I lost my dad 4 1/2 months ago to cancer.  Ever since then, I have dreamed about him at least a couple of times a week.  Sometimes the dreams are pleasant, like the one where I'm talking and laughing with him and holding his hand.  Others, I dream of an imposter that looks like my Dad, and we all know he's an imposter and that our "real" Dad is gone, and we can't get rid of this fake version.  We're all scared of him.  In another earlier dream, I was trying to get the ambulance to come and get Dad, they wouldn't listen to me and when they finally arrived, he was gone.  I remember his cloudy light blue eyes most from that dream. 
Just wondering if anyone else has these dreams, and how long they have lasted.  I also would love any insight into my dreams...

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Hi Annette,
I talked to you in your other post about my aunt. I can't remember the dreams that I had of my aunt, but I remembering having some. I still have dreams from time to time about my niece who passed away almost three years ago. I also had dreams of my cousin that committed suicide three years ago today. The only dream that I remember about my cousin is him shooting himself and me not being able to stop him before he pulled the trigger. I think that one is pretty much self explanatory. It doesn't matter what I think I could have done, it would have happened no matter what. The night after my niece passed away, I had a dream of an imposter just like you did. My niece was only 2 when she passed, but this dream scared me so much that I woke up crying and shaking. She was in my backseat while I was driving and she started laughing really loud. At first I was thinking that she never died, but then I realized that it wasn't really her, because she tried to make me wreck the car. I can't even explain the feeling, I can only say that it terrified me. My brother-in-law told me that he also had a dream of an imposter and that his pastor said that it was the devil messing with him. I believe that it could be that, but I am still kind of skeptical. I don't know what to think. Other dreams are that she is with us, but only for a short amount of time. Almost as if God is letting us spend time with her in our dreams, because my sister has the same kind of dreams. I get to cuddle with her and sometimes we play. It feels so real too. I love those dreams, and I still get surprised with them from time to time. I think that God works in mysterious ways, and he lets us interact with our loved ones who have passed in our dreams. I also think that when we have guilt about someones death, our dreams try to tell us that we are not at fault.
HI Annette,
My dad passed away 13 years ago and I still dream about him time to time. For the first 6-7 years, I would dream about him on a regular basis. Some good and some bad, then I had a dream that God granted my prayer and he was able to come down from Heaven and spend the day with me. (I'm sure a lot of us have wished this) Then after the day had come to an end, my dad told me goodbye. He said that he will always watch over me and make a place for me in Heaven when it is my time. He also told me that when it is my time, he will be the angel to take me to Heaven. This was difficult at first in my dream, but comforting at the same time. Now I only dream about him from time to time, but it's almost like he's just checking in on me to say hello. I'm sure that as you move through your grief, the dreams will become less frequent which also can be sad and scary. For a while, I held onto my dreams because I felt that this was the only contact I had with my dad. But now I am comforted by the fact that he is watching and wants me to succeed in life. However, I'm starting to move into different chapters of life, marriage, family, etc. So I'm now starting to prepare myself for a different step in grief because I know that I will be sad that my father will not be at my wedding and meet his grandchildren.
Wow, interesting. It truly is a bittersweet occurrence. I get to see Dad, and yet I'm scared of him and it just reminds me of him. The only true getaway I had for a while was sleep, but even that is not a guaranteed path to temporary forgetfulness! I am so sorry for each of you who have responded, and what you had to go through. I have talked with people who lost loved ones unexpectedly, and those who lost them after a longer process, like myself. Neither one is less painful. I wait for the day when I can have a happy, clear dream where I know Dad is okay and I can have hope.
I have always believed that those we lose are still with us. After I lost my Dad last year, I expected to have dreams of him, but have only had one. Just six weeks ago I lost my finace, my best friend and his son has dreamed of him, but I have not been able to yet. They say that sometimes our grief gets in the way of them coming to us. I also know that some medications perscribed to the grieving can interfere, but I have had to have something for the anxiety of this loss.
Yes I too dream about my parents my dad died feb 18, 2005 & Mom August 17,2009. I feel that by dreaming about them my mind is trying to work through my grief. Sometimes things are too painful and we sorta shut down and this is how are minds work.

God Bless
Hello Annette. I lost my mom 2 years ago and I still dream about her. The dreams are so vivid. For the first year or so, it almost felt like when i was sleeping and dreaming about her, like everything was the way it's supposed to be, and then when I would wake up, I remembered that she's gone, and I have to face reality. But now when I dream about her, I think of it as her way of letting me know that she's ok. Sometimes I dream about her when I've had a bad day or I am stressed out, and I think that might be her way of comforting me.
My father passed away 3 months ago and my mom always dreams of him & she says they all have been good and comforting. I am yet to have a dream of him but whenever I have a really rough day I ask him to visit me in my dreams...still waiting.
Denise came to me in a dream shortly after she passed. She showed me that she no longer needed the implant for her chemo or for drawing blood. I think she was trying to comfort me. Then a few weeks later she appeared in my dream and we kissed. I woke up and cried and cried. I still cry. Denise last came to me in a dream a few months ago and she had her back to me. I miss my baby so much

Hi Michael, your dreams certainly seem symbolic, don't they? She seems to be what you need her to be -- first, healthy and okay, doesn't need anything; then the kiss, you needed that. And now... her back is to you. Could she be saying, please try to heal? "I'm still here but you need to not need me as much?" That's what it sounds like to me. I hate dreaming of Bob, in any form. If things are normal, I wake up crying, if they are not normal, I wake up crying. The worst dream I had was when I dreamt that the whole thing was a dream, and that he wasn't really gone. That dream stayed with me for days and I still cry now, just as I'm typing this. For the first two months after he passed, I took a half Xanex so I could fall asleep and stay asleep. But that didn't take away the dreams. Now I don't take anything for sleep. Do you talk with her? She seems to be trying to help you.

I had been only hoping to see my Ricky in my dreams and the one time we did, we argued, as usual!

Hi Maura, I'm so sorry you dreamt you were arguing! It's hard enough to keep the bad times from popping into my head as it is, without reliving them at night!! <3

I used to have dreams quite a bit about my father, more recently about one of my good friends Kevin. At first the dreams about my father were me "chasing" him at the hospital he worked at. He would be just getting on an elevator and I couldn't get to it in time. Or just rounding a corner and I would race to that spot and not be able to see him.  The most vivid one I had - was that I was in something like the amazing race.. And I was tired near the top of a mountain in Hawaii that we climbed together. I was really tired near the top (its a part in real life - that I got scared and wanted to go back down but with his help I made it the rest of the way) and dad came out of no where holding out his hand telling me that he would help me. Pull me to the top and I told him that I didn't need his help, I needed to do it on my own now. Since then the dreams of my dad only show up when I am having a rough time in life


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