In 1969 I lost my oldest and only brother to a drunk driver in Venezuela.  And on september 27,1995 I lost my mom to liver cancer. This pass feb.22,2010 my father passed away to an illness that I cannot spell.  So everyone is gone now, I have no brothers and sisters no kids. And never have been married. So this is a Punch in the face and a blow. Yeah!!! I have a stepmom we are very close and I have very close   friends and relatives but for the time being. That is not enough to feel the emptiness inside. And last month I was with my step grandmother as she passed away.  I guess then is when I did learn the lord blessed me with a special gift.  And I just need to use and tap into  that as much as I can.  This I will love to share for all.  At times before my dad passed away I could her my mom calling me and my dad.  And before my dad passed away I could hear her and I could  almost feel myself touching her.  She was telling me at that time my dad would be leaving me soon. And sure thing he passed away a few days later. 

And just a few days before my step-grandmother passed. I could feel and hear Jesus telling me to ask my step grandmother if she has heard him speak to her. I did and she told me what he said. And that was he was ready for her to come home. The night when she passed away, I knew the time was near. And I told my stepmom and Hospice to leave the room. Again I asked do you see my friend Jesus? She said yes, I told her go to him, he is my best friend you know. Also I told her tell all to watch after us and she said OK.  So about 20 min or less she passed away.

And so anyway for this time being I get stronger by supporting and giving comments to others. It's much easyier for me. But hey my friend Jesus wants me to do that. And he wants me to share his Home is very near by.  OH yes and close!!! We have a great loving god.  We are his children, and he sure knows how to get our attention.  He has done that with me so well over so many issues.  And for great reason's.  SO that is a little of my story to share.  Oh yes I am praying hard for 2 people one lost her grandfather the other lost her husband. I am praying that the lord will open that sweet door. Just maybe I can hear them speak to me, or Jesus speak for them.   This may sound strange and off the wall for many. That is OK  I do understand.  

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I too have lost my entire immediate family, have no relationship or children. My world fell apart This April 2010 so I can relate to that feeling of utter lonliness and emptiness. I have moved, on my own, to Egypt to try and sort my head and heart out - I have been hear for one month, and the feelings are just getting worse and worse and worse till now i can't even get out of bed.
I need some hope that this will pass and I will 'feel' anything again. I feel like an empty well .

My thoughts go out to you.



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"I don't really know how to work this forum response right. All I want to do really is lay down and think of Carol Ann. How long can I do this for. My heart died on 24 july 2013 and that's it. I walk and take but im dead inside. That's…"
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Rachel commented on Karen's group Missing my Son or Daughter
"Another sleepless night. I still can't believe my child is gone. And I still can't have a good cry for her. In my mind I just feel she's at her home in San Antonio (3 hours away from my home town). What's wrong with me???…"
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"Another sleepless night. I still can't believe my child is gone. And I still can't have a good cry for her. In my mind I just feel she's at her home in San Antonio (3 hours away from my home town). What's wrong with me???…"
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"Diana had you to reassure her when she needed that comfort. I would imagine you did the same for your mom. They were fortunate to have that. I hope that you will be able to talk here. Honestly, it is what has kept me alive over the last year. I talk…"
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"thank you for your support but the thing that is killing me is when  diana was sick she told me she didn't want to die and i said she wasn't going to but i knew it was a matter of time and the second thing is signing the dnr papers…"
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"could someone give me some advice it is 4 years since my wife passed on and my mom 5 months since she passed on and to this day i continue to blame my self for their deaths it is like it was yesterday when they died all i know is i really miss them…"
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"me 2 kim i can feal it go so fast i can i can evn feal jumpng frm my chst i do i dont no if its coz of 2 mush multi loss but i cnt imagne lozing a chld iv got no kids but if i lost a kid i dont no wt i wud do  my fath in god as bean put 2 a…"
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heart beats

I pray  my heart beat would stop. then I could take my sons hand and go with him, to hold him and never let him go. to see my mom again after 33 years, I would hold them so tight . I could smile and laugh once more, if I could just be happy again. I feel it will never happen. please shawn answer my questions, hear my crys.  I need you shawn, I want so bad for you to come to my dreams, I have not had a dream since you went away, soon it will be 10 months,  we have never been apart that long…See More
14 hours ago
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"iv evn ask god why thm why not me i do as wll "
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"*Tears*, Bill would do the same thing, literally life me off the floor. Sending you a virtual hug and cannot wait until we can both get those again...:-)"
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I knew this day would come, but not this soon.

I lost my father when I was eleven, he had a brain tumor that had not been properly handled. Went into the hospital walking and came out in a wheelchair. And since that moment he health declined and kept getting worse. My mother and my sister took care of him at home. He was bed ridden and I don't remember him talking much. I'm pretty sure that was the depression. I always felt like I could've done more. But being as it's been eight years since his death, I've dealt with it...mainly because I…See More
16 hours ago
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"I know Teelaann - oh too well how hard this interim is.  Just broke down again when I got home...I miss him so and I miss his bear hugs.  What I would do for one of those hugs right now.   Sometimes it felt he would crack my ribs :-)…"
16 hours ago
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I Miss My Parent(s)

I created this group for people who may be grieving one or both parents. I lost my Mom and Dad within one year of each other. Dad passed away from Lung Cancer and Mom passed less than one year later from Pick's Disease.See More
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"please shawn without you life has no meaning, I need to hear your voice, come to me please"
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"I know how you feel. I lost my mom on march 31st 2013 and I havent stopped crying since. I am still angry at god, myself and the world. She was 85 years old and still full of life. I suffer from a major depressive disorder and the loss of my mother…"
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Lost Without My Mom

My mom died, August 17, 2009 of an apparent heart attack from heart failure. Her doctors never told me how sick she was and so I was blown away and am heart sick and lost without her.
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