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I created this group for people who may be grieving one or both parents. I lost my Mom and Dad within one year of each other. Dad passed away from Lung Cancer and Mom passed less than one year later from Pick's Disease.

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Tips on making it through....

So, I've lost both parents in the last 10 months.  Just lost my mom (both unexptected) in the last month.  IN addition, both my brothers have brain injuries, so I'm the primary caregiver at this…Continue

Started by Z Apr 16.

Really Struggling 6 Replies

I'm really missing both of my parents right now. I'm single. No kids. I have no one left to care for nor do I have anyone to care for me. Feeling lost and alone. Every day is a struggle. :(

Started by Jill . Last reply by Danny Apr 5.

How to go on?

  Since Losing both my dad and my mom. My world has changed. I can't help but wonder what if it was me instead of them... Would any one of cared? But then again I realize I am lucky to be alive but…Continue

Started by Traci Ann Benson Mar 2.

sibling relationships 3 Replies

Hi. I lost my dad a year ago, and my mom 1 year before him. I was very close to both, we lived in the same town. My sister is 16 years older than me, and moved out of state 15 years before hand. When…Continue

Started by Bonnie Becker. Last reply by Danny Feb 7.

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Comment by Mimi on March 18, 2015 at 2:31pm
I can totally understand Jill's loneliness. I lost both my parents 15 years back and i have noone close in my life. Even though number of years have passed, I have never been able to go back to the carefree person I had been before. It's like I'm broken inside and noone can see it and it can't be joined back anymore. Life goes on but I still can't view things the way others do..I find it difficult to connect with anyone who hasn't been through some sort of pain in life. Not sure why God puts some people through a lot..
Comment by Jill on January 30, 2015 at 1:38pm
Really struggling right now. Both my parents are gone. I'm single with no kids. I no longer have anyone to care for nor do I have anyone to care for me. Work is my escape and I'm grateful for that but when I come home the world just seems to come crashing down around me. Feeling lost and alone. :(
Comment by roteiro on January 19, 2015 at 7:00am

Hello! Picks disease is really horrible. One of my friends has it too... They say, there is a stem cells treatment method like the one uctclinic offers. It has to be really effective and working. I hope, it will help people to get over the illness.

Comment by sharon eve tingler on January 13, 2015 at 1:32pm
I just lost my mom on the 8th of dec 2014, she got unexpectedly ill on the 18th of Aug 2014 mom and dad just moved to Florida on June 26th 2014. I am just starting to feel her absence and I have a huge void
Comment by Danny on January 8, 2015 at 3:57am

Traci: Since you asked for advice as well postpone any major plans for now.  Encouragement I will keep giving you and i need some of the same though.  This is a great forum to be on.  For me its been a huge pillar.

Comment by Melissa T on January 8, 2015 at 2:34am

Traci- my father died 2/12/2005, my only child, my 15 year old daughter Kaitlin 5/20/2008, and than my mom 10/6/2009, the three most important people in my life all gone in 4 and a half years, I was devastated, I still am, but it's no longer all encompassing as it once was. My dad was my rock also, and my mom was probably my best friend in the world, and my daughter was my gravity, kept me focused and moving forward, she was my world. I know talking about what's happened to you with others that have similar situations does wonders for most, so I'd say you're in the right place, there are support groups in most communities that help with all types of grieving, you can find out where they are on line, and all the on line ones such as this. It may not feel like it will ever be any better, but it does with support and time, that's not to say you won't have bad days, I still do, there our parents and we loved them. Good luck to you.

Comment by Traci Ann Benson on January 7, 2015 at 9:53pm

I lost both of my parents. I lost my Dad on Feb. 19, 2012 from a heart attack very sudden death that hit very hard. Then I just lost my mom on Oct. 14, 2014. I knew that my mom was sickly and since July of 2014 I kept asking God to take her home so she wouldn't suffer anymore.. Well when he did finally take her it has been really hard on me. Within 2.5 years I lost them plus other family members and I just can't understand how I am to make plans on getting engaged, married or even have kids with them not being here. To help me get through all this. I realized how much my mom was my supporter and how much my dad was my rock. I feel like I can't do this. That I am not strong enough. There are days I just want to stay in bed and not come out from under the covers. I am so lost. SO PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN GIVE ME WORDS OF ENCOURGMENT OR SOMETHING THAT MIGHT HELP. I WILL TAKE ANY ADVICE I CAN GET. THANK YOU

Comment by Emily on December 1, 2014 at 10:55am

Thanks Danny, yes my mom died in Dec 2012 and my dad  in Nov 2014.

Comment by Danny on November 26, 2014 at 9:10am

Emily I guess you meant Dec 2012 and nov 2014 ?

Comment by Danny on November 26, 2014 at 9:07am

Real hard Emily.  My support to you..


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"Jeezsus- I'm so sorry RJ. Your boy looks so sweet and your picture of the 2 of you is so beautiful. This greif and pain is unbearable isn't it? I'm not sure how I'm getting through each day. I do have moments now that my brain is…"
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Rj commented on Karen's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"I saw this on a facebook post... The tears -- the child loss tears -- are different from any other. They feel warm as they fall from our eyes because they are tears of love, tears from the heart, and tears that are so full of pain because we miss…"
9 hours ago
Connie K commented on Karen's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"The fourth of July. I remembered every single one with my son from the first year when we sat in a car because the noise was too much for him. I don't want to resent families who have a normal life, I just want my son back. I just want to be a…"
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George H commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
"It will be 18 weeks tomorrow love Mary's been gone I have moved totally into my bedroom just can't deal with people just can't deal with the other world"
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Jill E commented on Karen's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"I am exhausted all the time. It takes all I have to raise my arms. Have to do laundry today and don't know how I will find the strength. Bad days are not getting less frequent. Tomorrow it will be 7 months. My days are measured by how long…"
9 hours ago
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"8 months ago today...a lifetime ago....still hurts...still miss him...."
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"I feel the same way...i just want to be set free of this snguish. I lost my only son,27 on feb 5. I feel ill at every turn, every day."
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"Same here jill...bad morning here, hitting me hard, couldn't go to work, can't stop balling. This pain and suffering sure takes its toll"
9 hours ago
Connie K commented on Karen's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"Jill - so many things I wish I had done. Hugs"
10 hours ago
Jill E commented on Karen's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"I use to text Josh instead of calling because he would talk my head off. He the only person I know that could talk more than me. I wish I had called. WYWH"
10 hours ago
rachel_michelle commented on Jon-Paul Ackerman's group Lost My Spouse...
"I am sooooo sorry Tildyc that you had anyone tell you the things your niece said. Wow ... ! Before Gary passed I had no capacity to know what grieving people felt, nor did I act like I did. It amazes me when people voice such blatant ignorance like…"
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"It's so true John- so much of the time it feels as if none of this is really permanent- I can't help it but- whenever a thought crosses my mind about an event in the future or sometimes even simple daily statements someone might say....…"
19 hours ago
rachel_michelle commented on rachel_michelle's blog post When will this make sense ...
"I'm glad to hear the reading went so well and enjoyed hearing the details! I feel like there's one for me in the works and at some point, possibly soon, I will do one. After the post with you sharing my stories I've just been letting…"
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"John T's comment: I can't share in their superficial conversations, relate to their daily problems, or their joy. I can totally relate. Last night my mom had a family meal and invited my brother and his family, who I don't have…"
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"Megan...Thanks for your comment.  There are so many men and women  who are going through this same feeling.  So thankful someone started this web site so we can all converse with each other.  It helps to share some of our…"

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