On January 31, 2014 my partner of eight years had an argument because she had been cheating on me and I was DONE. During the night she was restless and kept waking me up wanting to know where my phone was or where the charger was. Then she said "You're gonna learn." She was alive when I left Saturday morning. She had written a note but my anger and hurt from her betrayal blinded me to the contents of the letter. I wrote her a letter back telling her to go be happy. I assumed she would be leaving and moving into her new girlfriend's apartment. I stayed at a friends house to give her time to move out but when I came home Sunday morning she was still here. On the couch flipped over. I thought she was asleep so I started picking up the apartment. I looked at her again and she wasnt moving. I pumped her chest until EMS arrived. She overdosed on pills. What pills exactly, I don't know. I wont know until the toxicology report is ready sometime next month.

Now I'm still in the apartment and I have found out so many more lies she told me. The affair lasted eight months, not three. She asked this other woman to marry her, she had hidden emails and facebook pages that I never knew about and her phone has a screen lock on it so I cant review her messages. On the day of the funeral I lost my job. I've packed up the majority of her things but I am at a crossroad here. I am hurting on so many levels I don't even know which way is up. Do I burn her memory or let the affair go? Did she love me or is it safe to assume that everything she told me was a lie? Everyone is telling me it's time to move on and that I have grieved long enough. It hasn't been a month! I want to go to Dallas and visit an old friend and my mom is telling me that it's a bad idea... I have no one to talk to about this. All my friends are now staying away because they don't want be around someone who has a dark cloud over them all the time. I don't blame them. I am lost and alone with no answers and no help and no support. I wish I could disappear.

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Comment by Tracey L on March 2, 2014 at 12:39am

Danielle, I feel for you and the loss you have experienced.  I cannot begin to tell you what her her feelings were for you.  However, I can tell you that you need to grieve at your own pace.  There is no preset amount of time that you should just "move on".  This is a journey that you have to decided when the time is right.  Regardless of what had occurred behind your back, I am going to assume you loved her.  That loss of the trust does not erase the love that you once had.  Do not be hard on yourself, it takes time and when you are ready, you will know it.


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i love you shawn

 my wonderful son,  I cry so hard everyday and night, missing you with all my broken heart. I can barely see my eyes are so swollen, its so hard to see another holiday coming, and to feel so alone and empty with out you here. I hope each day you can hear me, but I hope you can not feel my pain. I wish my tears could build a stairway to you, I would have been there by now. you will always be the love of my life, without you im not whole, my wish this x mas would be to hear you say  MOM, to hold…See More
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