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After Death Communication & Near Death Experiences - Real Life Stories

Reading through these experiences has helped me some in my (ongoing) grieving process. It's a collection of personal experiences with after-death communication and near-death experiences. If you have had a personal experience you can click submit an experience to add to the collection.

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Recommended Book by David Kessler

Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms: Who and What You See Before You Die

  David Kessler, expert on death and grief, takes on three uniquely shared experiences that challenge our ability to explain and fully understand the mystery of our final days. The first is “visions".  As the dying lose sight of this world, some people appear to be looking into the world to come.…


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Have you experienced the death of a spouse in the past five years?

Have you experienced the death of a spouse in the past five years?

Are you between the ages of 18-64? If so, researchers from the University of Illinois are interested in hearing your story. We are conducting interviews with individuals who have recently lost a spouse. Interested participants will engage in an audio-recorded interview about their experiences with loss. Interviews will take approximately 45–90 minutes and will remain confidential. Participants who are U.S. citizens,…


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PhD research on loss and grief

I am conducting a research study on the way Americans think and talk about loss and grief. This is a part of my PhD project.


You are eligible to participate if:

- you were born and raised in the United States

- you are a native speaker of American English

- you are an adult (19-60 years old)

- you have experienced the death of a loved person within the last 1-5 years.


If you are eligible and willing to participate, please go to the…


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Yesterday I said I was not going to dwell on the loss of my wife Cheryl, today I am, at least in this blog post.

It's another morning and I have been lying in bed for a few hours hoping to fall back asleep.  But I have had no luck.  My mind of course has been thinking of Cheryl.  Of the more than 31 years we knew each other, and how we had so many experiences together that we could always share a private laugh.  And now those memories are only mine.  They feel like such a…


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Morning 4-13-15 One month since my wife passed

All the "what if's" that play in my head, all focus on some small event that could have changed the tragic outcome of one month ago.  It's hard not to consider fate to be real. 

I have a health issue that has developed over the last two months.  Back problems causing increasing numbness and discomfort in both legs.  My wife was a nurse and always seemed to be fulfilled by helping me or my son.  This mornings "what if" is, I wonder, if my issues had been this significant one…


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Grief is a Beast

It’s not a quick read, but grief takes time. I wrote it for those of us who will miss someone this holiday season. Happy Holidays! Peace & Blessings, Sofia…


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Did we kill our wonderful mother?

 this last year has been a roller coaster of emotions of every kind

My mother has had a few health problems…


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I am just grateful I am my mother's daughter

A note fell out onto the carpet today, and it was left behind by my mother, it reads, “when we focus all our time on grief, we lost out on our present and our future; instead of dwelling on what we are losing, focus on what we still have” I felt like I was receiving a sign from my mother that I should not dwell in my grief at all times. It makes sense my mother wrote it, because she lived her life fully till the end.

Being diagnosed with stage four cancer did not subvert my…


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My mother's day gift to mom

I cannot forget how my mother died and I don't know if she is just dead or in a better place


My mom rarely complained even though she was diagnosed with stage four…


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I have nothing left to live for or do I?

My identity is intertwined with being a good daughter to my mother because she sacrificed  everything to me  and her selflessness  is what motivated to go  on living. My mother was an immigrant  who left her family and her  role as a housewife  to come to Canada and provide a better future for her children. After the divorce, she worked harder than anyone else I know in order  to provide a life for myself and my brother.  She had  no choice but to be strong and determined  without a husband…


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Do you feel the presence of your loved one who has died?

The strangest thing happened to me a few days ago. I went out for a walk on my own, a rare occurrence as I usually have my two little people with me. But this day I was alone. I strode off out of my gate and along the waterfront where I live. A moment or two passed when I realised how tall I seemed. I felt like I was walking on a cloud. Somehow I felt elevated. I wondered if it was simply because I wasn't pushing the buggy and looking down at the…


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Is loneliness an issue for you?

When Lily died I missed her with all my heart and soul; but I wasn't lonely. I still had my husband. Our conversations filled in some of the gaps in my life that being without Lily left behind.

Recently, however, I have been without my husband. I still have Summer and Riley to play with…


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What is your focus?

I am having a challenging time with a specific person in my life right now. Amidst all my preparation for Christmas I need to deal with this person who it feels wants to drag me down as low as he is feeling! I have been trying to focus on all the amazing support and love I have been receiving from my special friends here on this page (thank you again). I have been trying to not take it personally, to just feel sorry for him and the pain he is feeling but today it got the better of me and…


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My Beliefs

I am no longer scared to die. Why would I be? My 15 year old sister walked the veil into the other world in a day, bravely. I can do it too. And I will. Death is a part of life. You can't escape it. We are all dieing. It's not depressing. It's not 'taboo'. It's the cycle of life. 

I believe what someone believes they will see/experience when they die is what happens to them. No one is right and none are wrong. If you believe you will live eternity in the clouds partying with your…


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A familiar place...

It seems I never fully get over what the Cancer did to mom....I drifted back to it today. She was the nicest women I ever met. She had very few whom disliked her. She believed you could talk out all your differences with someone. Witch is something I have never been able to do but she lived by it. She treated everyone like family no matter who you where or where you came from. She would have given you the shirt of her own back if she knew you needed it. To watch the Cancer just totally eat…


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You will always live in my heart

I heard your lame jokes that one day..and found them so very interesting...

I saw your smile few days later...and just loved it..

I saw you looking at me in the crowd...and the feeling was indescribable...

I didn't realise when I had fallen for you amidst adoring you..

Didn't realise when keeping you happy got the highest priority in my life and when I started dying just to be friends with you..

And yes,life had given me then what I wanted...we started…


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My story.

Sunday October 23, 2011 I was at work at around 1:45 pm when my phone popped up saying I had a facebook message from my neighbor Katie, the message was sent to me and my brother and said something along the lines of "I need one of you to call me asap it's kind of an emergency" I thought to myself maybe she was locked out or forgot to turn off the oven, or lock the doors.. worst case scenario I thought something was wrong with her house or her family. I called her to see what was going on and…


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Words You'll Never Hear. Love, Mama *by Stephanie Stone-Merrick*

What's to say when all is lost, when the words don't matter now

yet I find myself in constant need to spit them out somehow

struggling to convey to you although the moment's passed

to heed the words we spoke to you, but now the dye is cast


Days tick by, a silent count thrust upon my heart

one by one they pass me by, whisking me beyond and far

never leaving me time to breathe I beg time "slow down for me"

as though I had but whispered,…


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