After my mom died, I had a lot of dreams about her. In one, she was at our house for a birthday party for my son. I walked into the dining room and was surprised to see her sitting at the table because I knew she shouldn't be there. She was smiling and she wasn't sick anymore. She smiled at me and said it's okay, but she can't stay long. It was so comforting and sad at the same time.


My dad passed away last month and I haven't had any dreams about him. I held a grudge against him for 15 years and found out the day after he died that he was gone. I didn't get to say good-bye. I am mad at myself for not contacting him many years ago. I miss him and always loved him. I haven't had a dream about him yet and I feel like it would help. My heart is breaking for all the lost years that I will never get back. I feel like he's just gone and there is no sign that he knows now how much I miss him. He can hear me talk to him, right? He knows I'm sorry and I love him, right?


I can't stop crying for my dad. This hurts more than I can stand.

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Yes. He can hear you. I believe my Dad is still with me. I list mine less than two months ago. It still hurtslike yesterday. But I still talk to him and know in my heart he loves me. Pray for guidance and strength.


My boyfriend died by suicide in February. I only had 1 dream with him in it, the morning after he died, before I'd found out. It doesn't mean he doesn't hear me when I talk to him or not love me. I think everyone and every spirit is different. I do get other signs from him. Ask your father for a sign that you will understand. You may see something in a cloud, or an animal my cross your path that is unusual. The signs don't necessarily have to be a dream. Although I've seen and felt signs from my boyfriend I never got any from either of my parents. Although at the time they died, I probably didn't think it was possible. You may be trying to hard. Before you go to bed, ask your father to appear in a dream, that might work.

No matter what, know that he loves you and is watching over you.



I'm still waiting to have a dream about my husband.  It's been 10 months.  I had many happy dreams about my brother after he passed but for some reason dreams about my husband have not been forthcoming.  Some times I feel his presence but the's very strange.  You wonder if your dad knows how much you love him?  HE KNOWS.  He really does.


Sometimes the pain can be so overwhelming.  It hurts, it sucks.  We just take things one day at a time and do the best we can.  It takes a long time for the sunshine to start peeking through the clouds again.  Hang in there.  It will get better.



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