When you are grieving it’s important that you take care of yourself through difficult times. We’ve all been knocked off center and find it hard to take care of our own health needs.

How do we get through these difficult times and eat right to sustain our bodies? Here's a method to use at meal times:


Using your dinner plate, put a line down the middle of the plate.

  1. On one side, cut it again so you will have 3 sections on your plate.
  2. Fill the largest section with non starchy vegetables such as:
    1. spinach, carrots, lettuce, greens, cabbage, bok choy
    2. green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes,
    3. vegetable juice, salsa, onion, cucumber, beets, okra,
    4. mushrooms, peppers, turnip
  3. Now in one of the small sections, put starchy foods:
    1. whole grain breads, whole wheat or rye
    2. whole grain, high-fiber cereal
    3. cooked cereal such as oatmeal, grits, hominy, or cream of wheat
    4. rice, pasta, tortillas
    5. cooked beans and peas, such as pinto beans or black-eyed peas
    6. potatoes, green peas, corn, lima beans, sweet potatoes, winter squash
    7. low-fat crackers and snack chips, pretzels, and fat-free popcorn
  4. And then on the other small section, put your protein or plant based protein food items such as:
    1. chicken or turkey without the skin
    2. fish such as tuna, salmon, cod, or catfish
    3. other seafood such as shrimp, clams, oysters, crab, or mussels
    4. lean cuts of beef and pork such as sirloin or pork loin
    5. tofu, eggs, low-fat cheese
    6. beans
  5. Add an 8 oz glass of nonfat or low fat milk. If you don’t drink milk, choose yogurt or a calcium fortified beverage.  
  6. Add a piece of fruit or a 1/2 cup fruit salad.   Fresh, frozen, or canned in its own juice.
  7. Also take a daily multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.  (I consider this part of your health insurance policy)

That completes your well-balanced meal.  If you just can't eat at all, you could drink a meal replacement like boost, ensure, shakeology, etc.  

Questions are welcome.  


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Thank you so much for the wise tips as it's still very hard for me to eat with my many health issues and upsets lately...especially with T2 Diabetes as your above tips for eating do apply to the so called normal individuals .....


I pray that God will help me deal with my many feelings at this time and will slowly get back on track...It's hard for me to reach out to others for a personal mentor as I had one before and find that it helps me greatly.


Finding this site helps by looking at everything it has to offer individuals....thank you for your part on this site and have a Blessed day too.


Patricia Gooderham

Pat's Busybeeclub.ca


What great advice,

thank you for sharing your wisdom, I called you and waiting to hear back from you, Louise

Coach Diana

  I am having a terrible time eating. I found this group a short time ago while looking for somewhere to learn a way to find out how to accept my sons death. I hope this ends up being a place for that. One question before I get going I am having trouble uploading pictures to my page and anywhere else on this site. Can you help?

  Also I am having terrible stomach and bowel trouble. My doctor says my bowles are backed up as far as my cohen. She has me on astool softener and  a laxtive. daily. But it does not seem to be working very well yet. I go back to see her until Tuesday. I will be glad to see her. I don't know if my problem is my bowles or because of my son  dieing or what. I have many health problems Diabetes 2 and Asthma just to start. But my stomach bloats and is painful everytime I eat or try to eat.All I can eat and I know with the diabetes isn't good for me is boost. I know they have one for Diabetes but it taste bad to me so I see no reason to buy it since I don't drink it so I get the high proteine one. 2 to 3 times a day. I know I have to do better it is just very hard for me. I havn't been to worried about it yet because I have been looseing weight almost 100lbs before my son died in April.I have not weigh myself lately I seem to forget things if I don't do things right away. Is there any way or anything I can eat that is better for me? Like I said I think it is from him dieing. I havn't felt good since. I am always in pain and feel somewhat ill anyway. But not like this. And isn't it worse for my bowels if I don't eat also?Have any ideas?


Donna, I just uploaded a picture and didn't have any problems.  Can you tell me more about what might be happening. 

Boost is a good supplement - yes, it has a high glycemic index but it also depends on how it is affecting your blood sugar at this point in time.  Do you check your blood sugar on a regular basis?  If so, what have the numbers been.  Knowing your blood sugars would be a good starting point on what I would recommend.  Have you tried Sugarfree Carnation Instant Breakfast?  I personally like that one.  You can also mix peanut butter with the drinks - that will add additional calories and protein. 

Yes, very much so my appitite is totally gone. some days all I can get down is a meal replacement shake. Today I was able to eat a sandwich and have a mocha in the Honor of the 3mos anniversary of her death. but most days I have the shakes it seems to be all I can get down me right now.
I have no appetite which is so strange for me.  But I find if I go more than two days without eating and then have something, I get terrible diahhrea. So I try and have a little somthing every other day. I do need to lose weight but I realize this isn't healthy. 

I'm having the same problem...I eat at best one meal a day and often it goes straight through.  I have been relying on boost and in a pinch yogurt and bananas.  I sleep 13-16 hours a day.  I keep putting things off and know that I need to get it together...even when my body is starving, food often just makes me nauseous. 

I am finding that I don't want to go to any trouble; I just don't have the motivation right now. I seem to be eating OK for breakfast, but only one of the other two meals gets any attention at all. Many times I just eat two teaspoons of almond butter and a carrot. That's a meal these days. As always, salads are a problem as I am not fond of the bagged stuff and heads of lettuce need to be washed, dried, etc. WAY beyond me now!

wem it 1st happend i cud only manage a few bites it the minit all im doing is eating tosties with mint sarse on and cornbeef i eat harf and im full iv lost wait well i did need to lose wait coz i woz so obese drinking plenty of water and zero cola like my dad i dont drink milk or lik milk either he didnt like milk i used to like choklit it th minit i cant eat it my dad wood eat choklit evry day i thnk he used to eat it to get rid of the taste from his medicasin i thnk thts wy i drink zero cola to get rid of th tast of thm inhallers our cat can eat more thn me yu rite wot u say eat rite


I came to that conclusion . When my wife was alive she fed me right .Since she died its hard for me to eat a good solid nuritional meal.To cope emotional when Iam sad ,its junk food. Iam slowly starting to wean my self off junk food. Iam I have almost 20lb weight jump .Its hard thou I have pushed out the memory of her but now its all flooding in.

I've had difficulty with losing weight and keeping it off all my life.  I can try to eat healthy and lose about 20-30 lbs, but tend to go back to my old eating habits and gain it back. 

My husband, who died on Sept. 2, 2012 of heart disease and diabetes, was chain-smoking, to self-medicate his schizophrenia and anxiety.  He did not take care of himself and I felt angry for a long time, but understand that he was addicted.

Now that I'm feeling so sad and depressed, I have no ambition or motivation to take better care of myself.  I don't want to be like my husband and undermine my own health by not eating right, but I'm very compulsive and tend to eat when I'm feeling emotional......which is how I feel lately.



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