How is everyone handling the everyday losses and grief of not just losing loved ones but also losing a sense of normalcy and self..? Losing a person, a relationship, a part of us or our lives, a loved object - we grieve. How can we grieve a situation so existential grief? How is everyone feeling and dealing with this?

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Oddly, I think that aspect of the pandemic is affecting me less than it is many other people.  I have isolated myself as much as possible since my husband died, so not being able to spend time with other people is not much of a change for me, as I've chosen to live that way for the past nearly 9 years. For people who want to be social, and/or who are used to being social, this has been and is much more difficult. For me, it's just the way things are anyway.  

Of course I feel badly for everyone who has had loved ones get sick and/or die, for everyone who has lost jobs, etc., but just the part about being alone is no different than it has been for me since my husband died. As for "losing a sense of normalcy and self" -- those died when he did, so that's not new for me either. 

I don't mean to minimize how difficult this has been for so many people, even just in terms of the social isolation, but that aspect of it hasn't made a bit of difference for me.

Thank you for responding.. Yes i understand many of us have had very different experiences during the pandemic. thank you for sharing your experience :) 

I just found this discussion, thanks for bringing this up. I have been grieving the loss of my beloved work, more like play for pay, probably forever, as a senior leading seniors & mixed abilities fitness and dance.

The way the pandemic is being (mis) handled in my country, unless I move to one of the countries that handles it better, my beloved career is over and I am in forced retirement. I worked all my life and was proud of it. My overall health has declined and I am just working it gently to stay as well as I can.  I love people, we have a few good friends and a member of my family just moved nearby but we are still steering clear as I am in a high risk group for complications from this virus. I have felt anger that if this virus was unleashed knowingly or unknowingly from the lab in Wuhan, with level 2 security instead of level 4, that is unforgivable. Why mess with deadly pathogens in a low security protocol? I checked all this and it is true. I really resent the media/conspiracy theorists and ignorance too, media & certain politicians preying on bringing out the worst in humanity cuz that pays big money, it's criminal. 

Back and forth from being pissed and into solutions, I thought about how I could pivot in the career to on line perhaps, but there is so much free stuff out there, not sure how that could work. I prefer to be paid for my work, fair exchange for all that I spent on training and maintaining multiple certifications, insurances etc. I've been taking up more of my crafts, knitting, etc. and enjoy it, still working on finding a balance and seeing if there is something else (work from home) that I can do that I enjoy and earn a bit of extra $. Meanwhile, I have good days with my dog and my loving partner, watching the birds, cooking good food, having a few laughs, reaching out by phone and on line. I'm doing some health coaching by telephone so that's helping with a sense of purpose. Thanks for reading this. Take care. 



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"They say the bigger the love the deeper the pain when you lose someone. It's not selfish to grieve"
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"I thought celebrating my mom birthday would make it easier. It was fun to celebrate but I still feel the loss. Downs are not as bad as they use to be but I still have them around anniversaries dates."
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