So - if you're on this forum, you've probably lost both of your parents and probably at least one sibling, like myself.  Here's my question:  After the loss of both parents while still in your formative years - do you automatically go one of two directions?

My second parent died when I was 19 and my sister was 16 - and at that point she spiraled downward until she took her own life at 25, leaving a 6 year old son behind.  On the other hand (and opposite side of the country), I'm an NYU grad, have been unusually successful in my career, and am still single at 28 - but am outwardly extremely well adjusted. 

I'm going to assume that if you're actually out there looking for help - you fall more into my camp: Survivor.  Thoughts?

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I'm the survivor type, too. My sister was the first to die (leukemia, 1997) and my mother committed suicide in '98. She was completely unable to deal with her grief. My father became a mean, nasty drunk and he died last year of cancer, leaving only me.
Occasionally I watch "Intervention" on TV. The addicts almost never have "sob stories" as bad as mine, and yet they completely gave up on life. I have a brother-in-law who is a junkie and he claims that life is just too tough, but the worst thing that has ever happened to him was his parents' divorce. Honestly, I get sick of people like that who can't keep it together. I think I'm a bit self-righteous in that regard.
This is not to say that I don't struggle. I have my moments of self-pity when I just want to be done. With everything. But I have a husband, three children, friends, and extended family who are all in my corner, rooting for me.

Ruthie - Thank you for reaching out.  I feel the same way about the sob stories, and that feeling of "literally, NOBODY understands me" makes the whole thing so much harder to deal with.  In an intellectual and humanistic sense, I'm grateful to be alive, to be intelligent, to be healthy, to be successful, and all of those things....  on the flip side, I find small talk insufferable, people who complain about their parents abhorrent, and clearly I've developed the same self-righteousness that you're talking about.  I just moved from New York to Texas and when I see a person in their 20's or 30's panhandling, the reaction is just too much.  It's this crazy combination of "That could have been me," and "Get a freaking job!" that I really don't deal well with.

Have you found any support groups, books, or individual therapists that helped at all? 

I haven't found anyone or anything that has helped. I saw a therapist for a while after my father died and I saw that I was left out of his obituary (he used to blame me for my mother's suicide and we had been estranged for a few years.) The therapist didn't really seem to get what the problem was, so I stopped going.
No one gets it. I feel like my family was in some terrible wreck and I was the only one to walk away from it, but I'm clearly injured as well.

Hi Jessica,

I just joined this site a few days ago and came upon your group and of course this discussion.

I'm in a little bit of awe right now at how much I am in agreement with how you see others when they complain about 'the little things' as well as your humanistic approach. I even wrote about this in my profile section. It's a very rare thing I think, to go through our kind of trauma (although not completely alike) and come out of it a 'survivor' with at least a grateful approach to life.  It's a struggle every single day.

I had to write and comment on it even though this thread is over two years old. 

Thank you for creating this group and do hope you are faring well in Austin.



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"I'm glad that I was with my mom when she passed over. I was the last person that she saw and I was able to tell her that it was okay, but you bet I was haunted by all that I saw. There is no good way."
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"Actually, I am glad you did not see your Mom pass from this life to the next. I was there  for mine and it haunts me that I watched her struggled for breath. There are other things that happened before they took her away that I will never…"
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"No she always used to say to me “you never know when it will be your time” I’m mad at myself for not being there and the reason was that I stopped at her house on the way to the hospital thinking they will have to get her settled…"
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"I can relate. There is no definite diagnosis whether my Mom passed away from her heart condition or respiratory failure. I will never know. But there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. That was out of my control. I pray that you feel your…"
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"Hi , I lost my mother on April 14, 2018. Was with her when she passed. Love if her life. It was hard watching her go and seeing the fight in her face and her knowing that was it as far as being with me again in physical body. She is now a gorgeous…"
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"Thanks for your message Frances. I just saw it. I appreciate your kind words. God bless you.  I don’t post on this site likebI did when my mom first died. It’s still hard adjusting to her not being here.  Her death has helped…"
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"Bluebell, so glad for you I so wish I could have the same experience I finally after much though realized what it is that I am having a hard time with about my moms death.....why did she go in CA, I cry and realize that I will live with not knowing…"
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"I have made a decision to take baby steps to recover from the trauma of the bleed in my brain. The first step I am working on is thinking of myself as a whole person who has the desire and courage to return to living a life without thinking of…"
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"Thanks Susan,for this very inspiring post, I lost my daughter on Feb. 18,2018 and reading this has given me so much more peace as I talk to her  everyday."
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"I'm glad I was able to help a bit.  :)"
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"Thank you bluebird for the kind words.  That's a great idea to write to our friends.   I still send Christmas cards, and birthday cards, but I should send a card once in awhile too. Thank you for the advice."
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"I'm sorry you're feeling so down.  It's good that you have your children and your sister-in-law, but no one can take the place of your husband.  As far as your friends, it's quite possible that they just don't know…"
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"Hi Elynn and Monty I have this picture right by my computer. It really helped me accept the fact that I will never stop grieve fro my Husband. I find no comfort with family and Friends, just my sweet little dog Babie J."
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"thank you Monty for your comments.  I try to remind myself that friends don't know what they r doing, and they don't know what to say.   I know that everyone will face this at some time, but I cannot say that to friends,…"
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"Hi Elynn sorry so to hear of your loss and how your feeling. My wife passed December last year and i have also found that people have stopped calling and don't come around. I too am feeling isolated and alone. Luckily for me i have my sister…"

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