Unfornately, my big sister Deann has passed away. The details of what happened are pretty graphic, however, I need to share because until her family chooses to tell others, I'm not going to disrespect them by telling Facebook.

Thing is, I have to talk about what happened to Deann. What happened to her could have very well have happened to me last February. Okay, this is what happened. Before I tell y'all anything about what I know, I'm gonna make it clear that a lot of details like was she on her way to the store or did it occur after she'd gotten to the store? Details like that, I do not know, as of yet. 

This what I know: Deann (most likely) walked to the store for cigarettes and a fountain drink. It was something she'd done for herself and Bruce for years, even many, many years before I met him and her. I remember walking to the store with 5 or 6 vehicles in the driveway. She told me it was so she could keep from bickering with Bruce, but it was mostly it was because she noticed that walking helped her with maintaining her weight.

They were living somewhere they didn't know very many people. I'm not even sure how long they'd been in Porter, Texas. I do remember living there in '96 when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I walked every day after school because I still had a bunch of energy. I didn't run into any aggressive dogs when I was there, but that was over 24 years ago, and I know that things like that change all the time.

Anyway, she was walking along, and I assume that she was confronted by a couple of aggressive dogs, at first. Then, the other 3 were introduced, she (I don't know for sure about this detail, but...) was probably still on her feet, but had the first 2 dogs biting her, which probably triggered 3 other dogs to join in. At some point, the 5 dogs all got to her at once, and they ripped and shredded at her skin. One of the 5 dogs punctured her jugular vein, and she bled out. 

I can't help but think about how I could have very well been killed myself last February when I was attacked by 3 aggressive dogs myself. And I can't help but wonder, where was her help? I had a few guys run up and drag those dogs off of me. She had nobody. 

I'm sorry, Deann. I love you, sis.

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