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Part of our journey is experiencing grief....
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We learn so much about ourselves on the road to recovery after loss.  Not all of it is good, but all of it is important.  I don't think there is a more important lesson that the souls can teach us,…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Maura Simms Apr 6, 2012.

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About Me:
Single 56 year old woman. I have 5 cats and a Golden Retriever that I adore. I am an adult orphan. I have 3 sisters that I have no relationship with because our family is just so damanged in many ways because of the way we grew up and all of the pain we all experienced individually. Some really bizarre, mean stuff went on when Mom died. They showed their true selves and I just had to walk away. I am so greatful for the friends I have. I work in animal rescue which is such an amazing profession. Todays date is October 3, 2012 and I continue to have a tremendous emptiness in my soul. Bad dreams continue.
About my Loss:
My only parent Nancy Preston passed on to the next world June 26, 2011. She suffered terribly from throat cancer, radiation and chemo. It was so difficult to watch my wonderful mother in such pain. She died with her 3 daughters at her side in her own home. That was a blessing - in her own home was such a gift that we were able to give to her. My life is forever changed without my mother. She was my world. I still suffer every day that she is not with me in the physical sense.

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At 11:50am on June 28, 2012, David H said…

yes sue your comment helped and being objective over my commnets

At 12:50am on May 13, 2012, Mary M. said…

Hi Sue,  Just wondering two things, first, if there are times when you on-line so we can chat.  I'd really like to get to know you and let you know how much I appreciate your reaching out to me.  Secondly, I am hoping you can tell me how I add friends like you added me as a friend.  

I was sitting here thinking of you and how hard tomorrow (today - its 1am here) is going to be.  If you need somebody to talk with just message me and  I will make time to be here for you.  God Bless.

At 2:59am on May 11, 2012, Kelly Marshall said…

Sue, I would love to chat sometime. My mother was my world,too. She just passed on the 29th of April and I miss her terribly. Not only was she my mother, but she was my best friend. I need to keep her memory and spirit alive. I feel every day I'm getting further away from her. I remember when she was diagnosed and even a few months ago, she would call me up and cry, "I don't want to leave my baby girl!!" I know in my heart of hearts, though that she has not left me. She's all around me. As is your mother.

At 11:56am on May 3, 2012, Kimberly said…
Thanks for the response Sue. I read your profile and am deeply sorry about your mother. My mother died when I was sixteen and it was the hardest thing I ever went through. The pain and loss was overwhelming. I felt like no one loved me anymore. There is something about a mother's love that can't be replaced. In fact I was always secretly mad at my friends because they still had their mothers. I couldn't relate to anyone and I was lost.

I'm glad your mom was able to die at home with her loving daughters. Please know the pain lessens with time.

Take Care, Kim
At 1:44am on April 14, 2012, Masoom Abbas said…

Thanks Sue for your concerns towards me and for adding me as friend .... I am sorry for ur loss .... yes condition is getting worse  here they killed 8 more people in morning .... Hazara is my communityy and our community is very peaceful but we are being targeted by some group on basis of ethnic n sect differences ....

At 6:03pm on April 11, 2012, Kiley said…

thanks for the new friend!

At 5:02am on April 5, 2012, Tim L. said…


Thank you for directing me to a different understanding.  Your words have given me tremendous hope.  Things are just so new and raw,  I miss her, with all my heart, she was a beautiful soul.  Just not the same without her here, I can still her calling me, like she did when i was a kid, letting me know it was time to come home.  very sad.

At 7:40pm on April 4, 2012, Mark said…

Sue, I'm glad you responded back because I was afraid I may have offended you which was not my intention.  We are all here with one definite commonality and that is the unbearable loss of a loved one.  I won't lie.  I'm livid with God.  It's an issue I am dealing with every day so when someone suggests he's there for comfort and peace it ignites that anger.  You know it's so funny.  My mom must have said a million times that I need to learn how to be more forgiving.  In this situation this may be the biggest challenge I'll ever encounter when it comes to forgiveness.  It does not consume me.  It actually brings me peace believe it or not.   I can't explain that one but it gets me through my day when those very heavy waves of emotions will hit me. I feel no guilt nor do I feel I've sealed my eternal fate to rot in vile hell.  In fact for as strange as this sounds I think God is quite confused and embarrassed at what took place in our home and there may be some heavenly investigation going on to see if an angel or two he relied on droped the ball a few times because none of it adds up.  


The only thing I can say in regard to whats going on between a God and me at this point is that if he exists and he did create me and did know me before I was ever on this earth then he clearly understands my disgust.  I could go into a lot of detail with that but it's a very personal thing where it always comes down to feeling very let down by this God.  He and I i will figure it out or he'll move on to someone else, but I won't ever let him off the hook.  I want a sincere apology from him.


where do I think we go when we die?  It's strange but I'd never realized until you asked that but I think three things could happen.  For my moms sake. For how much hope and faith she had that she'd get a new healthy body and be in a perfect place with more love and joy then she could ever imagine I want to believe she is there with the type of God she had hope and faith in.  I just want to believe that for once she got every thing times a million that she ever wanted and deserved.  So I toy with that idea but it falls short of logic.     Then I think some times my mom could simply be in a world of perfection, love and peace without there being anything she has to worship because it's ego is insatiable and the only reason she'd be there would be to feed it's ego.  I'd like to believe that she see's me from that perfect world without that huge ego and reach's out to me from a distance and I'm so connected to her that many times I can feel or sense her.   I think this place has no perception of time so to her we've only been away from each other for a second.   And then there's the thought when we die we just simply shut down.  No thoughts, no pain.  It's just over. We're gone. 

At 7:04pm on April 2, 2012, Mark said…

Hi Sue.  Some times it's hard to understand a complete stranger that you cross paths with on line.  Your decision to give a God that does not personably verbalize to you the power to comfort you is interesting.  I sincerily hope it fills the void for you.  If there is a God I'd punch him in the face and tell him to shut it with any excuses he may try to come up with when it comes to not protecting my mother.  I wonder if God really does have a million excuses why he does or doesn't do something or if he's got the guts to admit he was so into his insatiable ego being satisfied he wasn't paying attention?  Either way God comes off acting as if he see's us as nothing more then toys to play with as he see's fit.  I'm not interested in that God and thats ok.

It's interesting you brought up my father.  Here's a good example of not quite knowing a stranger on line.  In my fathers situation I have to be real honest if there is a hell he may be one of the chosen elite members of it.  My father was an abusive, cheating, lying, deadbeat husband and father.  At the time of his death he owed my mother over 100,000 dollars in over due alimoney.  He owed the county close to 200,000 dollars in Child support.   He claimed repeated destitution while financially providing for 5 adopted children all of whom had cars, cloths, food, and a nice home to live in while growing up.   When I confronted my father as an adult and asked him why he treated us the way he did I would have sworn I was looking at the face of Satan himself.  He simply was a vile man.  The nonsense that came out of his mouth was sad.  I was grateful he never was a part of my life.  The court system considered my father to be one of the most heinous creatures they had delt with.  No he's not in heaven if there is one.  As I said my lifes journey is very unique.


My mother was a devote christian.  In fact she was leader in her church.  To her last breath she held out hope but she also admitted she just didn't understand.  She was a precious human being who just didn't deserve the hell handed to her daily but she never complained.  In the end the cancer was just way over the top.  She had long since surpassed the idea that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! 

I cannot forgive this God if he exists and I really am in that position where it's up to me to forgive God. Can you imagine that?  God asking my forgiveness?  His ego would never allow it and because of the enormous love I will always have for my mother I will never forgive him for all the years of cruelty.  Like my mom I'm human.  God couldn't take seeing people exchange money in the Temple and Jesus had a hissy fit so they say.  Can you imagine what he would have done with the life my mom was handed?  Phew this God we are told we need to embrace and never question has no concept of being diseased or going without or being powerless.  His whole thing is about being number one.  He couldn't last 30 minutes being relegated to the have not status.   

We are taught as children that God is love.  God is merciful and that God only hands us what we can handle.  However, we learn also that God is a vengeful God.  God is a jealous God.  So the question is.. Could God endure what he hands to certain ones?  This I highly doubt.  God has a tendency ( or at least those who seem to think they know what he feels ) to come off Narcissistic, egotistical, and quite abusive.  His love is conditional.  Worship him or rot in hell forever. 


God failed me.  He should be ashamed of himself and any excuse to allow a human being to suffer as much as she did for over 60 years would be so pathetic I'd feel embarrassed for him attempting that.    God failed my mother and I won't be applying any cop outs for him out of fear that I may see his wrath.  I'm not sure such a God who threatens with eternal gutwrenching death is exactly the definition of love and compassion but may in fact be the devil.  It is amazing how powerful this God is for some when they feel alone.  He never really speaks to a person. They speak on his behalf very similar to taking a head of lettuce and swearing that head of lettuce comforts them.


I don't need to forgive this God in order to be with my mom when my time comes.  She's mine.  I'm her's.  She'd claw her way to me when that time comes.  We will be together again some day in peace and joy.  I already know she's very proud of the man I am.  I don't think there is a single thing left to do in order to generate any more pride.  I in hindsight in think that quota has been filled.  I feel good about that. 

I'm glad you have found comfort.  I find my moments of comfort when I feel my moms loving pressence and I talk to her just for a bit.

At 7:47pm on March 27, 2012, mercy said…

Thank you so much Sue, the prayers of friends are getting us through this hard times. I’m hurting so much for his loss but more so for my sister and the kids. I was thinking of anything, one thing I could do for her to comfort her. I offered to send my two year old daughter to live with her……I love my baby so much but if she can bring my sister any kind of comfort, I would give her up for a few weeks or months. Of course she said no, she knows how much I need my little girl. All her kids are grown and away from home or in boarding school and she has this big estate.  I can imagine the emptiness she feels, all alone. I want you to know how much I appreciate your prayers, love and support. My brother in law was the most wonderful loving husband; he loved his kids to pieces and lived for them. He lived a full life, he would always have a song in his heart, and he filled the house with warmth and laughter. We are trying to come to terms with this loss.

Thank you Sue.



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"Wow Avi I believe in karma but I’m not sure that your mom has done anything wrong present or past that would make her have gotten that disease"
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"Thanks Theressa. Yes hope the questions will be answered. In my country, lot of importance is given to Karma and it is believed that whatever you sow and you will reap the same. Not sure how this karma cycle is analyzed and who decided if this was a…"
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"Yes Avi That’s what we all have to do we have to go on with our lives it’s so much easier said than done I cry sometimes uncontrollably I have hope that one day every question or any uncertainty we have will be answered"
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"Guys it is completely 1 year when my mother's cancer was detected. I hope I can go back in time and change everything but I can only live with it. "
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Theresa commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
"Same Brett, yesterday out of the blue driving home from work I burst into tears saying mom why didn't you wait for me to get there before you went in cardiac arrest, well now isn't that stupid on my part.   I feel that I am a…"
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"I'll keep going though. I'll keep praying. I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other, but I do not seem to get anywhere. I will always pray for a wink or a nod. Just something to let me know that the Lord is walking with…"
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"Guys, my heart is just broken. So broken. It's not because of some kind of change. It's just three years of sadness that continues to pull me down, and makes me feel that there is very little hope. I am a very spiritual person. When lie…"
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bluebird replied to bluebird's discussion My husband died, and I will never want to live without him.
"Joe, Thank you for your response, and for providing the link to your post about your NDE as well as describing it in more detail here. Although it's terrible that you were in that accident, in a way it was a blessing for you, in that it allows…"
Avi commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
"Lia, your post made me cry because I also feel similar.  I wish you all strength "
Bern commented on Kar's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"2012 September 30th. This fight is real. My only son was shot in the head. The girl and her brother were in the house when it happened. The told police that they were playing with the gun. Well a sister and brother will die and go to hell or heaven…"
Teresa D. commented on Kar's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"Judy sometimes I feel the same way...why do some who don't deserve to live get to while our kids didn't.  And sometimes when I hear others use that word, "miracle" it upsets me too."
Teresa D. commented on Kar's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"Connie forgive me if I screw this up but the line, "Don't cry for me, cause I live in eternity" runs through me head all the time."
Teresa D. commented on Kar's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"Connie what a beautiful gift!!!!! That was Daniel, letting you know he's there. "
Teresa D. commented on Kar's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"Ginger I left all my sons pictures right where they were I need to see them. "
Teresa D. commented on Kar's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"It's been a while since I've checked in.  I'm actually melting down right now. Don't know what brought it on but can't seem to stop.  I miss everyone and think of all of you all the time.  Michael's…"
Brett Bowman commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
"Lia, a few lost minutes cannot compete with a lifetime of love that you shared with your mom."
Lia Lynch commented on Karen's group I miss my Mom!
"Hi there.  Brett, you were (are) totally right -- I was and think I still am in shock. There was so much to do, and with my kid to take care of, I wasn't processing. At all. Still not. I didn't get to say goodbye.  She was in a…"

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