In 1969 I lost my oldest and only brother to a drunk driver in Venezuela.  And on september 27,1995 I lost my mom to liver cancer. This pass feb.22,2010 my father passed away to an illness that I cannot spell.  So everyone is gone now, I have no brothers and sisters no kids. And never have been married. So this is a Punch in the face and a blow. Yeah!!! I have a stepmom we are very close and I have very close   friends and relatives but for the time being. That is not enough to feel the emptiness inside. And last month I was with my step grandmother as she passed away.  I guess then is when I did learn the lord blessed me with a special gift.  And I just need to use and tap into  that as much as I can.  This I will love to share for all.  At times before my dad passed away I could her my mom calling me and my dad.  And before my dad passed away I could hear her and I could  almost feel myself touching her.  She was telling me at that time my dad would be leaving me soon. And sure thing he passed away a few days later. 

And just a few days before my step-grandmother passed. I could feel and hear Jesus telling me to ask my step grandmother if she has heard him speak to her. I did and she told me what he said. And that was he was ready for her to come home. The night when she passed away, I knew the time was near. And I told my stepmom and Hospice to leave the room. Again I asked do you see my friend Jesus? She said yes, I told her go to him, he is my best friend you know. Also I told her tell all to watch after us and she said OK.  So about 20 min or less she passed away.

And so anyway for this time being I get stronger by supporting and giving comments to others. It's much easyier for me. But hey my friend Jesus wants me to do that. And he wants me to share his Home is very near by.  OH yes and close!!! We have a great loving god.  We are his children, and he sure knows how to get our attention.  He has done that with me so well over so many issues.  And for great reason's.  SO that is a little of my story to share.  Oh yes I am praying hard for 2 people one lost her grandfather the other lost her husband. I am praying that the lord will open that sweet door. Just maybe I can hear them speak to me, or Jesus speak for them.   This may sound strange and off the wall for many. That is OK  I do understand.  

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I too have lost my entire immediate family, have no relationship or children. My world fell apart This April 2010 so I can relate to that feeling of utter lonliness and emptiness. I have moved, on my own, to Egypt to try and sort my head and heart out - I have been hear for one month, and the feelings are just getting worse and worse and worse till now i can't even get out of bed.
I need some hope that this will pass and I will 'feel' anything again. I feel like an empty well .

My thoughts go out to you.



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morgan commented on Lauri Richards's blog post It is helpful.....
"Laurie, I can so feel everything that you are describing because not only is it so hard to feel so disconnected, but we all know that this is not a short path or that any of us want to walk this path and yet here we are forced to try and undstand…"
35 minutes ago
AnneJ replied to JO B alexio's discussion mad at god
"JO, Yes. Too many people we love are gone. It's starting to hit me deeper and deeper, because I got married almost 20 years ago and I know I built a wall of protection around me. My husband was my Great Wall of China.  And now I'm…"
2 hours ago
Lauri Richards posted a blog post

It is helpful.....

It is helpful to be able to talk about the feelings that live within me everyday without feeling like I'm the only one who is experiencing this pain.  I am at a phase in my life right now where I’m struggling with loneliness, heartache and all consuming numbness.Every day, I feel a deep sense of disconnection from the world around me and the people I share it with.  The mere fact that I am writing this in the small hours of the morning, deafened by the ear-splitting silence, unable to sleep,…See More
5 hours ago
Rosie G replied to Diana Y's discussion Are you finding it difficult to eat right?
"My problem is constantly overeating and bingeing on junk food. I feel depressed so I eat to comfort myself but still feel just as empty after I've finished eating and the cycle continues."
6 hours ago
Rosie G posted a discussion

I feel so alone

Three years ago I lot my daughter Monica, I had what is called a late miscarriage at 22 weeks. It has always been nearly impossible to talk about what happened, even to my mum or to her father. I kept it all inside and it destroyed me. After I lost her, all I felt was despair, the world had no colour anymore, everything was dark, grey and pointless. I was in so much pain, felt so much rage and anguish, yet I was frozen, I was numb, I tried desperately to find another reality, escape from…See More
6 hours ago
Vasanthi S commented on Karen's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"Nadin, am withyou in this awful time, impossible to go through yet thats what is to be done. Connie,  Mary Chris, Teresa, Michelle, Dolly and all my dearest friends, am with you .... always... its so damn painfu' and I am rt now in Eugene…"
6 hours ago
Teresa D. commented on Karen's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"I hope everyone was able to find some peace today.  I'm thankful for all the love and support that I receive from my family and friends and I'm forever grateful for the friends I have here that have given me the support to keep going…"
7 hours ago
Rj commented on Karen's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"Sharon...thanks for sharing. What a true and powerful comment. It sums it up"
7 hours ago
Rj left a comment for C.R. Vanyo Franciosi
"C.R.....there is no comparing ones grief to another, fact is, our pain, sorrow and heartache is the same. You are as lost without your husband as i am without my son. We are all just trying to find our way. Hugs to you dear."
7 hours ago
Hilary Christene replied to Mel Royer's discussion Guilt
"I wonder why I saw her. I have been trying to see D but I can't see him. Maybe it was something she did. I always thought it must be real, that she was really there, because, in dreams, my vision's not blurry."
8 hours ago
Hilary Christene replied to Mel Royer's discussion Guilt
"D was here at home and they would not let me put my arms around him. My arms still scream out of my skin to hold him. My heart is raging and railing, sometimes I picture myself picking things up and throwing and breaking them. But I had held him…"
8 hours ago
Mary Chris commented on Karen's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"Nadin, I am so sorry for your loss. It is helpful to be numb. Don't expect anything of yourself. Just breathing will be a chore. Let yourself grieve. Let others support you.  Hugs and prayers to you."
9 hours ago
JO B alexio replied to JO B alexio's discussion mad at god
" "
10 hours ago
JO B alexio replied to JO B alexio's discussion mad at god
"thnx trina thnx anne i cnt evn enjoy evnts lk thes lk we usd used 2 2 mush peple hav gon"
10 hours ago
JO B alexio replied to Mel Royer's discussion Guilt
"thnx hillary it wz lk my body wz so stiff i froze thng im gona loze her wish i did  i kiss her gud by innher coffen bt webn wen she wz hrf alve i froze stiff it wz lk my bidy body wz so stiff "
10 hours ago
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Connie K commented on Karen's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"Wishing everyone some peace and blessings today. One thing I am grateful for -  that we are all so very fortunate to have had the beautiful souls who are our children, in our lives for how ever long we had them. Although the pain is so very…"
11 hours ago
Linda Engberg replied to Linda Engberg's discussion Just Another Thanksgiving
"So Sorry, I'm sure we will both be glad when the Holidays are over, they are the hardest to bear."
12 hours ago
Rosie G commented on Diana Y's group Tattoo Memorial
"I had this tattoo done in loving memory of my daughter Monica. I designed it myself, a panda with a pink bow and a heart shaped nose, with a pink flower and the letter M. "
13 hours ago
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Tattoo Memorial

Share Pics of your tattoo dedicated to your loved ones
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