I'm wondering why bother with calling out the name of an all seeing, all doing creature that would steal the life of a child and then tell us it was Mr. High and Mightys plan to begin with!  I'm so pissed off right now! We throw people in the deepest darkest hole we can find if they have killed anyone. But this great big wonderful loving monster is thanked every day for his miracles. Even when he's the one that did the killing. How does that make sense? If "he" has a plan for everyone, the things that happen are in a grand scheme, what is the point? I feel like the ant under the magnifying glass. Or the fly getting its' wings pulled off. If there were some beast that does this to human beings and then tells us that its' done because he loves us so much he gave us his own child as proof of that love, then I think we should hunt down this creature and shoot it! I refuse to accept that there could ever be a monster like that who would put us on this earth just to see how we'd get along. I refuse to accept that my sons death was in works for thousands of years and I was not given some kind of warning ahead of time. I can tell you that if I had known, I would have done everything humanly possible to keep him out of the truck he was driving. ANYTHING!!!! His father and I created our son. NOT Mr. Powerful. and before someone says "Who gave you that ability" and we're going to play along with the notion of its' exitence, then my answer would be Adam and Eve. They were the ones that procreated first. This giant scientist did his little experiment on them and then walked away. There is no proof that he managed to improve on the species. So, we should be worshipping their children because even though they were the first, they didn't change a thing about the human being. They stuck to the program and made copies of themselves. The forbidden fruit supposedly gave them all the answers. That's why they put some clothes on, right?

Yesterday I started a fundraising effort to raise the money for my son a head stone. He has a huuuge family so I thought they would be willing to help me. I had so many of them telling me if there is "anything they can do for me" all I have to do is ask. So I did (ask I mean). Only one person has donated so far. I thought for sure that this family would open up the wallets and billfolds right then and there and the money I need would be in the Go Fund Me account by midnight. We are talking about a LOT of people. One person. 1. Uno. So now I'm back to really really really pissed off at the Mad Scientist I'm supposed to worship because this is what he wanted all along. The BASTARD!!!

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Comment by bluebird on September 12, 2015 at 5:31pm

Toni, I am so sorry about the death of your son.

I don't believe there is a god, but if there is then I share your view that s/he is a bastard.

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