For the last three weeks I have been unable to feel anything but anger and numbness. I feel like I am slowly dying inside. Everything annoys me. I don't want to be around friends or family. I have lost 10 pounds. I don't know how to end this. My finance was killed in an auto accident. He was in a coma and eight days later he died. I cried like someone ripped my heart out of my chest and now I am angry and numb.

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Hi Sharron; just checking in.  I hope you're doing all right, considering.

Thank you for checking in on me. Let's just say I'm still here functioning as a numb, lifeless shell of a human being. I am the walking dead. I don't see that changing anytime soon. Don't know how I am functioning, I just am.

Life is a Beat Down.  There are no answers only more questions.

Knowing anger is part of the stages of grief is only one more thing to know….not helpful.

I hope you will be able to open up to friends and family when you are ready…that of course is up to you.  If they are worth a damn they will love you and try to comfort you.

I hear you Sharon.  It’s hard to know how we really are doing.  I’m in 1000 pieces but look very presentable and can still carry a conversation.  To all the people who know my beloved just died but feel the need to bore the life out of me with trivial selfish conversations…..Not Appreciated.  

Been there too. I've cut those people out of my life. You really learn whose in your corner when you lose someone and I am finding very few are. Strangers are more supportive. Hope you are ok.



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