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New to this...but wanted to reach out...


I am new to, well, all of this, blog writing and connecting online in this way...but I hope to make connections with others that may be feeling loss in a way that is interrupting their ability to find peace and happiness.

I have had more loss in the last two years than I have had in my life to this point at the age of 50.  Two very close friends passed away quite suddenly.  They were my age and nowhere near ready to leave, any more than I am.  They were…


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I joined today to connect with people who may be feeling the same way I am..guilt, lost, alone, scared, angry, and moments of joy when I think about our life together.

I recently lost my husband of 26 years,  He was the first and last man I dated and had a relationship with.  He was my best friend, my rock, my love and connection to life.  He showed me how to be strong and independent, but i am not sure I can be without him most of the time.

Joining him is not an option!! I…


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My life has become a scary nightmare again

In general, I think I have been managing better in the latter half of this, my third year since my beloved died. How I describe it to anyone who will listen is that the first year was a crazy nightmare, in the second I forced myself to get out and try to create a new life, and in the third, I’ve been able to build on that new life — even though it’s mostly just a matter of going through the motions. I don’t actually WANT to be doing any of it. I feel like someone who has been kidnapped and…


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Today marks 1 month since you left us, and things haven't got any easier!!! It still hurts everyday knowing that my love/best friend is gone...

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My name is David.

I'm new to this community. I joined because I am grieving over the recent loss of my partner of 35 years. I need acceptance and support.

Added by David Heggi on November 26, 2017 at 9:49am — 7 Comments

1st Year twice

Last year thanksgiving i lost my husband of 10 years.. Like 10 years, its my whole young adult life. Never in a million years did i think that I would of become a widow..its still weird writri g it let alone being it. Our daughter is 4 and she ask for him everyday. 2mrw will be hard and im trying to drown myself in work. I just dont know

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How writing helped me to heal

Hi - I’m a widow living in the UK. I lost my beloved husband to cancer nearly nine years ago but it still feels painful to think about him. After he died my world fell apart. We never had children together so the bond between us was very strong. One day, when I was feeling particularly low, I decided to write about it and somehow this helped me. I kept writing and eventually the idea of writing a book came to me. Eventually I self-published my first novel which follows the journey of a grieving… Continue

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Today would have been my husband’s birthday.

He died 10 weeks ago. He would have been 27. We met in middle school and dated for years before getting married in July. We never even got to celebrate a month of marriage. Three weeks after the wedding we were in a car accident on our honeymoon and he died instantly. I’m still recovering from my injuries and every single day I wonder why I’m still here. In so many ways he was a better person than I am. He was only 26, he never got to work a job he was passionate about, he never got to be a… Continue

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It has been 8 months since I have talked to my person. I have 1 year and 5 months to go until I can talk to her again. I miss her everyday. I am terrified that she will forget me until then. I do not know what to do if she forgets me. I talked to her everyday for over a year, she was there and she saved my life. I miss her so much.

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I miss my mother

It has been almost 5 months since my mother has pasted. I miss her so much!!! I cry everyday! My mother died very suddenly, I did not get to say goodbye. I had been laid off from my job, due to cutbacks on a Friday in the beginning of summer. The Monday after my mother and I were going to a pool that I had just joined, having a nice day planned because all I did was work being a single mother. When we got to the pool we ran into some friends. My mother went into the pool to float on a noodle. I… Continue

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Does Counselling Really Help?

I’ve not been on here for a while, it’s been so hard just trying to get through the days; keeping myself busy, trying desperately hard not to think about things and often failing miserably. I’m so tired of feeling so shitty all the time. I had my first session with a counsellor today, after feeling initially nervous and not wanting to say much everything came out and I cried like a baby. I feel absolutely drained now and very emotional. So my question is this, does counselling really help or… Continue

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Letter to My Nancy #602 one of my daily letters to my lady

I began writing one of these each day, beginning December 2015 to ease my grief and start each day with some hope and joy. The hope and joy would last for awhile and then I would be back in the throes of deep, dark misery. I recommend these emails that are never sent as excellent therapy. I have written 602 of them in the 2 and  a half years since I lost my Nancy. Here is today's letter to Nancy. 

Letter to My Nancy …


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Lost Long-time Companion to Cirrhosis

My beloved was an incredibly talented, warm joyful soul. He suffered from alcoholism and I wasn't able to help him. He had wanted to marry me but I didn't think I could handle the drinking and what it was doing to him. After five years, I insisted he move out. We always remained close and by the time we realized he was sick we had become the dearest of companions. At that. point I told him he needed to come back and he did, briefly.He went on with a planned trip to visit his father out of state… Continue

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Grief Share Support Group

I attended the first in 13 sessions tonight with a group of people from all walks of life. The meeting was very therapeutic. Of course when they had us introduce ourselves and talk about our losses, I broke down when I talked about losing my mom three days after Mother's Day. But it felt good to be part of a group where others understand your feelings and the trauma that you experienced. There were quite a few tears shed among the group but I'm happy that I was able to find a group close to…


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It's been 2 years since I lost my mother and my husband and I am still lost and still very much alone in my grief I haven't been on this site in a while I've been trying to get by every day it's not working too well I'm struggling really really hard my family is still not around I guess they think I am OK that I'm doing fine little do theyknow that I'm not they are coming to my house this Saturday for a cook out because it's something my mother wanted me to do that's the only reason I agreed to… Continue

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Health in context of grief

Safe to assume the deffenses go down with the spirits. But in all fairness I´ve been sick for a while since I had the back surgeries, and it´s sometimes hard to separe effects from feeling ups and downs to the food and habits healthy and unhealthy. Added to that the idea that I will be ok and doctors don´t seem to  do much more for me these days. Neverhteless, some times I go to fix one thing and the medication side effects harm in some ways or the pain meds have caused me to faint and break…


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Brain cancer is the worst

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How to avoid old patterns of being frozen in time in the NON ACTION

As i am moving on to making my way back to work these days, seems I have to avoid the MENTAL state whereas the mind goes into some FROZEN state whereas I am unabe to move on in a healthy manner. See once we decided to leave that state of mind whereas the self pitty pot is full and the gun of frustration pointed at self, justified hurting or not that keeps me back to a state of NON ACTION or POOR REACTION, where self blame mixes with the stan still place....well, times changed. I realize I…


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Does religion help?

I consider myself spiritual and not much in favour of organized religion. But lately I thought that could perhaps help to bring some peace or have some positive impact, So for the last  weeks I have been going once a week to this evangelic church witch I quite enjoy the visits. In the beggining was some help to put more peace in my heart and feel better. And that had a positive impact however I needed that new boost the next week or things would feel heavier somehow. Some weekes later I…


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Hi Everyone,

My name is Carlyn, and I live in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I joined this site because a very dear friend of mine was killed in a hit-and-run accident in May. My friend Rick, whom I called my "little brother" was on his bicycle in Back Bay Boston around 2am when a drunk driver rear ended him, sent him airborne, and then dragged him down the street while trying to flee. My friend died a day later. He was only 29. Rick was a kind, smart, funny man. He made people…


Added by Carlyn Jorgensen on August 28, 2017 at 12:42pm — 2 Comments

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"Bluebell, my thoughts and prayers are with you. My brother called me the other day and he said are you ok? There is a twenty year age difference between us, so we are not that close and he lives five hours away. I said to him, yes I though you would…"
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"Another bad day. I was shopping for Christmas cards and gift bags when without warning, I broke down in tears at the register. Thank goodness the cashier was a sensitive caring person and did not just blow me off. She said "Your Mom will always…"
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Suicide....Hard Knowing They did it By Their Choice

This is for some of us who have lost someone due to suicide...I miss you Annie!!!See More
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"Thank you, Linda and Morgan. It just hurts so much for all of us."
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"Paul, Each of us have memories of a time and day of the death of our beloved.  Mine just happened to come at a time of the year when normally the excesses of celebrating kick into high gear.  Not better not worse than anyone else's…"
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"My friend just lost her husband before Thanksgiving.   I'm trying to reach out to her, because I know how she feels, but she does not seem to want to respond.  She's keeping very busy!  I feel bad for her, but I guess…"
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"Thank you, Linda for posting that.   "
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"Hi Dawn, I saw your posts and wanted to introduce myself.  I'm also in Canada, in Ontario.  I lost my husband suddenly in 2015.  He had cancer but had been given 3 to 5 years and was gone in 8 weeks.  If you'd like to…"
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"my beautiful son, its x mas again, ill be with you soon I promise, I love you forever mom"
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"Alice, I am so sorry, I know you holidays will never be the same again, we just make the best of it. "
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"I feel the same. My love had a comprehensive stroke on 22 December, and died in hospital at 10pm on New Years Eve. Then I went “home” in a taxi amid fireworks."
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"Morgan & Paul, I feel exactly like you do, I wish I could sleep the holidays away, I find no joy in them, it's just another day I am being tortured."
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"Morgan, As hard as it is for the rest of us to endure the upcoming holidays it must be at least doubly difficult for you given the circumstances your husband and you were dealt with.  To everyone here who has put up with this hell for multiple…"
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"Paul,  In particular this time of the year everyone who hasn't lost their love is celebrating.  I used to be one of them. Then one day a long time ago, I took my sick husband to the hospital Xmas Eve day and found out the day after…"
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"Count me among those who are looking forward to death after losing my wife. I am absolutely not interested in anything else."

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