We are eternal beings who will never be separated from our loved ones. ~ R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.


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Healing with Pictures

I wanted to share an idea of what we can do with pictures of our loved ones. Nancy Gershman, a digital artist, creates meaningful portraits from photos, memories and stories that we think about every day. Here is a sample of her work:

DREAMSCAPE PHOTOMONTAGE: Myrtle pays homage to the memory of her twin and keeps a promise to her sister. As long as she lives she will keep her nephew - who is a trucker - safe on the road.


I know Nancy's work and I’ve seen how she captures the entire essence of a person and the real truth about their character, their passions and their mission in life.

What Nancy does is digest all these photos, memories and stories until they re-emerge as a holistic portrait of the person you love. You see your father, sister, or beloved poodle, thoughtfully placed into a beautiful legacy portrait for you, but also for generations to come. The end result is that her artwork makes you smile or even laugh.

For the 30 - 60 minutes you spend with her by phone, she delivers a meaningful, heartfelt fine art photomontage in the form of an 8 x 10 print (or enlargement). She can also upload the artwork so you can make something to wear or display (photoblanket, photo-purse, photo trivet, etc.) -- however you want to keep that loved one close by.

I encourage you to view the documentary on Nancy Gershman’s work.

You can visit her website: www.artforyoursake.com/healing. She has provided us with her phone number: 773-255-4677 (EST) or you can email her: nancy@artforyoursake.com

Let me know if you have any questions.



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Journal Therapy and After Death Communication

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    Hi. New. Just found out my husband has liver cancer 2 Replies

    Started by kathleen akin in Untitled Category. Last reply by bluebird 15 hours ago.

    daddy 1 Reply

    Started by Jennifer Covington in Untitled Category. Last reply by JO B alexio on Monday.

    Will I ever be able to stop grieving? 1 Reply

    Started by Heather in Untitled Category. Last reply by MarieSte Mar 22.


    Started by patricia w in Untitled Category Mar 7.

    Still trying to understand 1 Reply

    Started by Louie in Untitled Category. Last reply by Steve L Mar 7.

    When loosing a child to homicide

    Started by Antoinette in Untitled Category Mar 3.

    Losing my Grandma 3 Replies

    Started by Summer in Untitled Category. Last reply by Kelli Feb 26.

    Every day is harder than the last. 7 Replies

    Started by Lori in Untitled Category. Last reply by JO B alexio Feb 28.

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    Mary Haines was a wife a mother and a grandmother Mary was a painter a woodworker a singer mary has five children four girls and a boy she was everything to me we’ve been together for 37 years from what I can figure we only spent 25 days apart we work together we did everything together it’s going to be really hard to finish my life without her I miss her so much and I’ll love her forever

    Posted by George H on March 26, 2015 at 7:02am

    suicide letter, keep it or burn it?

    After talking to a friend that had lost her sister to suicide 6 years ago, I'm wondering if I should burn my suicide letter. Do I need to keep it for anyone else to read. It's very painful to read it. But I wonder if it would benefit either of my kids to read it when they are old enough to better understand.anyone dealt with this?

    Posted by Sheri H on March 25, 2015 at 1:15pm — 1 Comment

    To tell or not to tell?

    My husband and I had discussed that this past year we were going to tell my son the truth about santa, etc. Then my husband passed in October so I didn't want to take that magical experience away from him even though he's 9 because it was so close to his father passing. Now with Easter coming up- has it been long enough to tell him the truth about the bunny since he is 9 now or should I let him hold that for one more year? Very torn.

    Posted by Karen T. on March 24, 2015 at 8:43pm — 1 Comment

    friends can help

    I went to see a friend that lost her sister to suicide 6 years ago. For the first time I actually feel a little normal. Knowing that what I feel is normal. I'm empty, angry at the world. I've tried to think of anyone that I don't feel mad at. And there is no one. The world is unfair. Nothing really takes away your pain. And I'll always have the what if scenarios running through my head. And why? None of it makes sense and never will. 

    Posted by Sheri H on March 23, 2015 at 6:57pm

    now what!

    So time still isn't helping I know its been not quite 3 months but the days are long the nights are long, I'm still crying all the time. And now what....three days ago my dad was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia..he keeps telling me he is tired, tired all the time.I know he is missing mom although he doesn't cry like me, I know deep in my heart he is heartbroken. .nothing is the same he doesnt like to do alot of the things he did before mom went to heaven..I won't be able to handle…


    Posted by mj on March 23, 2015 at 1:06pm — 1 Comment

    Try this meditation to meet with deceased loved ones

    I tried this meditation to meet with my deceased loved one and it really worked. 


    Posted by Angelina Serrano on March 23, 2015 at 12:23am — 2 Comments

    sunday were meant to be our day

    Sundays were going to be our day, amanda said we'll both be working through the week, friday nights or saturdays we'd see friends or family so sundays should be our day. We would spend the day cuddled up in bed watching tv then spend the day doing something for us. Cooking a nice dinner together or going out and doing something.

    I think about that every sunday morning when I wake up now. We never got those lazy sunday mornings wrapped up in each others arms.

    We were so close… Continue

    Posted by Jason on March 22, 2015 at 10:22am

    My heart aches

    It has been almost 4 months now since the lovd of my life passed away and my heart just aches... I sit in the house and I have all these thoughts just racing through my mind none stop I don't sleep at night and when I do it's usually because I've cried myself to sleep.... I pray and talk to God and I hear nothing and this pain that I feel is like it will never go away... It's so many dreams and desires that are no longer there.... Sometimes my family makes me feel like I'm wrong for what I'm… Continue

    Posted by Tiffany on March 21, 2015 at 9:04pm — 6 Comments



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    S Count replied to S Count's discussion Very difficult to deal with my brother's recent passing in the group Traumatic, Sudden Loss
    "That's alright, Karen, no worries please. Apologies on my part for replying too quick. The only reason I mentioned his past was because he did not die a "normal" way (whatever normal in death is!) like a car accident, cancer, other…"
    2 hours ago
    George H posted a status
    "just don't know how people get through this I haven't had a good day in a while"
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    Felicia Evans added a discussion to the group Traumatic, Sudden Loss

    A family Ripped Apart

    I am so upset. My nephew passed away suddenly in November of last year. He has older children from his first marriage and I'm very close to them. He was still married to his second wife at the time of his death. The children he had with her are really young and their mother is trying keep them from seeing their step sisters. The older children want to stay in the little ones' life. But my sister who is the grandmother and his second wife are intent on keeping them apart. Plus they are…See More
    15 hours ago
    bluebird replied to kathleen akin's discussion Hi. New. Just found out my husband has liver cancer
    "I'm so sorry, Kathy. My husband and I were together for almost 13 years when he died, so about the same as you and your husband. "
    15 hours ago
    Felicia Evans posted a status
    "I am so upset and torn. My nephew's family has been torn in two. The older kids from his first marriage are being treated so bad. its sad"
    16 hours ago
    Karen T. replied to S Count's discussion Very difficult to deal with my brother's recent passing in the group Traumatic, Sudden Loss
    "Please, I didn't mean anything bad against him or any assumptions on your thoughts towards him. I just was saying that no matter what he was your brother so of course his passing is going to be very difficult for you. If it came across…"
    17 hours ago
    kathleen akin replied to JaneE's discussion My Daughter, my precious Girl died over 4 years ago and she could have been helped/saved. I even started to write to Dr Phil for help since 2004
    "That's so awful. I can't imagine going thru that. How did she die?"
    17 hours ago
    kathleen akin replied to kathleen akin's discussion Hi. New. Just found out my husband has liver cancer
    "People are starting to ask me what's going on and us Rocky any better or he WILL get better. I don't know what to say. I just cry"
    17 hours ago
    mike m posted a status
    "i feel that i killed her and i just cant shake it what can i do i need help with this"
    20 hours ago
    mike m posted a status
    "and i couldn't take seeing her like that anymore but now i have such a feeling of guilt that i cant stand it"
    20 hours ago
    mike m posted a status
    "turn and i had to tell them to take the ventalator out and let her go they told me she was not going to recover and all hope had gone"
    20 hours ago
    mike m posted a status
    "time everything all at once my life is turned upside down and inside out don't know what way to"
    20 hours ago
    mike m posted a status
    "died 2days before her birthday would have been 50 that morning my daughter told me we were going to be grandparent for the first"
    20 hours ago
    mike m commented on Tara Michener's group Helping Others through Grief Recovery
    "hi i lost the love of my life feb 4 2015 to cancer i think about her all the time can't set my mind on nothing else i work 8 hours a day in a factory come home and work all evening to try to keep busy and occupy my mind with anything else she…"
    20 hours ago
    mike m joined Tara Michener's group

    Helping Others through Grief Recovery

    This group is for those who are supporting friends, family and others who are dealing with grief. Counselors, Social Workers, Teachers and anyone else who is helping someone through a rough time of grieving. Are saying the right thing? Helping the right way? What can we do-when it feels like there is no hope? These are topics that we will explore.   See More
    21 hours ago
    Connie K commented on Julie Dolsey-Weiss's group Traumatic, Sudden Loss
    "Scarlotte what  a sad story. The abuse of power is nauseating. "
    23 hours ago
    S Count replied to S Count's discussion Very difficult to deal with my brother's recent passing in the group Traumatic, Sudden Loss
    "Hi Karen, (& everyone who might read my initial post) My initial words could be misunderstood and I want to make something very clear. I personally don't care what my brother did or didn't do, I know him, I know that he was a great…"
    23 hours ago
    Karen T. replied to S Count's discussion Very difficult to deal with my brother's recent passing in the group Traumatic, Sudden Loss
    "Whatever your brother did or didn't do he was still your brother and of course you are going to have a hard time with his passing. I have been on this site since October when my husband died because I don't feel comfortable talking in…"
    S Count replied to S Count's discussion Very difficult to deal with my brother's recent passing in the group Traumatic, Sudden Loss
    "Feel for the loss of your son, Sharon. So sorry. S."
    Karen T. posted a status
    "Told son truth about bunny&santa he had no issue he said he already knew about tooth fairy. So I'm like I struggled and agonized over this!?"

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