how do I deal with this horrible disease that is taking my family little by little I lost my husband to this horrible disease and my brother is still battling his cancer for many years and now his wife my sister in-law has stage four metastatic breast cancer I don't know how to handle this anymore I just don't understand. I lost my husband in September of 2015 he was first diagnosed with stage two throat cancer then he went in for a pet scan and they found a second and separate cancer in his lungs,liver, and spine which was diagnosed as terminal that was in July  of 2015 two months later he was gone this horrible disease destroys families so my question is how do I or anyone deal with this especially when it continues to destroy everyone I  love this  is too much !!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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Cancer is indeed a plague. Death from cancer is only part of the story. The journey from diagnosis to death is horrific and overwhelming. Even though cancer effects a lot of people, there are so many that just don't understand how devastating it can be from the moment one finds out that they have it.

I too have had loved ones that dealt with cancer. Some have died and some are still on the unspeakable journey of treatment and chemo and surgery etc. etc.

The ONLY thing that helps me at all is a Biblical view of our future. I know that the Bible is not for everyone and that is OK, but it works for me by giving me a HOPE and a FUTURE. 

For example:

Isaiah 33:4 says "And no resident will say "I AM SICK...."

I believe that one day those words will come true right here on the earth. This gives me hope and a future. 

It certainly doesn't take our pain away, but it does comfort me to know that one day life will be better and no one will get sick. NO MORE CANCER. 

If there is any way that I can help, comfort, impart hope for a better future, please let me know


big c is evil loss lot of famly to it evn frinds nboz 

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sorry if im sayin wong thngs or rab,on on to mush 

I lost my husband on November 25th 2018 he had stage 4 cancer I lost him within 3 months. This Christmas was so hard. I'm tired of people who haven't lost anyone that it gets easier. All I need is time. I'm so ss for everyone who lost their lived one. I wish I could spend a bit more time with him but all I do is stare at the door waiting for something that will never happen

dear Connie I understand how you feel it has been three years and three months since I lost my husband and I agree with you that I wish people would stop telling me that in time I will heal or that it gets easier,  for me that is all a lie I am still as broken as the day I lost  the love of my life I believe that people say that because they think it will make you feel better when actually  it angers you because no one can tell you how to grieve and unless they experience the same kind of loss they cant know how you really feel I am truly sorry for the heartache you are going through this is what this site is for so we can say how we really feel with no judgement again I am so sorry for the pain and heartache you are going through 


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"Sue, if we can ever answer any questions that you may have about what you are experiencing, please let us know. Everyone's story is different, but the feeling of loss that we all have is familiar. This is a group of people who understand."
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"Avi, it's amazing how the Lord took care of both you and your dad. As happy as I am for you, I think I may be even more happy for your dad. This gives him a reason to get up in the morning, and gives him someone to focus that lost love on. You…"
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"Thank you, I appreciate your message.  So glad you have you little daughter.  That is wonderful for her to be with your Dad.  Take care, will be thinking of you & your family.  "
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"Guys my little girl has moved on with me now after spending 8 months at her maternal grand mother's place. Now me, my wife and my father lives together. My father who was alone after my mother's death has a new hope and motivation to live…"
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"Brett, I am so sorry.  I hope things are better for you & thank you for your message.  I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers.  Take care & will be thinking of you,"
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"Sue, I am so sorry. I know. Believe me, we know. And I wish that I could say something more. Something horrible happened to me today. The worst possible thing that could have happened, beyond losing my dog. I'm not sick or anything, but my…"
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"This was my first holiday without my Mom.  She passed in March 2019.  Good Friday was rough.  I was looking forward to spending a long weekend with her.  Trying to stay busy, but I miss her so much.  Mornings are really bad…"
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"Thanks for thinking of me Avi — hope you’re doing well and enjoying your little girl.  This is the first Easter without my mother. Losing her has really changed things, it seems that she and I (and my husband) were the ones who…"
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