grief poems

When you died


When you died my life fell apart
how could anyone mend my heart
nothing seemed to be real anymore
of life I was no longer sure

I longed for someone to understand
for someone to give a helping hand
but no one could understand the pain
and I wondered was I going insane

Remember the good times I was told
onto these you should always hold
but that would always start me crying
and my eyes always needed drying

I longed to have one more day with you
to tell you how much my love was true
the world just carried on passing by
but I needed time out to say goodbye




(c) B Woodiwiss


Lonely grief


No goodbye, no funeral
No flowers, no cards
No one else grieving
No one else knows
No one to understand
No one to hold my hand
No one to share my grief
No way out of loneliness
No way to grieve
No way to say goodbye


(c) B Woodiwiss


 Please let me grieve


A simple card is all it takes
is it too much to ask?
Is there anyone out there
who knows how much my heart aches
Am I all alone?
please someone acknowledge my grief
A simple card is all it takes
Its so very cruel
to be left to grieve alone
Surely there is someone
that I can share the grief with
I just can't do it all alone
I've trod this path before
I am in so much pain
I cannot grieve alone again
A simple card is all it takes.

(c) B Woodiwiss


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Comment by Lisa Maria DeMatto- Wysong on November 9, 2016 at 12:06am

I think all these poems are truly heartfelt. Thank You

Comment by Babs on May 29, 2012 at 1:56pm

I wrote this poem out of a deep desire to say my wedding vows to Steve that I was never able to.

Though we never can marry


I never got the chance to say these words to you
and the days that we were together were far to few
Though we never can marry these vows are for you
They are pledged from my heart and all of them are true

I Babs take you Steve this day to be my husband
Please be with me each day, walk with me, hold my hand
I give to you myself, to have and to hold
I know you'll take good care, treating me like gold

For this day forward, for better and for worse
Each day I'll think of you and read out this verse
For richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health
knowing you in my life, has given me such wealth

To love and to cherish, from this day forward
Yes I mean every part of each and every word
Lets take the next bit out, until death do us part
For death cannot seperate whats written on our hearts

Comment by Babs on May 20, 2012 at 3:41pm

Thank u for sharing the poem Kate, the longing in the words is so true, the first lines reminded me of another poem I wrote called losing you.

How the weeks months and years go by

but i'm no closer to saying goodbye

summer, autumn, winter and spring

but no relief from the pain they bring

I get through the day but does it show

I can't even begin to let you go

can I ever get over losing you?

does time heal? Is it really true?


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