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Started by Cheryl. Last reply by Diana, Grief Recovery Coach Jun 28, 2011.

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Comment by beverly ann on January 22, 2010 at 4:13pm
I'm new to this group.I Followed the caylee marie anthony tradgedy since it first came out. Anybody would love to have a precious little girl like caylee. I feel that casey should spend the rest of her life in jail.I don't think they will give her the death penalty. That's what she deserves for taking the life of little caylee marie. Has their been anything new on the caylee anthony case?
Comment by Vikki Avila on November 5, 2009 at 1:06am
In 1989,my family suffered a terrible tradgedy. My cousins, ( 2 sisters) lost a total of 3 children at the same time. I did not arrive there until it was too late, I was two hours away, but could feel something terribly wrong with the universe. One lost two, David Jr. aged 4 years, his big sister Tanya aged 5. The other sister lost her only daughter Natalie also aged 4 years. My only daughter was supposed to spend the night with them, but she didn't. The kids lived on a farm, in rural Missouri. they went outside to play while dinner was cooking. The Mother Of the two, kept checking on them evey five minutes, but after about her 3rd check, she called, but sadly there was no answer. The police were called, the pond was dragged, the barns were searched. They were lost from 7 that evening, until 11:00 that night. After everyone had searched everywhere, a detective was walking in one of the barns with the father of the David and Tanja when he noticed a old deep freezer off in the corner. When the detective asked about the freezer, while walking up to it, David Sr. told the officer that the freezer was used to store cow grain, but had run out the day before, and a load was due to arrive the very next day. After he spoke those words, only screams were heard. Screams from Mothers who had found their children....their little bodies stacked on top of each other. Little Tanya's hands bruised from hitting so hard on the lid that would not open. Under her lay Natalie, and little David on the bottom..inside was also a frog, and a turtle, both of them alive. In the wee hours of the morning , after the officals had left, all you could hear from every corner of the Earth, was Mothers, Uncles, Fathers, Aunts, Grandparents, Cousins, Friends, screaming and crying. The men went out to the barn and ripped and torn and beat that freezer until it was scrap metal. It's only lock, was on the inside..... the lid was not removed until it was too late. To this very day, it is all as clear to me, as the day it happened. The Mother who lost two, has been in an institution for attempting suicide so many times. She remains there today. They let her out, she does ok, then she regresses. Her pain is more than she can bear. We've all tried to help her, but only God can. The other Mom, went on to have 5 more children, but she too has attempted to take her own life. I'm telling you this because here are two Mother's who loved and wanted their children, but a stupid, preventable human error proved to be fatal for all of us. We all lost that day.
I look at my daughter, almost 25 years old now, with two babies of her own, and thank God above that my circumstances changed that day. How a woman, any woman, could willing cause harm, hurt, hide, or take the lives of their God given gifts, is beyond my human comprehension. I've seen the pain, I've held them and felt their pain, the ones who wanted their children, but lost them. As Mother's, we are supposed to love, hold, and protect our children, at the cost of our very own lives. And when we fail to do that, we bargain with God to get them back. We look for answers as to how we can be such bad people to have let this happen. Hear this please, any unused equipment, wheter it be refrigerators, freezers, dryers washers, stoves, anything at all that may be lying around empty, please , remove the lids, doors, wire them shut, do whatever you have to do to make them safe. Even if your putting them out for trash pickup. For if you don't, God forbid you find them full.

These so called Moms, Andrea Yates, Susan Smith, And the woman in above video, have something missing. It's called compassion. For NO ONE could look into the eyes of their children while they take away the life God gave them, and not feel empathy, the need to stop what your doing.
Once your a parent, nothing else matters but the welfare of your children. I say this, as I find myself grieving so very deeply for my Father, and yet I know, he has Tanja David and Natalie by the hand. Walking with the Light of The World.
God bless us all who are searching for answers, and those who help to answer the questions.
Love, Vikki
Comment by fred upton on June 12, 2009 at 2:03pm
ok its going too far she broke out in a sweat!! injection in cell 4 PLEASE!!!
Comment by Diana, Grief Recovery Coach on May 21, 2009 at 10:41am
I agree with you Fred. Just about anyone would have taken this child in and would given her a good home. I just don't understand it and never will.
Comment by fred upton on May 21, 2009 at 10:15am
this never should have happened. there are so many people that would gladly take a child in and give him/her a loving home. we would have. and on a personal note thank you all for trying to help me. your words of cumfort are not going ignored. god bless you all!
Comment by Jacob Michael scott McLeod-Steinmetz on March 24, 2009 at 10:35pm

Dear Christine Hold your kids close and tell them how much they are loved
you can't do anything for little Caylee ...she is out of harms way now
just hope and pray for justice that the "person" that gave birth to her is never allowed out of jail and never has any more children
Love your kids be a good mother is all you can do for this poor little Angel
with love ^i^ Jacob's mum
Comment by Diana, Grief Recovery Coach on March 24, 2009 at 9:30pm
christine mary acosta,
You are not alone in what you feel. I live in Orlando, not far from where they found Caylee. People come from far and wide to leave a memorial for Caylee. This little girl has really touched everyone's lives. It does help to write about it, make a collage or keep a journal. That is what this group is for, so if you feel compelled, post anything you wish.
Comment by christine mary acosta on March 24, 2009 at 8:01pm
hi everyone. my name is christine. i am 29 yrs old and a mother of 2. for some reason,the caylee anthony saga has hit me so hard. almost to the point to where i feel like im mourning my own child. I think of caylee when i wake up,eat,work,play,go to bed etc..... she is the most gorgeous baby angel i have ever seen besides my 2 children and i cannot cope with her murder. how?? can i ask, how could anyone hurt this innocent angel? she mustve been so scared to see her mother go crazy like she probably did. what was caylee thinking as she lay there dying? these are the things that destroy me and prevent me from living a normal life. i need your help. please tell me why you feel im so emotionally connected to baby caylee?? or can u please help me take back control of my life?? i cant stop crying and feeling like this was my baby that i lost!!!Am i crazy?!
thank you
Comment by Jacob Michael scott McLeod-Steinmetz on February 8, 2009 at 7:22pm
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Comment by Jacob Michael scott McLeod-Steinmetz on January 15, 2009 at 1:44pm
The Photo's of this sweet little girl are so beautiful
how innocent she looks and her Mother surely it's all some awful mistake ...
how could she dump this beautiful little girl in a rubbish bag in the wood?
fly high in heaven Caylee no one can hurt you now

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