A link to a brochure that discusses this topic with questions like these:

3 “It Can’t Be True!”
7 Is It Normal to Feel This Way?
14 How Can I Live With My Grief?
20 How Can Others Help?
26 A Sure Hope for the Dead

I would appreciate very much some discussion on this topic, and hopefully it will allow for comfort and hope for ALL.


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this is spot on dennis its how a lot of us feal a lot of people i new died last month 4 of thm 2 the big c cuzen tony who i only saw at funrells or partys he woz in remision from it last yr thn it came back my cuzen in law died of the big c 2 of my mum and dads friends died of it it just brings it all back the death of my dad last yr whot keeps going is my camras taking fotos i no iv bean told by some of the family its boring taking fotos or its sily doing it but i like doing it bean doing sinse i woz 10 the number 26 q is a lot of us feal did i sea the rifht body or wong body duble and 20 is a nothr 1 coz a lot of us dont hav suport groups wear we live 

i fogot to metsion u can do on line quiz abot bervement how far r u in yore breatment in 1 of the quiz ther is abot 5 stages denil is the 1st stage wish im still in the dinal stage ther is a lot more quiz u can do ita just finding thm but evry thng on ther u type wote is spot on 3 yes i woz like ths wen it 1st ahpent i kept on thnging thy got t wong numer 7 is spot on wear u feal numb and cant fase any 1 number 14 is the dr told me it cud take yrs or i mite never get over it numer 20 well its hard trying to help people jut do the best i can and 26 will the dead have a beter life in the new wolrd they r in now i have a dram some times abot my dad and othr past members wear thy r warking on clouds and thy get to a big feilds and mountians and a very big lake and a big hotel it 1 side maby ths is the new wolrd thy r in dennis but iv had ths dream often its like a nise dream 


Thanks for the replies. I hope that the information in the brochure linked above was comforting to you.

I know that you have been through a lot of loss and pain. Sometimes it is just hard to figure everything out.

Cancer has afflicted my family as well. It is a painful process that leaves everything in ruins.

The Bible does give us this promise:

Isaiah 33:24 — And no resident will say: “I am sick.”...

I really look forward to that time.

i just wish ther woz a cure for the big c dennis to many peope hav died frm it over the yrs i wud of thrt by 2013 thy wud be a cure 

all the funrells i go to the 1 who hav died by it allways say family flowes only donate to the big c i cant even say the word coz it make me feal sad

Yes jb you would think that a cure would have happened. Honestly though I don't think that they are looking fore a CURE. There is way to much money involved.

I think that they are looking for new treatments. Better treatments, but these are NOT cures. This keeps the patient coming back longer so that the hospitals make more money.

Just my opinion.

its true abot hospital making money

lucky we hav the nhs i no a lot of us dnt get the best tretment but som do dpends on wish hospitl u go to or ward u get admitit on

iv saed ths a few tims on hear som of the hospitls treat us like guini pigs or lab rats to try seten tretments to sea if it works

in the past iv had serten antibitoicis for infecnsions penasilon is a 1 im a legic 2 and a few orths pain kilers wish iv bean given antripline maks u alunsinate wear u sea thng s ints not the the norproxian maks u eat less its whot i got for my sholder and leg injyrylong story just teach me to be mor carfyll

befor my cuzen in law died of the big c in jan he woz on a lot of meds like my dad woz on a lot of meds steve and my dad wear both a like both helpet the in laws and family u remind me of thm in a good way


evry day thy say thy r close to finding a cure for it but thy r still no wear near it

I don't count on any human coming up with a lasting solution to these problems.

But I do have a great hope that keeps me going.

I have a strong faith which gives me a a lot of confidence in the future, which helps me endure my losses.

It is true that there is nothing we can do about the pain and agony we have in our hearts because of our losses, but so many who visit this site sound HOPELESS, and this just makes it impossible to cope.

i always hav hope thy will find a cure for the big c and othr illness even if its not in my life tim mayby it mite happen in a 100 yrs or so

my dad usd to always say we r all born to live and we r all born to die evry 1 has a lif story to tell even if its a short story a long story or a bad or goood story of thr lives

on this site helps a lot people its the only consling or suport tht alot of us hav

coz a lot of us dnt hav suport groups wear we live 

on chat it helps 2 wen iv bean doon coz som 1 has past it hlps to speak abot it but so many sad storys on hear

2 things come to mind:


1 - I would appreciate if you would be up front about the link you posted being a Jehovah Witness site.  Not saying that's good or bad, but again, just pls be up front about it.


2 - I respectfully disagree with the following comments:


"I don't count on any huiman being coming up with a lasting solution to these problems" (about cancer etc).   

Because-?  Human beings have already come up with a lasting solution to many medical problems and diseases; logically, then, we are likely to come up with at least some for cancer, sooner or later. 


"There is nothing we can do about the pain and agony in our hearts..."

??  There is plenty we can do.  In fact, this site is a great example of one of the ways - by sharing, venting, supporting each other.


(paraphrased) "They are looking for treatments, not cures, so they can make more money..."

aka the "Big Pharmacy Conspiracy" - goodness knows our hospitals etc are very (VERY) far from perfect, but like most conspiracy theories, there is little to no evidence to back this one.  If that were true, then why did we come up with the cures we have to date (for polio, smallpox, the list goes on and on)?  In fact, if someone comes up for a cure for ANY cancer, they would make HUGE amounts of money, so if we say "all they care about is money," there's a big incentive to find a cure right there.


I regret if any offense was taken as none was intended; just my opinion



I appreciate your views but hospitals, and doctors, and man in general will never solve the problems that we face. They will never stop sickness and death. If they do find a cure for one disease, another disease will surface that will ravage mankind. It is NOT a conspiracy theory...it is just simple fact!

As to the pain in ones heart having no solution...maybe it is true for you...but I know so many people who have suffered the loss of a dear loved one and after decades the person still feels that loss and has pain of heart that will not go away. To imply that time and action can heal all wounds is an inaccurate view.

And as to the link supplied needing to be disclosed as a Jehovahs Witness Link...Why does that matter? Would you insist that any one else disclose the author, or his religious views, or which religion it was connected to? If it is meaningful, and helpful, and therapeutic for people, is that not the important thing?

I do appreciate your comments, and always enjoy healthy dialogue. My responses above are not intended to debate, so please take them in the spirit given. Healthy dialogue.

Thanks Dennis, no worries.  In response to your replies:

- we weren't talking about "sickness and death" in general, but specifically cancer; that was where my comments were directed.  And my "conspiracy theory" comment was about your reference to them or hospitals/etc purposely not wanting a cure because they just want to make money.


- I never referred to "the pain in ones heart having no solution."  Pls re-read your original comment that I quoted:  you said "There is nothing we can do about the pain and agony in our hearts..."  Which I felt it important to point out is untrue, as someone might read that and feel even more powerless and without hope, when they have no cause to because there are many things they can do to help themselves get through this difficult journey. I also never implied that " time and action can heal all wounds," which I totally agree with you is also untrue.


- As to the link, why does it matter?  Because your link isn't simply a link to some general grief support; it's very religiously oriented.  Failing to say so up front is dishonest by omission, even if unintentional.  People come here for general grief support and with widely varying religious views; few if any care to be "preached to."  Would you like it if you came here looking for support and someone pointed you to a site...then when you got to it, it turned out to be an Islam site spouting things from the Koran?  Or was an atheist site touting their views?  See where I'm coming from on that?


Again I realize you mean well, I'm not saying the links are "bad" by any means, and I regret any offense.  Just some things to consider...



Believe me when I say that I have no hidden agenda. No desire to omit something so as to mislead. And I believe that, by far, most of the information contained in the brochure linked to is denomination neutral. And anything otherwise can be disregarded by anyone who chooses.

My SOLE purpose was to offer something that helped me. The source really is inconsequential. IT COMFORTED AND HELPED ME.

But I do appreciate your concerns and you have definitely raised an issue that never occurred to me.

With that being said, I personally will never object to someone offering information from any source, as long as that information is designed to comfort and help the bereaved, whether I personally agree with it or not.

Thanks for the stimulating discussion, I really do appreciate it.


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