We are eternal beings who will never be separated from our loved ones. ~ R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.


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Healing with Pictures

I wanted to share an idea of what we can do with pictures of our loved ones. Nancy Gershman, a digital artist, creates meaningful portraits from photos, memories and stories that we think about every day. Here is a sample of her work:

DREAMSCAPE PHOTOMONTAGE: Myrtle pays homage to the memory of her twin and keeps a promise to her sister. As long as she lives she will keep her nephew - who is a trucker - safe on the road.


I know Nancy's work and I’ve seen how she captures the entire essence of a person and the real truth about their character, their passions and their mission in life.

What Nancy does is digest all these photos, memories and stories until they re-emerge as a holistic portrait of the person you love. You see your father, sister, or beloved poodle, thoughtfully placed into a beautiful legacy portrait for you, but also for generations to come. The end result is that her artwork makes you smile or even laugh.

For the 30 - 60 minutes you spend with her by phone, she delivers a meaningful, heartfelt fine art photomontage in the form of an 8 x 10 print (or enlargement). She can also upload the artwork so you can make something to wear or display (photoblanket, photo-purse, photo trivet, etc.) -- however you want to keep that loved one close by.

I encourage you to view the documentary on Nancy Gershman’s work.

You can visit her website: www.artforyoursake.com/healing. She has provided us with her phone number: 773-255-4677 (EST) or you can email her: nancy@artforyoursake.com

Let me know if you have any questions.



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Journal Therapy and After Death Communication

Online Grief Support uses the blog feature for Journal Therapy – You can choose to make it private or public. Blog posts are a great way to express yourself on your profile page. To get started, go to your profile page and locate the "Blog Posts" module in the middle column. Click the "Add a Blog Post" link. You must join the community to take advantage of Journal Therapy – It’s free.
You can add text, links, images, and files to your blog post using the blog editor toolbar. You can also select the privacy of your blog post to allow anyone in the community to view it, just your friends in the community, or just you. Go to Settings and then click on Privacy. If you need help, I'm just an email away. - Diana

After Death Communication


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Blog Posts

I lost two brothers

Everything feels stupid, and I'm so angry. My friends are saying the dumbest things possible. I feel like they are the grief police and their job is to keep me from going off the deep end, except that I'm already there, I'm in the deep end, I'm grieving and drowning. Too late. My brother Mark died two years ago in November, and my youngest brother died three weeks ago-- it's like my youngest brother, Johnny, wasn't able to survive the loss. He fell into alcoholism. At the age of 46, his…


Posted by Lillian Ann Slugocki on December 7, 2016 at 8:07am

Any Signs

Many years ago when I was only 8 years old, my grandmother died. She, in essence, was my mother since my mine has passed when I was 6. The night my grandma died, I was sleeping in a small bed next to hers. She has been taken to the hospital while I was sleeping and died during the night. I awoke in the night, and keeping in mind that I was only 8 yrs. old, saw a cloud which looked like smoke above me to the right of my bed. I looked at it and wondered what it was. I heard my grandma say,… Continue

Posted by Maxey on December 5, 2016 at 9:09pm — 4 Comments

First Christmas

Can anyone please share their experience with me of their first Christmas without their loved one? Or if this is your first too, how are you feeling? I am getting very anxious and definitely overwhelmed just thinking about it. Someone said, just think of it as any other day - you will miss them just the same so don't put pressure on yourself to feel any different that day. I understand this but Christmas was a big deal to me so I know I am going to be hurting. My Dad always text me first and…


Posted by Kenna on December 5, 2016 at 9:18am — 3 Comments

Christmas lights

You know what's hard about this? I'm driving through my neighborhood and I see all the houses decked out. I see the tree inside and sometimes the people. Families enjoying the season.

Not me though. And I used to love this time of year. Even through all the Christmas's I was a single mom and lonely. I still got it together for my kids and that made it good for me.

But now I just look at these other people and it makes me feel incredibly alone and sad.

Why do I always end…


Posted by kathleen akin on December 2, 2016 at 4:27pm — 4 Comments

Don't Lose Your Focus

When we grieve we sometimes lose our focus.

You can choose what you want to focus on.  Choose!  Choose what you CAN do. Honor and care for each other… Smile… Say thank you… Let the person ahead of you in line… Hold the door for someone… Help the elderly with a task… Give a compliment… Be courteous and polite… Say hello… Offer help to others… Be a good listener… Start a conversation with someone… Give someone…


Posted by Diana, Grief Counselor on November 30, 2016 at 7:37pm — 2 Comments

Posted by JO B on November 30, 2016 at 5:05pm

Losing my loved one's pet

Bruno, my Frenchie, was Rocky's dog, even though he was supposed to be my dog. He bonded with Rocky though. And drove me crazy.

Now he's all I have of Rocky's. Like my last link. And he has cancer and heart disease and won't be long for this world. I pray that he will go straight to where ever Rocky is, so they can be together.

Then I will feel completely alone. There will be no one to greet me at the door. I have my birds, but it's not the same. Nothing is the same as a dog,…


Posted by kathleen akin on November 29, 2016 at 4:18pm — 2 Comments

Good can come from Pain

No one is prepared for grief. The rush of feelings, the thoughts, anxieties, and heartache can take us by surprise and drive us to our knees. Yet, when we choose to harness that power for self-growth, amazing things can happen. Good can come from pain.

Learn to tell your story differently. Take the victim mentality out of the story of loss you tell yourself and others and replace it with the word survivor to return to a sense of control over your…


Posted by Diana, Grief Counselor on November 29, 2016 at 12:38pm — 1 Comment

Just When You Think You're OK

Just when I thought it was okay and my sadness was controlled. It all came back...noi as hard but still there. Today is the 2-year anniversary of my oldest and wisest nephew passed away. He was only 46 years old. I would have never imagined I would be at his funeral...I thought I would go first. I'm a few years older than he was...My world seemed to crumble a little when I heard my sister tell me Artie was gone. I was in shock and disbelief then and I'm still having a hard time not picking…


Posted by Felicia Evans on November 28, 2016 at 10:51am

Heaven Left a Hole in your Heart

It’s up to you to choose if that hole will be filled with pain, anger, and the eternal darkness of loss . . .
Or if you will choose to fill it with light and love and have that hole shine out of you like a spotlight into your life, keeping their memory alive . . .

Posted by Diana, Grief Counselor on November 28, 2016 at 9:26am — 1 Comment


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    kathleen akin left a comment for kathleen akin
    "Having a bad day. Well, really a bad bunch of days. Might as well call it a bad bunch of weeks. I keep obsessing on the fact that Rocky is really and totally GONE from my life. Just gone. For the rest of my days. I don't know what has see me…"
    5 hours ago
    Anna commented on Maxey's blog post Any Signs
    "My sister had a sign from my mom, who passed away unexpectedly. My sister was out of town, heard a knock on the door and mother calling her name. She got up to answer the door but no one was there. About a half hour later she got the news of our…"
    6 hours ago
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    Losing Someone to Cancer

    This is for anyone who has lost somone to cancer. I lost my adopted Mom to breast cancer some years ago. She was everything I could have asked for. She loved me because I was just me. She also loved my family and children as if they were her own.See More
    6 hours ago
    Kerri Davis replied to annjulie's discussion 2 tragic deaths 5 days apart.. in the group Traumatic, Sudden Loss
    "For me, going back to work was a good thing.  My husband was not a part of my world there, so it was easy to be distracted by work. I hope going back to work gives you some sense of normalcy. "
    7 hours ago
    kathleen akin commented on Kenna's blog post First Christmas
    "I am a parrot mom too. I have 6 little ones. They are wonderful companions and family members. Kathy"
    7 hours ago
    kathleen akin commented on Kenna's blog post First Christmas
    "I'm going to find out this month. It is my first without Rocky. I did nothing as far as decorating. I'm going to go spend it with my daughters in Ft Collins and I hope I "handle it" ok and not ruin it for anyone. But it feels…"
    7 hours ago
    Kara posted a status
    "How do stop crying everyday"
    8 hours ago
    Theresa commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
    "Thank you David and Anna,  God Bless"
    11 hours ago
    kathleen akin commented on kathleen akin's photo

    My last dance

    "AnneJ, I just saw what you wrote...I don't get on here much do I? That was sweet, what you wrote. I miss dancing in the kitchen with him."
    11 hours ago
    kathleen akin commented on kathleen akin's blog post Christmas lights
    "I guess I'm not the only one going through this at this time of the year. What is the deal with Christmas anyway? Why do we fall apart when we might have been feeling like we could see the light at the end of the tunnel in Oct? I know I always…"
    12 hours ago
    Georgianna "Georgie" posted a status
    "Thank you L.C. I struggle to open up to people and I struggle to cry. I do express myself through art that I do."
    12 hours ago
    David B commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
    "Thank you for your comments Anna I pray it gets better but after 14 yrs it feels like it never will. My prayers got out to all the other members here who are struggling especially hard through this holiday season."
    12 hours ago
    Anna commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
    "David, I'm so sorry. When I lost my mom I felt like I lost the one person in my life who actually really cared about me and cared about everything I did. I'm told it gets better, but I believe they mean we just get more used to it. I wish…"
    12 hours ago
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    L.C. commented on Georgianna "Georgie"'s status
    "Hi, I am new too. I am so sorry about your best friend. Pray for strength. Scream/Cry do what you need to do. The link is to a song that means a lot to me. Listen to the music. Feel the lyrics. I hope it helps. It helps me everyday.…"
    12 hours ago
    L.C. updated their profile
    12 hours ago
    Georgianna "Georgie" posted a status
    "Hi...I am new to the group. I am about to lose my best friend to cancer and am really having a hard time with it."
    13 hours ago
    David B commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
    "It is almost another year of the anniversary of my dear mother Ellen's death caused by ALS. People say time heals.....that really is a lie. I still struggle every year with the huge hole her passing left in my life. I still cry thinking how…"
    13 hours ago
    Lisa Wysong replied to annjulie's discussion 2 tragic deaths 5 days apart.. in the group Traumatic, Sudden Loss
    "Annjulie,  I found my friend's dead body on Dec 18 2016, which was, to put it simply, the most horrific thing I have ever seen. My Dad -- who was my Superman -- passed in his sleep on Dec 27 2016, 9 days apart. I think I said 7 days…"
    16 hours ago

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