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Three days ago, my mom died.  She was alone when she died -- or, at least, she had no family member present. I'd been to the hospice the morning before, and she'd told me, "I'm going to die soon."  A…

Three days ago, my mom died.  She was alone when she died -- or, at least, she had no family member present. I'd been to the hospice the morning before, and she'd told me, "I'm going to die soon."  All I could do was cry, and tell her I was going to miss her.  She told me to stop. I decided to take my leave from work as soon as I could, told her I was going into work to do that.  And I did.  But she did not wait for me.  She died the next morning, and I did not make it there in…


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Is there a chance to see my dead loved ones again?

Well, I sure hope so. What a joy it would be to see them again. It would take a miracle, but is this possible? The Scriptures speak of a resurrection of the dead (John 5: 28,29). There are also nine Scriptural examples of people rising from the dead.* I hold on to the hope of one day seeing them again!

*1 Kings 17:17-24; 2 Kings 4:32-37; 13:20, 21; Matthew 28:5-7; Luke 7:11-17; 8:40-56; John 11:39-43; Acts 9:36-42; and 20:7-12.

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still broken

it has been three years today since I lost the love of my life, and I am just as broken today as the day my wonderful husband left this world, I have had so many people tell me time will heal you and you will be ok that is an absolute lie the only thing that has happened is I feel like I'm in this horrible nightmare and can't wake up, days go by then months then years but you are still lost there is no getting over it as people say the family I thought would be there also a lie I am alone…


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Are my loved ones suffering after death?

After the death of a loved one, I always wondered were they suffering after death. It is interesting to note that the Holy writings state "the dead know nothing at all" (Ec. 9:5) It is comforting to know that my dead loved ones are not suffering and for that matter, cannot cause any suffering. This Scriptural teaching has provided so much relief for me and many others.

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More than one kind of leaving

“I was born when you kissed me. I died when you left me. I lived a few weeks while you loved me.”

― Dorothy B. Hughes, In a Lonely Place

For a long time after my husband died, I couldn't read.  Before the ability to focus that way came back, I found that certain phrases and passages that I'd encountered long ago were appearing in my mind and sticking there, and that continues to happen, though I am able to do a certain amount of reading now.  Many of the phrases…


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Receiving and Providing Support

As with many people, when I lose a loved one in death I seek support. Rightfully so, the death of a loved can be the most difficult time of a person's life. I also would like to take this opportunity to relay to others the same support I received. This support may provide comfort for others as it did for me. When a person dies, the questions that come to my mind are:

  1. Are my loved ones suffering after death?
  2. Is there a chance to see my dead loved ones…

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One Breath at a Time

I have the big hurt right now. I keep expecting him to log onto Facebook and send me a message. Or a text. Or something that would symbolize that he is here. And then I remember that he isn’t. That the last text or IM I will ever receive is from August 12. That there was no tomorrow for him. Just me. And everyone that liked or loved him. 

And it bothers me so much knowing he isn’t going to respond. He isn’t going to reach out. He can’t. That I just can’t wrap my brain around…


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I Don’t Know How

I lost my lifemate 15 days ago. We viewed the body and have had the memorial. We were given ashes that were split up between his children, his sister, myself and two friends. I couldn’t function yesterday at all and the weekend was bad too. I don’t know how to figure out this grieving process. This isn’t the first person I have lost. It is the first person that I was in love with and had plans with. 

As part of a tribute to him, I am buying him a headstone and burying some of…


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Hopefully Good News....

Do You Love Cats? I am just wondering if this might be of interest to anyone here, as I took in a beautiful black kitty with the…

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"There Is No Other Bond Like The Bond Of A Daddy & Daughter... Heaven & Earth Separate Us For Now But A Bond Like Ours Is Unbroken, Always Showing Me He's Here..."

​​Hello, My name is Amanda, I actually came across this page literally by accident however I have a strong feeling it "wasn't accidental" I was actually looking for information about "signs" from loved ones because every time I am outside a dragonfly appears and just hovers around until I go back inside, at first I didn't think much of it but here recently I began really noticing the pattern and it's honestly every time I am outside at my home (many times throughout the day) so I decided to…


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A Call to Arms against substance abuse disease!

I am calling on anyone who has lost a loved one or knows someone who has lost a loved one due to substance abuse disease.  I lost my son 12 years ago due to a fentanyl laced bag of heroin. It took eight years for me to realize I didn't want his death to be just a footnote and a statistic. I made Part 1 of a short documentary about my son which was which was shown in October of 2017. A film professor/ Director/ editor, John, who had helped me finish this film came up with an idea for a new…


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While I was sleeping

It has been 4 years since my mom died.  I still think about it every day, and can't seem to look past it.  I know I need to go grocery shopping.  I know I need to entertain my 4 year old but before I do anything today I want to share what has helped me tremendously in making my mom's death easier to live with.

The first thing that helps is remembering her and being stubborn about NOT letting her go.  I don't have to let my mom go.  She already went.  The thing I do have to do is admit…


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Nobody should do it alone.

After a year not a soul walk threw that door to help and I was in a very bad place. I now stand and sorry the excuses are hurtful. One year and I did it all. I was broken for many months. All I wanted was someone to hold me and just keep my mind straight. I have loss friends because I guess I never knew I was as strong as steel. I needed no one. They were wrong. Yes I ask for help.

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"when we run from ourselves we can never stop running"

 sometimes its really hard to identify exactly what were really feeling. is it sadness ? or maybe its loneliness. perhaps its the anger at the people who left us that were not sure if were allowed to feel. instead if trying to asses what were really going through and create a plan of how to really give ourselves the care that we really deserve. we just cover it with avoidance and a cold shoulder. We find ourselves drifting off to nowhere. we hate the world around us for being so cruel . we…


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it just seems like the end

anger,confusion,denial. i thing we have all been there. and to some degree we still are. but when the whole world seems like such a dark place. we need to look inside and find somewhere safe,somewhere where we gather the courage to get up in the morning to go out into the world and most importantly to reach out. i know i will always be there for someone else why shouldn't ii trust that other people will do the same?

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I can't stop dreaming about them...

Whenever he's in my dream he's either alive and happy, or hating me.

Whether the dream is good or bad, it feels like it destroys a part of my soul.

I wake up and for a few blissful moments he's still alive. Then I remember it was a dream, and it's like he dies all over again. 

I can hear the police knocking at my door to tell me. I can feel the empty horror, I can see the faces of the people who were around me contorted…


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Everyone keeps telling me to just remember the good times with him, that it'll be better if I just remember the good times.

So I try.

They make me laugh, but they hurt so much. for every happy moment that runs through my mind, I feel like my heart gets torn a bit more.

I loved him, I love him. So much, and it hurts so much.

He was goofy, and funny, and cynical.

He loved to complain about things, like pop music. He…


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Sudden death

Deeply saddened when alcoholic boyfriend died suddenly. We were together 4 yrs. The last 1 1/2 he was over drinking. 2 weeks before his death he showed thinking confusion and was leaving me horrible mean messages on phone. So I ignored him 2 weeks. When I tried to call no answer. Then his friend came over told me he died.
No warning, no closure, severe grief!
How can I get through this?
I hope there are some answers.

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Life without them

It's been 2 years and 2 months since I lost my dad, and 1 year and 3 months since u lost my grandmother. Sometimes I feel like they were never here, like this is normal life without them. Then I have moments when I want to curl up in a ball and just cry because it hurts so much to miss them. I try to remember the good moments but all I can think about is the last days.

The other day I was at the hospital with a friend and when we walked in I saw my dad, like I was shook this older women… Continue

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After Death Communication & Near Death Experiences - Real Life Stories

Reading through these experiences has helped me some in my (ongoing) grieving process. It's a collection of personal experiences with after-death communication and near-death experiences. If you have had a personal experience you can click submit an experience to add to the collection.

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Losing Someone to Cancer

This is for anyone who has lost somone to cancer. I lost my adopted Mom to breast cancer some years ago. She was everything I could have asked for. She loved me because I was just me. She also loved my family and children as if they were her own.See More
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