I am 32 and I lost my mom because of covid. Feeling depressed, devastated and having psychological support. I wonder is it normal to feel so depressed that you don't want to talk to anybody?
BTW, I had lost my dad when I was only 2 years old because of traffic accident. He died and the court found him more guilty than the driver. I have just found out it, because mom always hided it from me.

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I'm sorry for your loss.  Yes, it is normal after the devastation of a loved one's death to feel so depressed that you don't want to talk to anyone -- but you can also get help with those feelings, if you choose. There are therapists and grief support groups that many people find helpful; you might want to look for one or both of those in your area (you can usually at least start your search online). 

Thanks for your kind support. I have been seeing a therapist for more than a year because of the anxiety disorder, and for 6 months because of grief and depression. What are the grief support groups ?

You're very welcome. Have you found that seeing a therapist has helped you? I hope it has. I don't know about any specific grief support groups. as I don't attend them myself, but I have seen posts about them by other people (I don't remember if they were here or on other sites, probably both). Your therapist could probably recommend some such groups to you; alternatively, if you attend church/synagogue/temple, your religious advisor might be able to provide information about such groups as well.


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My boyfriend was killed march 13,2022 he was killed 16 minutes after I left his house to go to my house to grab clothes for me and him to wash… it’s crazy how life works for some reason something in me didn’t get to make it back to him and something made me go to work that next day get off work and go to his job then his house to look for him for me to hear the sad words that no one in life would ever want to hear. You know how it feels to be last one he hugs and kisses and is intimate with as…See More
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"Dear Enza My heart went out to you as I read your message.  I've also had a bad few days and I just wished I could be there by your side to support you.   It is just so hard when you feel so alone, isn't it? Do you think…"
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