In 1969 I lost my oldest and only brother to a drunk driver in Venezuela.  And on september 27,1995 I lost my mom to liver cancer. This pass feb.22,2010 my father passed away to an illness that I cannot spell.  So everyone is gone now, I have no brothers and sisters no kids. And never have been married. So this is a Punch in the face and a blow. Yeah!!! I have a stepmom we are very close and I have very close   friends and relatives but for the time being. That is not enough to feel the emptiness inside. And last month I was with my step grandmother as she passed away.  I guess then is when I did learn the lord blessed me with a special gift.  And I just need to use and tap into  that as much as I can.  This I will love to share for all.  At times before my dad passed away I could her my mom calling me and my dad.  And before my dad passed away I could hear her and I could  almost feel myself touching her.  She was telling me at that time my dad would be leaving me soon. And sure thing he passed away a few days later. 

And just a few days before my step-grandmother passed. I could feel and hear Jesus telling me to ask my step grandmother if she has heard him speak to her. I did and she told me what he said. And that was he was ready for her to come home. The night when she passed away, I knew the time was near. And I told my stepmom and Hospice to leave the room. Again I asked do you see my friend Jesus? She said yes, I told her go to him, he is my best friend you know. Also I told her tell all to watch after us and she said OK.  So about 20 min or less she passed away.

And so anyway for this time being I get stronger by supporting and giving comments to others. It's much easyier for me. But hey my friend Jesus wants me to do that. And he wants me to share his Home is very near by.  OH yes and close!!! We have a great loving god.  We are his children, and he sure knows how to get our attention.  He has done that with me so well over so many issues.  And for great reason's.  SO that is a little of my story to share.  Oh yes I am praying hard for 2 people one lost her grandfather the other lost her husband. I am praying that the lord will open that sweet door. Just maybe I can hear them speak to me, or Jesus speak for them.   This may sound strange and off the wall for many. That is OK  I do understand.  

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I too have lost my entire immediate family, have no relationship or children. My world fell apart This April 2010 so I can relate to that feeling of utter lonliness and emptiness. I have moved, on my own, to Egypt to try and sort my head and heart out - I have been hear for one month, and the feelings are just getting worse and worse and worse till now i can't even get out of bed.
I need some hope that this will pass and I will 'feel' anything again. I feel like an empty well .

My thoughts go out to you.



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The Grief Journey-What To Pack

The Grief Journey-What To PackIt's the journey no-one wants to be on and you won't truly understand the following advice unless you are on it. Everyone's journey will be different, so I can't tell you what to pack, you choose, pack what's right for you, listen to your heart. Below are some suggestions from my personal experience: First of all hold on tight it is a bumpy ride - remember to breathe and take breaks. Sometimes the journey will be too difficult and you will be forced to stop and…See More
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"I appreciate your kind words.  That verse from Corinthians is wonderful - especially the wonderful phrase "tender mercies."  Thank you for reminding me of it.  "
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"Dear Sir,      I surely appreciate your feelings on helping others who have experienced so much grief. We have been comforted through the scriptures and the promises of God, so we pass it forward. (2 Corinthians 1:3,…"
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"I understand completely why you feel this way.   When you think the time is right, please go to Amazon Books and search for Email From Heaven by L. J. Capobianco.   It will answer a lot of your questions and give you a completely…"
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My Way Of Offering Help

I am a retired pastor who still wants to be of use.  It's not possible to personally speak to everyone here, so my way of helping you is through my book that has just been published.It is not preachy, a lecture, or clincial book of recovery 'theories.'  I wrote it in the form of a novel so it would be more interesting to read. It is a completely different way to address personal loss.  I can honestly say there isno other book like it - past or present. I did not write it for profit and have…See More
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"Sorry to hear that Melanie. Addiction is a terrible thing, for everyone involved. Every second is a struggle. Everywhere i look i see something of his, and promptly burst into floods of tears. I dont know where my life is heading anymore. "
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Anyone had this experience

My brother of 67 years lost his partner J last week.They had been together for 30 years and had a civil partnership.It seems there is very little literature on gay bereavement and also on how best to support LGBT population.I know my brother is a 'sturdy oak' type no 'sissy stuff' and doesn't allow his emotions to show at all.  I belief this is a trait he has adapted from my mother.I go to pieces and cry when upset for normal good reasons and wonder if anyone out there has been through a…See More
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"Just had the service sheet for my brother's partner's funeral I am doing the gospel reading at the cathedral"
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"I'm in the same boat as you. I lost my fiance 2 months ago today. He was 26 and I have known him since I was 5...I fell in love with him at a very young age. We were definitely soulmates. We were planning our wedding, supposed to be on…"
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"beth hope you are surviving well.  It is just too much for you i know."
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"Thanks Jean. You got it right, i feel a big void in my life. I`d give anything to have him back with me. I wasn`t even there when he passed, and didnt get to say goodbye to him. He was such a beautiful person with a wonderful heart. This is all just…"
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"Thank you all for the kind words. I`m still in shock. Dawn, i hope you`re right. But if i really believed i`d see him again, i`d gladly go do it now. Wander, we have a lot in common. My kids are now grown up with families of their own, so i dont…"
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My Love

Dec 29, 1987 - Aug 23, 2014
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"Hey Vee, I'm in a similar boat as you. Two weeks ago Joe unexpectedly passed away, he was 24. We hadn't been together for as long as you and your man but iv'e never experienced that kind of love. Was so excited to start planning a…"
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"Another week has come and gone - some say it gets times it appears to get a little more bearable and I start to accept Helen is gone then I get right back on the emotional roller coaster - some of my actions I know strap me back…"
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