We are eternal beings who will never be separated from our loved ones. ~ R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.


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Healing with Pictures

I wanted to share an idea of what we can do with pictures of our loved ones. Nancy Gershman, a digital artist, creates meaningful portraits from photos, memories and stories that we think about every day. Here is a sample of her work:

DREAMSCAPE PHOTOMONTAGE: Myrtle pays homage to the memory of her twin and keeps a promise to her sister. As long as she lives she will keep her nephew - who is a trucker - safe on the road.


I know Nancy's work and I’ve seen how she captures the entire essence of a person and the real truth about their character, their passions and their mission in life.

What Nancy does is digest all these photos, memories and stories until they re-emerge as a holistic portrait of the person you love. You see your father, sister, or beloved poodle, thoughtfully placed into a beautiful legacy portrait for you, but also for generations to come. The end result is that her artwork makes you smile or even laugh.

For the 30 - 60 minutes you spend with her by phone, she delivers a meaningful, heartfelt fine art photomontage in the form of an 8 x 10 print (or enlargement). She can also upload the artwork so you can make something to wear or display (photoblanket, photo-purse, photo trivet, etc.) -- however you want to keep that loved one close by.

I encourage you to view the documentary on Nancy Gershman’s work.

You can visit her website: www.artforyoursake.com/healing. She has provided us with her phone number: 773-255-4677 (EST) or you can email her: nancy@artforyoursake.com

Let me know if you have any questions.



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Request for Study Participation

Hello, I am Matt Streicher, a sociology student who has recently experienced the death of a loved one and is doing a study on bereavement as part of my senior capstone course. I would appreciate your participation in my study. If you’d like to participate in my study, you can click on the following link or copy and paste the link to your web browser. 


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    Journal Therapy and After Death Communication

    After Death Communication

    Online Grief Support uses the blog feature for Journal Therapy – You can choose to make it private or public. Blog posts are a great way to express yourself on your profile page. To get started, go to your profile page and locate the "Blog Posts" module in the middle column. Click the "Add a Blog Post" link. You must join the community to take advantage of Journal Therapy – It’s free.
    You can add text, links, images, and files to your blog post using the blog editor toolbar. You can also select the privacy of your blog post to allow anyone in the community to view it, just your friends in the community, or just you. Go to Settings and then click on Privacy. If you need help, I'm just an email away. - Diana

    Blog Posts


    Last night after I wrote my initial entry, I sat here and stared at the screen wondering when this was supposed to start helping me. I chatted with a couple of other members who were very nice and welcoming and then I just felt exhausted. I decided to drag my rump to bed hoping that I would finally sleep through an entire night as dog tired as I was. And then my mom called my cell phone. She asked if I wanted a present. Confused, I asked her what she was talking about. She said she was…


    Posted by Heather on July 30, 2014 at 5:30pm

    I have lost my compass

    I slept fine until 2am. Just cant get back to sleep now and almost panicking now because I so desperately need rest.

    The workload that I have now is so overwhelming at the most difficult time of my life. I now have 3 times the responsibility at work due to 2 people who have been laid off in no position to say I cant do it. I need this job because of my financial commitments. I am so bewildered and lost without my partner.  

    He healed me emotionally and though I…


    Posted by Zell on July 29, 2014 at 10:25pm

    My Birthday

    My birthday is coming up, in just a few days. Every time I think about it, it gives me an overwhelming feeling of sadness.

    My sister at the age of 35 found out she had uterine cancer in March 2013. She went in for a check up because she wanted to have another child. She had my nephew 5 years ago and he had just finished kindergarten. When she…


    Posted by Abby on July 29, 2014 at 9:00pm

    My entire world disappeared from under my feet.

    So, I am a new member to a site I had never dreamed I'd want to be a part of. And quite frankly, in this very moment I still do not wish to be a part of this community. Yet, here I am. I am only one of countless people shuffling through their day, overcome by grief and heartache.

    My story starts when my older brother, Craig, retired from the Marine Corps in 2011. He had put in a full twenty years and was looking forward to the start of his next chapter: civilian life. Where,…


    Posted by Heather on July 29, 2014 at 7:05pm — 1 Comment

    Get a free copy of "I Miss My Daddy"

    How would you like a FREE copy of the audio version of "I Miss My Daddy"? For a limited time I am offering the next 5 folks who have already read the book or e-book a copy of the audio absolutely FREE. You can use your free copy to share with a friend in need of comforting or keep for yourself whenever you need to be reminded that you aren't alone in your own grief. 

    All you need to do is kindly follow the link below and add your review…


    Posted by Dreama on July 29, 2014 at 12:26pm

    A day with Abby

    I spent the day with my niece Abby after spending Sunday with Her and My sister in law. Abby's father left when she was 2 shes now 11 and I must say shes a very mature 11. We spent the day watching movies and as she calls sampling in other words eating junk food. She told me how much she cried when Lacy left and how much she hurt, she said she still hurts and cries sometimes, but what her her the most she said was see me hurt so bad and her loosing me for the last 4 months she said that I was… Continue

    Posted by Anthony R on July 28, 2014 at 9:10pm

    a good day for the most part

    yesterday my sister in law came by with her daughter they picked me up well forced in a way i was not wanting to do or go anywhere. I went to her house where we had a good dinner then the most surprising thing happened my niece came up to me and gave me the biggest hug and said she missed me so much that she wanted her uncle back. I didn't know what to say to her. we were very close before Lacy left me I would do things with her sense her father left and was not involved. She said she missed… Continue

    Posted by Anthony R on July 28, 2014 at 12:03pm — 1 Comment

    my baby

    today july 28 at 4 in the morning  for the first time in almost 9 months, I heard my son,  as clear as if he were standing here he called me  MOM  I had been up since 1 a m I just could not sleep,  I went out front to sit on the veranda, it was raining hard and I just talked to shawn, begging him to talk to me in my dreams and crying hard.  my pills were not working but by 4 they started, I went back to bed and just started to drift when I heard him  say   MOM. I wanted so bad to  go with…


    Posted by kim on July 28, 2014 at 11:39am — 1 Comment

    Horrible Day

    Usually it hits me in the evening, the realization that he isn't coming home. That's when I cry, rant at God, ask everybody I know in heaven to help me get through this. Today it is only 10:00 a.m. and I am already in my evening stage.It is just going to be a horrible day. Can't focus on anything to get it done, doesn't really matter anyway. What's the point? On days like today, nothing matters except that I am alone. This "time will heal" stuff isn't working. I don't expect to be "healed" but… Continue

    Posted by Marty on July 28, 2014 at 10:11am — 1 Comment

    Couldn't Stop Crying

    Just cried for over 2 hours, that type of cry I call an "ugly, howling" type of cry. I wish I had someone to sit with me when I cry like that. Don't have to say anything, do anything, just be with me. Being alone and crying like that makes it feel so much worse. When will the pain go away???

    Posted by Kimberly on July 27, 2014 at 10:42pm — 1 Comment



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    Heather commented on JEN DECLUE's group The loss of a brother
    "I lost my brother on June 30, 2014. He was 42. I still cannot believe he is gone. I've endure loss in my life, but no loss has decimated me the way losing Craig has. We were thick as thieves, he and I. So very incredibly close. He was my hero.…"
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    The loss of a brother

    This is for my brother. I was extremely close to him, and life just isn't the same anymore! :(
    2 hours ago
    charles daley replied to Margaret's discussion Sad and lonely in the group Multiple Losses Group
    "Hi Margaret i'm really sorry for your loss. i know what you are going though i lost my wife 4 years ago this coming monday and i lost my mom 5  months this coming monday while i getting to the point where i was okay with my wife passing…"
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    "My husband wants a tasteful ring that he can add some ashes to, I am stumped on where to find them, so many I have seen are tacky. I am having a quilt made from E's band tee's and also making a shadow box with some memorabilia.…"
    3 hours ago
    Chelle left a comment for Gale Brunault
    "Thank you for your replies and I am so sorry for the loss of your precious child. It feels like this happened to someone else. My mom is not doing well at all, she lives in a different state and has no family there and doesn't want her…"
    3 hours ago
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    David Mc Mahon joined Julie Dolsey-Weiss's group

    Lost Without My Mom

    My mom died, August 17, 2009 of an apparent heart attack from heart failure. Her doctors never told me how sick she was and so I was blown away and am heart sick and lost without her.
    4 hours ago
    David Mc Mahon replied to Steph's discussion No one else misses her in the group I miss my Mom!
    "I think everyone grieves in different ways. My mam passed in january of this year and sometimes I feel my 16 year old brother doesnt miss her or is okay but people can be good at hiding their real emotions and feelings."
    4 hours ago
    David Mc Mahon replied to Margaret's discussion Sad and lonely in the group Multiple Losses Group
    "Hi Magaret, There has been alot of loss in your life of lately over the past few years that can be quite overwhelming it seems at times for you. I can relate to this as I have also lost 3 members in my family since 2011. Each death is very hard and…"
    4 hours ago
    JO B alexio replied to Margaret's discussion Sad and lonely in the group Multiple Losses Group
    "i feal sad bit margaret  i do after my dad died in 2012 3 . 3 iv had loss ever sinse iv had lst 1 wz 3 wka go i feal so sad coz m anti died she wz sush a grt peersn she wz colorful carketer she wud say funny stuff mk evry laff my dads death…"
    4 hours ago
    Margaret commented on Heather's blog post My entire world disappeared from under my feet.
    "I can relate to what you feel heather I fealt the same. I couldn't understand why the world didn't stop when my husband died everyone was doing normal things while I was in pain and unable to return to normal . Eventually I went back to…"
    5 hours ago
    Margaret added a discussion to the group Multiple Losses Group

    Sad and lonely

    Hi I just joined the group my dad passed many years ago mum five years ago and husband four years most days I get on with daily life but think of them every day but whenever I am faced with the death of a pet or a friend I go into a deap depression and feel I can't go on. A very old friend died recently I hadn't seen her for thirty years yet I just wanted to give up and die I miss my mum and dad the most . Thankyou for having me being there when I needed you both I wish I could be with you both…See More
    5 hours ago
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    Multiple Losses Group

    I am creating this site for the many of us who have suffered several losses. I lost my mom, dad, grandma(2nd mom), grandpa, my beloved dog and divorce.Many of us have lost more than one person or event.Come share!See More
    5 hours ago
    Lynn Williams left a comment for Chelle
    "Chelle, I also am so sorry for the loss of your son. I lost my 26 year old daughter in a car accident. It will be one year on August 17th. You will find support and comfort on this site. This is a devastating journey we are all on, but knowing you…"
    5 hours ago
    Connie K left a comment for Chelle
    "Dear Chelle I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my 17 year old son 19 months ago and know the sorrow you are going through. I am sorry to have to welcome you to the group but hope you can find some comfort and support here. We all understand how…"
    6 hours ago
    Gale Brunault left a comment for Chelle
    "Hi Chelle, I'm Gale and I joined this group shortly after the passing of my only biological son Michael, from an apparent overdose.  It is one of the worst experiences of my life - I miss my beautiful Michael every minute of every…"
    6 hours ago
    Chelle is now friends with Michelle H and Bern
    6 hours ago

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