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What’s next

I’m living alone now. It’s been 4 years since I lost my husband. I feel like I have moved on, and yet not. I’m still married, at least I feel like I am. How does one truly let go and move on? Is it possible? Is it necessary? Can I live in the shadow of a great love?

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Then I Remember...

I keep thinking I need to call and check on my mom. I called her every day for so many years, at least once a day. Visited with her, did her shopping, or took her shopping or to a doctor's appointment almost every week and I just keep thinking I need to check on her. Then I remember....

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A Gr-r-r-eat Post ;)

In 2018, (one week before Easter), Jeremy took me to a small town outside of Austin called, Brady, Texas. The reason for this trip? Seeing Mamma Beth (daddy's sister; my aunt) for the first time in 34 years. She'd asked me to help her heal a weird infection below her belt, and under her belly where she couldn't reach to take care of it herself.

The moment we saw each other, I went into her arms, and she held me for 5 minutes before Jeremy and I even walked through the apartment door.…


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There's an Explanation for That

I know that when you look at the things I’ve posted here that, there are not many posts about Jeremy or any of the other five loved ones I lost in that 2 year period of time. There’s an explanation for that, and I’m going to let y’all know what’s going on with that.

Growing up, my parents did not tell me certain things about life, for example, Jeremy had to explain to me how to know when my bowels were finished moving, but that should’ve come from my…


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Heard It Said

In my lifetime, I've heard it said that, "A person doesn't love you if they only say, 'I love you' when you're having sex.

Now, my question is:

Why is that?

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Two Years Later

Technically speaking, there are less than 3 months left until we've been together for 2 years, and it's sad to see the changes that have been made. The one that upsets me the most? The situation with your dog. When I first got to your apartment, you could not stand that Chihuahua, Gigi. Now, she gets an 'Good morning' from you, she gets a kiss on her head from you, and you tell her, 'I love you, my pupper-dog'. You treat the dog better than your own girlfriend.

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I'd Like to Know

Jeremy and I are soulmates, no matter if he's living or waiting for me in the afterlife, I have no doubts about that, but I'd like to know is: Will our souls know each other once mine has moved onto the afterlife? I know that everyone has different beliefs on many different aspects of life, but for the most part, when it comes to the subject of 'soulmates' I've found that most everyone I've met, feels the same way about the topic. What do you believe? How do you think soulmates who have…


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Starting Groups Here

If someone could tell me about starting groups here, I'd greatly appreciate it because I want to create one, myself.

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Link to My Stories on Wikacy


I was told to copy the address from the browser while on my profile page on Wikacy, and you'd be able to find tabs that will lead you to my stories. I hope this works, please, check out the link below, and let me know if you were able to use it. Thanks in advance.

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As Time Goes By...

This coming Friday, August 5, 2022, I'll be turning yet another year older (44), and you would think that, as time goes by living without you by my side, would get easier; however, it hasn't gotten any easier for me, at all. I miss you, Jeremy James, with every single day that goes by.

The entire first year after you passed, all I wanted to do was die, but I'm still here without…


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Hello, my name is Penny Caywood, but call me Pennywyze, please. The reason I've sought out support online for my grieving is because I've literally got no one to talk with about the things I'm going through. I mean, I've got a boyfriend, Steven who lost his wife 2 days after Jeremy's benefit in 2019, but I don't dare talk about my soulmate and best friend to my old man. However, he has been repeating the same stories from his past for the last 18 months since we've been together,…


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Suicide, I’ve found, is not like any other kind of death. My best friend did this…I guess she just couldn’t hang on anymore. How could I have missed this? Im so sorry. Sometimes I forget & think maybe it was a dream. Did she REALLY die? Why hasn’t she called? 

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The Big 5-0

Birthdays (any yearly reminder of significance really) of those that have walked the Rainbow Bridge can be hard for the griever.  This past February would have been a significant milestone for Jen...she should be 50 years old.  While the daily triggers to thoughts and reminders were still occurring before this birthday, the intensity definitely increased as the date came and went.  I took me into the afternoon before I could muster the courage to reach out to her sister.  I am walking…


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The Importance of Sympathy Cards

It may seem insignificant or outdated to write a sympathy card to someone who is grieving, however sympathy cards are one of the most powerful ways to show someone how much you care. Through the years it has been common practice to write sympathy cards to the family and friends of someone we know when they pass away. They continue to send a powerful and encouraging message serving as a reminder of love in the midst of loss. Writing a sympathy letter can be a…


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Bereaved Mother's Day

Bereaved Mother's Day

Sharing this event as it is both in-person and virtual - Bereaved Mother's Day Conference 2022 - A Healing Collective

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I wanted to write today about anger. After my son passed away, many of his friends wrote beautiful memories and feelings about him via Facebook. I didn't realize how much he meant to so many people and how many lives were touched by his kindness. However, what angers me is that not ONE of these "FRIENDS" ever came to visit him in the nursing home. He was in a nursing facility for 10 years and yet only his dad, myself and his stepdad came on a regular basis. I understand that it's hard to see…


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 Here is the story of my son, Matthew-

He was an easy baby, full of smiles and laughter but a rather shy little boy. He was so gentle natured. He grew up to be a wonderful person. He was well liked by his schoolmates and continued to be a nice, sweet person. 

He wanted to be a 2nd grade teacher. He went to Community College, worked at PISD as a mentor and also worked part time at Tom Thumb.

When he turned 21, his life changed forever. He had been experiencing…


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It's all okay now

2 weeks ago today you left this Earth to begin your pain free journey with Jesus. I'm forever grateful to be one of your granddaughters, to have been loved endlessly by you. I miss so many things. I miss your smell, the way you looked at nanny, the way you would light up when I walked into the house, our texts with your emojis; and so much more. 

It feels like it was 10 minutes ago that I checked for a pulse knowing in my head that there wouldn't be one because you had taken…


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Comes The Dawn

My aunt passed away towards the end of June 2021.  We were never particularly close, I visited her in California for a couple weeks when I was in middle school, but otherwise contact was limited.  She had some medical issues that prevented her from having children and (what I pieced together) a strained relationship with her father that caused her to sever most ties with the family, with perhaps some jealousy towards the family that my father was able to have.  When she passed away I went…


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2021 feals lk iv gon to hell on loss

2021 lozzin my mom thn lozzin my unlc in mnths aprt iv got no 1 famlyy hav ther oqnn ownn livss 

iv no hubby or bf to suprtt me im not fealin sorry forr my slf juts fealin loww on all loss iv had in lst 10 20 30 yrs iv had

Added by dream moon JO B on October 23, 2021 at 4:48am — 4 Comments

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