We are eternal beings who will never be separated from our loved ones. ~ R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.


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Healing with Pictures

I wanted to share an idea of what we can do with pictures of our loved ones. Nancy Gershman, a digital artist, creates meaningful portraits from photos, memories and stories that we think about every day. Here is a sample of her work:

DREAMSCAPE PHOTOMONTAGE: Myrtle pays homage to the memory of her twin and keeps a promise to her sister. As long as she lives she will keep her nephew - who is a trucker - safe on the road.


I know Nancy's work and I’ve seen how she captures the entire essence of a person and the real truth about their character, their passions and their mission in life.

What Nancy does is digest all these photos, memories and stories until they re-emerge as a holistic portrait of the person you love. You see your father, sister, or beloved poodle, thoughtfully placed into a beautiful legacy portrait for you, but also for generations to come. The end result is that her artwork makes you smile or even laugh.

For the 30 - 60 minutes you spend with her by phone, she delivers a meaningful, heartfelt fine art photomontage in the form of an 8 x 10 print (or enlargement). She can also upload the artwork so you can make something to wear or display (photoblanket, photo-purse, photo trivet, etc.) -- however you want to keep that loved one close by.

I encourage you to view the documentary on Nancy Gershman’s work.

You can visit her website: www.artforyoursake.com/healing. She has provided us with her phone number: 773-255-4677 (EST) or you can email her: nancy@artforyoursake.com

Let me know if you have any questions.




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Journal Therapy and After Death Communication

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    Blog Posts

    I'm fine

    Every day I smile

    A smile I hide behind

    My eyes conceal all that is within

    The darkness around my heart consumes me

    But when asked, I reply ' I'm fine'

    My sense of loss, like a child looking for a hand to hold

    My bitten fingernails

    The feeling of falling when my feet are firmly on the ground

    But when asked, I reply ' I'm fine'

    The tension in my temples

    The bubbling anger rising



    Posted by Leah mc on October 6, 2015 at 3:40pm

    bad day again

    today my doctor and grieving counceiler both came today at the same time. 23 months today and all I can do is cry. I have a frozen shoulder and torn muscel in my arm. she also put me on more pills to help me sleep and deal with my depression, up to 9 now at night and 5 in the morning. I miss shawn so much, its just to hard and pain full to keep going on, day after day the pain is still there and nothng will ever help. thanks giving is sunday and I picked a few things up for shawn then I…


    Posted by kim on October 5, 2015 at 6:30pm — 1 Comment


    please god don't let nov 5 come, I cant go through another year, please stop my pain my tears and take me to my son.  my tears will never stop, my heart will never heal. and god im so very very lonely. shawn please  grab my hand baby im ready, I promise you im so very ready to go home with you. I hurt so bad, I have nothing left now. hear me shawn please hear me   I love you always and forever   mom

    Posted by kim on October 2, 2015 at 6:06pm — 3 Comments


    How do you go from being so sad life doesn't seem worth going on one day and the next you find happiness in the world?  I don't understand this feeling.  I miss my husband so much, I miss the sound of his voice, the feel of his hands as he holds mine, I miss his silliness, his sense of humor, even his messiness. 

    This week has been better than last, but I know that that will not last.  Next week is the 2nd anniversary of his death, I know it's going to be a tough week.  Last year my…


    Posted by Karen Olson on September 29, 2015 at 11:30pm

    I miss you

    I miss you so much my beautiful Charlie. I missed you yesterday I miss you today I will miss you tomorrow and everyday. You were an amazing husband father and friend. I love you.

    Posted by Patti on September 29, 2015 at 5:01pm

    thinking of my moma

    Thinking of my mom makes wish she was here everyday but I know she is in a better place now and she is with the lord and walking the streets of gold :) I rem.she told me she will always be with me and my brother and my sister ..even tho she said that I still miss her everyday and think of her ..I love u momma.

    Posted by olivia on September 29, 2015 at 2:45pm

    My mother died of cancer, dad had affair during her sickness, now dad has a son with new gf.

    My mum died in July from ovary cancer.


    She was diagonozed Stage 3 ovary cancer last year May.


    She fought hard, and showed some good signs after her treatment last year. Late last year, my Dad confessed he had an affair and his gf was pregnant with a boy.


    Mum collapsed afterwards.. Dad started to run from home- gf house. He looked after his gf during the last two months of pregnancy, during this time, my mum worsened. I tried to work things out,…


    Posted by lynn on September 28, 2015 at 7:21am — 3 Comments

    Not another day.

    I don't think I can feel like this another day. When will a break come? Will a break come from this unbearable pain and loneliness? I don't believe so. What kind of god lets someone suffer so terribly for so long? The thought of another day month years of this unimaginable. This is pure HELL!!

    Posted by Patti on September 27, 2015 at 5:15pm — 1 Comment


    oh god how I miss you, my tears never stop. I want so much to hold you in my arms. I want more to be with you.  my beautiful son  im waiting to go home with you. im not afraid, im so ready. I love you always and forever  mom

    Posted by kim on September 26, 2015 at 6:36pm — 1 Comment

    so angry

    Its been 11 weeks now although it still feels like yesterday I miss him so much, i carnt stand it ,this is so bloody hard. Ive just got home after going out for dinner with the kids, just trying to make life a little normal again I suppose, but looking around seeing both parents out with their children and it being just me and my kids without their father was so difficult , its not bloody fair, im so mad that my two have been robbed of their dad, it makes me so f***ing angry, the people on…


    Posted by joanne eccles on September 26, 2015 at 2:00pm — 3 Comments



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    rachel_michelle commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
    "Hello again Alice. I always thought Gary would pass before me as he was also older at 11 years. There was also heart issues in his family I should of taken much more stock of. But still, it wasn't supposed to happen now. I keep saying that like…"
    1 hour ago
    AnneJ commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
    "Most of us here in our little spot of earth know that nobody understands. Only we, who have walked your path beside you and have no idea where it leads. These last few weeks have been worse than ever because reality is reveal itself. My hubby died…"
    2 hours ago
    Alice Thompson commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
    "I feel as if I've been going through an experience in the last 10 months that nobody can understand. My love died at a point when we could not have been closer. He had the stroke almost in front of me (right before going up to bed, we had been…"
    2 hours ago
    kim commented on kim's blog post please
    "leah, thank you for the lovely e mail. im so very tired and want so much to be with my son, I want to hear mom again, and I love you. this is to much pain , I just cant keep going on…"
    4 hours ago
    rachel_michelle commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
    "After the thread conversation of the last couple days I just want to say that I appreciate every single one of you who are here bringing your different perspectives, different emotions. Continuing with what Morgan said and how we all have different…"
    4 hours ago
    Tildyc commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
    "I hate that I'm still alive. I was hoping at some point this deep sadness that permanently resides in my chest and which has stolen my ability to ever be truly happy again- would ease up. But it has not. It is an ever constant thing. It never…"
    5 hours ago
    Hope Lowe left a comment for Cindy Akerley
    "I lost my younger sister about 7 weeks ago. Everything is so surreal. The pain and sadness just overwhelm me and I just can't go on anymore. It was always only the two of us and now I have none. How are you holding up? Every one assures me…"
    5 hours ago
    bluebird commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
    "i will never accept my husband's death. i will never "move on". i will never adjust. i will never be with anyone else. i will never want to. ALL of who i was is gone, is dead."
    5 hours ago
    rachel_michelle commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
    ""I think that you don’t really recover; you adjust". I refrain from using the word 'never' in life. However, one that I foresee declaring until my last breath is that I will never move on from this loss. I will never…"
    6 hours ago
    Leah mc commented on kim's blog post please
    "There are no words for when a parent loses a child, not widow, widower, orphan etc because there aren't any words for this, no parent should have to go through this. It is wrong. All I can say is live for him, let him live through you,…"
    9 hours ago
    JO B alexio replied to Lily Lily Rose's discussion new here in the group Multiple Losses Group
    "so sorry lily had so mush loss sinse 2012 nw mums gt brws brest c memry probs gon off rall ralls a bit im 40 yr s ld gon off ralls i no its poor exsuse"
    9 hours ago
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    9 hours ago
    Lily Lily Rose added a discussion to the group Multiple Losses Group

    new here

    Hi- I am new. I lost my mother 10 months ago and my brother 4 months ago. My Dad has just been diagnosed with alzheimers. I am really having a tough time. I loved my brother very much- he died from cancer. I had a confusing relationship with my Mom, but loved her. She died suddenly in a car accident. I am trapped by huge guilt. I know guilt is "worthless", but it is wearing me down. I Just want my Mom to know that I did love her.See More
    9 hours ago
    Leah mc posted a blog post

    I'm fine

    Every day I smileA smile I hide behindMy eyes conceal all that is withinThe darkness around my heart consumes meBut when asked, I reply ' I'm fine'My sense of loss, like a child looking for a hand to holdMy bitten fingernailsThe feeling of falling when my feet are firmly on the groundBut when asked, I reply ' I'm fine'The tension in my templesThe bubbling anger risingThe frustration of not being able to rid these feelingsThe shortness of breath and increasing anxietyBut when asked, I reply '…See More
    9 hours ago
    Profile IconLily Lily Rose and Copper "Charlie" joined Julie Dolsey-Weiss's group

    Multiple Losses Group

    I am creating this site for the many of us who have suffered several losses. I lost my mom, dad, grandma(2nd mom), grandpa, my beloved dog and divorce.Many of us have lost more than one person or event.Come share!See More
    9 hours ago
    Melody A joined Diana Y's group

    I love my Dad.

    For everyone that has lost their Dad.
    9 hours ago
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    JO B alexio commented on Diana Y's blog post After Death Communication
    " "
    9 hours ago
    JO B alexio replied to JO B alexio's discussion mad at god
    " "
    9 hours ago
    Heather posted a status
    "Miss my love so much. I'd give anything to bring him back. Life without him just seems so empty."
    10 hours ago

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