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35 years

Theirs alot to be said about moving on .My wife passed away May 26,2012 I was married 35 yrs.I was married to a very possessive domineering woman .she made the decisions in the family.We never had any kids a son on her side.She was mean and vindictive and would go into a rage over things I did or son did. Their was love between us. I never did learn to stand up for my rights or have a good strong personality. So I coped between drinking,and a lot of other behavior.She would kick me out and I… Continue

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here Iam

two years after my wife passed away

Its sat,thinking of making my vodka orange juice stronger. My emotional outlets have been through massages.So I have put off starting off on a life of my own.Of course a good massage therapist will fill in that void for a whole hour to an hour and a half and then it back to square one .I  have come to a point and its hard I realize I have to though it out and its hard. Things come to mind and I coming back here from a long absence  Did I…


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from what I have seen

Iam starting to come back here as scatter brained as Iam, I was gone for a while. Iam a widower truth be told. Its a long story ,your thinking long story about being a widower.? Ill try to explain it in another blog Iam working on.we went for 35r yrs she ran the show.We loved each but not in a hugging kissing way. What does that have to with it.?

 I carried on a desentsized sort of duties  as a husband , Iam  thinking now I was emotionally ill equiped to handle a realationship much…


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A little help here

My wife passed away a year ago . My question is for those that have had someone close to you die,what have done with there clothes and belongings.Also I cann,t see any sense holding on to things that we accumulated in out 35 years of marriage.Who knows where I will be and since Iam without a wife in this case and 66 yrs old I know I shouldn,t hold on.Her ashes are in the house in a urn also.I figure I should put some things in a box and get rid of the rest of the items. So what anyone done…


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Grief long running video in my head

I see my wife gasping her last breaths (May 26,2012) I was visting her in the hosp for over a month.She recieved a pace maker and new heart vales.Medically her insides went bad she was on dialysis for over 5 yrs. For some reason while in the hosp I made a decsion that I never thought I would make.I gave the hosp staff permission to take out her breathing tube and she died. It didn,t faze me untile the 2 or three month.Now my mind is running all the memories of our life together over and over…


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Grief a year later

My wife died last year in May she got so bad in the hospital and would have lived a miserable life after what the hospital did to her that I had the breathing tube removed .For a whole year I was numb to the fact she passed away. In the past few months memories of her dying in the hospital come flooding back,with an increase in weight from eating the wrong food. I find I loved her a lot, but during the marriage it can be described as dysfuctional as well as two people caring for each other.…


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oh well

My poor wife passed away on May 26 2012. Its been a little under 8 months I haven,t done much to recover form her loss except my drinking has gone done.I haven,t gone out drinking and driving after she ran me through hell on any particular day . I remember her loss and I remember the love I had for her. So Iam at a loss .I was under her spell for 35 yrs. Love ,dependent on her Ahh whatever as they say.Iam not getting anywhere.I guess Iam still stuck in the past with her. I do recogonize…


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shes your only world

I can see where Iam going to go absolutly nuts unless I do something with my life.Unfortuntly my worthless therapist just sits there and listens to me talk about something or anything. I have yet been really suicidal I think we all think about (or some of us do ). Anyway I suggested I hike down a popular trail near where I workd and he said "yea that would be a good idea" I would think he would help introduce me to a therapy group. So Iam put in the position where I have to get enough…


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do you have to be over it

it does creep in that uh maby I didn,t do enough to keep her healthy,there was a lot of issues. She was in and out of the hosp so many times maby her son and me just grew immune to what was going on. I feel sad(she died may 26,2012) What went on the last time she was in the hosp was just a downward spirl into a trip to internity with no return. So I feel sad. I have mixed emotions,after all this wasn,t a picture perfect marriage (no kids except a boy form a former marriage. I would say my…


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still here

well I have come to the point "have to move on and deal with the grieving moments as they come up .Iam almost sick of trying to live alone. Which brings up good point I have been scared of trying anything new . I realize in a small way or big way in order to break out in the cruel world I need to get out there,it goes against my internal feelings .

We remember our loved ones who who have left us as I do,however unless I allow myself to sink into a depressing slump there has to be a…


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life does not leave you alone

I have yet to come to terms with my wifes death She died May 26 2012 in the afternoon around 5pm. She died becasue I removed the life support she was on. Yea you know the patient was so messed up from Doctors trying new things on her (heart valves,pace maker They screwed up or maby they were trying to save her life and her condition went down hill(she was already on dialysis) made  it even worse.She lived her life in her own way.Its ironic she said see you on the other side,I was so neg…


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mental torment??

I remebered something about my wife and it left me just as fast as I remember it. Its all natural ,I know having flashbacks cann,t be helped ,it gets to be mental torment(torture) I pretend to be getting thru this but Iam not . I was walking to another building as part of my job and the thought hit me Iam really out there alone shes not coming back,insisting I take care of my health issues. nagging me asking for a massage ,feeding me ,going out and eating(rolls stuffed with meat at the…


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Bad times

Since Saturday my get up and go got up and went.Iam getting alot of flashbacks that take longer to get out of my mind about my wife dying.I have made made a fair amount of progress towards living independently.Its hard as anyone here can tell you. Iam sure everyone goes thru this in different way. I was thinking there is no real cure for grief. I mean take some anti grief pills,grief rehab et etc .  Ever since she died I have pushed her death out of my mind (no not all the way) Grief takes…


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outer space

odd title ,I was let loose from the constaints of my marraige and the life I knew before she died.(floating in outer space) I think its horrible for anyone to lose a loved one.I have always had an immense hold on my emotions as far as angery outburst or crying.

Do I get periods of grief,yes the kind that paraylze your body. We should have never got married but we did for 35 yr ,Maby she saved me from worst things ,however you could never go up against her.

What makes it worst…


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well here we are

Sometimes I think of finding a support group of real live people. I go see a worthless psychologist.Does he help me through the grief ,I don,t know. I escape as much as possible from my feelings.I think I have a plan but I really don,t . Since her death I put my self in overdrive(so to speak)assigning myself all the duties I would think you do when your wife's dies. So its like driving thru total darkness thinking there is a destination but you never reach (at least not yet)Its hard very…


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I was just thinking (sun)

I took my blood pressure pill ugh dizzy light headed:

The loss hits home when a loved one is taken off bank accounts,what about driver lic renewal Oh Social security stops the checks. Well you get the idea I mourn the loss of my wife awful flashbacks. Umm sadness

It took me a while to give some of her clothes to Goodwill. I got  myself to toss some food in the garbage she bought.Oh it was good she feed me well.I had a weight gain since she passed (working on losing it)I just…


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ahh grief

Alot of people expresse there thoughts about a losing a love one that in my case I try to push out of my mind.Does it make it worse I don,t know .I was in he bath and had a flashback about my wife in the critical care which has the effect of smothering me in sadness.I pull myself out of it.Its been 4 months ,I still full the hold on me from out marriage.Its ironic I got our old van inspected and left our focas in the driveway.When I come back home I still feel that emotional pull of seeing…


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umm (2)

Ist of all Iam really really tired. Grief, depression,My screwed up work schedule, worry my prostate cancer will reappear,hormon shots(side effects) the total mess my wife made of my life(psychologically I did not have the will or motivation to stop it) etc etc etc oh did I say overweight . Trying to figure out how to live the rest of my life(by myself or what ever) At 65 Iam thrust out in the world deciding how bad it would be to die from hight blood pressure or cancer in my bones or…


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ahh umm (not going nuts here) inpired by other posts,comments yes,life sucks other people are having a time no grief or sorrow and here we are suffering a loss. I was at the kitchen sink preparing my luch for work and thought if I don,t do something to change my life I don,t know what to do.It wasn,t the greatest life when she was here but at least I had someone,someone I loved regardless of her "behavior"

Iam sure if you read some of my posts you,ll get the idea. After almost 4…


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I have read a members posting here about God . I believe God was there when My Wife breathed her last breath and suddenly I am in the cruel world on my own.I depended on her for  guidance as it were .I was going down the wrong path with her.I really didn,t have much of a life as a I perceived it In our last years did we have shared intimate moments,I suppose in our own way.Well anyway let me leave it at that.

I think it should have been me instead of her breathing my last breath.I…


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