When a heart breaks, you’re left gasping for air. Time begins to heal but grief continues. There’s a saying that when a heart breaks, it cracks to allow golden love to shine through onto others. It may feel like a never ending cycle, but grief can be viewed as an honor. It is an honor to have loved and cared for someone so much that their memory lives with you everyday. It teaches you compassion, gratitude, resilience, and the importance of truly living each day to the fullest. Grief is by no means easy to go through, but remember the pain you feel now will NOT always be there. Little by little you will let go of the loss, but never the love.

Working to overcome grief can be extremely difficult. There are many ways that people believe are the best ways to navigate through grief. It is important to realize that everyone will deal with grief in their own way. Following a plan for grieving may help, but ultimately, you will deal with your grief in a unique way. Finding healthy and helpful ways to deal with a loss will allow you to heal in your own best way. One of the most common ways people move through the process of grief is following the 7 Steps of Grief Plan which gives a broad outline of working through the process of grief. This method allows one to follow a guided plan while still working through the various steps how they feel comfortable. Most importantly, it helps someone who is grieving turn the pain of loss into a loving memory of what that person meant to them. There are many different methods of grieving available to people experiencing loss. Research and find a method that you feel comfortable working through. The main takeaway from any method of healing is that it will take time.

It should be noted that many emotions will be felt throughout grief. Loosing someone you love is the hardest thing that can happen to a person. It is a normal part of grief to have thoughts of depression or in some instances, worse. If you are experiencing these thoughts, it is important you open up to somebody close to you right away. Surround yourself with loved ones and share your grief. Healing will happen and holding strong through the grief will make you so much stronger. Should you need help or have thoughts of self harm, please reach out here. Please remember that you are not in this alone and that you are loved.

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