and files to your blog post using the blog editor toolbar. You can also select the privacy of your blog post to allow anyone in the community to view it, just your friends in the community, or just you. In order to edit privacy, go to Settings and click on privacy.


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Blog Posts

No reason to live

Posted by Virginia G on October 11, 2018 at 2:12am

In black and white

Posted by M Adams on October 10, 2018 at 4:37pm

To my mum

Posted by Daniella on October 10, 2018 at 4:51am

What happens when a person dies?

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    jen brown is now a member of Online Grief Support - A Social Community
    11 hours ago
    bluebird replied to bluebird's discussion My husband died, and I will never want to live without him.
    "Joe, Thank you for your response, and for providing the link to your post about your NDE as well as describing it in more detail here. Although it's terrible that you were in that accident, in a way it was a blessing for you, in that it allows…"
    21 hours ago
    Avi commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
    "Lia, your post made me cry because I also feel similar.  I wish you all strength "
    Bern commented on Kar's group Missing my Son or Daughter
    "2012 September 30th. This fight is real. My only son was shot in the head. The girl and her brother were in the house when it happened. The told police that they were playing with the gun. Well a sister and brother will die and go to hell or heaven…"
    Teresa D. commented on Kar's group Missing my Son or Daughter
    "Judy sometimes I feel the same way...why do some who don't deserve to live get to while our kids didn't.  And sometimes when I hear others use that word, "miracle" it upsets me too."
    Teresa D. commented on Kar's group Missing my Son or Daughter
    "Connie forgive me if I screw this up but the line, "Don't cry for me, cause I live in eternity" runs through me head all the time."
    Teresa D. commented on Kar's group Missing my Son or Daughter
    "Connie what a beautiful gift!!!!! That was Daniel, letting you know he's there. "
    Teresa D. commented on Kar's group Missing my Son or Daughter
    "Ginger I left all my sons pictures right where they were I need to see them. "
    Teresa D. commented on Kar's group Missing my Son or Daughter
    "It's been a while since I've checked in.  I'm actually melting down right now. Don't know what brought it on but can't seem to stop.  I miss everyone and think of all of you all the time.  Michael's…"
    Brett Bowman commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
    "Lia, a few lost minutes cannot compete with a lifetime of love that you shared with your mom."
    Lia Lynch commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
    "Hi there.  Brett, you were (are) totally right -- I was and think I still am in shock. There was so much to do, and with my kid to take care of, I wasn't processing. At all. Still not. I didn't get to say goodbye.  She was in a…"
    M Adams commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
    "As Brett suggests, you sure can be griefstricken without feelings of guilt -- for me guilt doesn't seem relevant to my deep sadness about losing my mother.  It's more a combination of loneliness, shock, emptiness, disappointment…"
    David is now a member of Online Grief Support - A Social Community
    BLUEBELL commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
    "Seems like we all have our regrets and sadness that we live with every day. But I have noticed for myself that though I still have them, they have softened over time. Bluebell On a different subject I want to celebrate this morning of being able to…"
    Theresa commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
    "Brett, me too, the only guilt I have is if I did not stop at her house for three minutes, I would have been there, but I was not. I say it everyday why did I do that..."
    Virginia G posted a blog post

    No reason to live

    No happiness.  Nothing to look forward to.  Constant pain.  Memories everywhere and longing to be able to make more or even talk about them.  Scared, needing answers, anxious, lost, angry, devastated, guilt ridden.   how could life be so cruel?  It’s just not possible.See More
    Virginia G commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
    "Avi, what is what’s app?  I don’t have a smart phone."
    Virginia G commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
    "The pain seems to get worse everyday.  I guess the numbness is starting to wear off.  I need God to listen to me.  I can’t live like this."
    M Adams posted a blog post

    In black and white

    Today I had to respond to several emails and repeatedly write down that my mother is dead. Finding it very hard to keep writing the words, so hard that it took several days of tearful effort to complete the three most pressing responses.  Finally got them done.  I just miss my mother so much.  I hate picking up the phone now because some part of me still expects her voice at the other end of the line. I feel wounded by family and friends who are grieving so differently from me, who are keen to…See More
    M Adams left a comment for Daniella
    "On the surface our situations could hardly be more different -- my mother just died, she was 84 years old and had numerous health problems the last five years -- but reading your words touched me, somehow I felt like they were my own, the…"

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