Hi! I'm a new member. My name is Emily. My mom died Dec 27,2012. I had a question for anyone in the group............. Does anyone ever feel torn-part of them wants to be with friends but the other part just wants to withdraw? It seems like almost everything reminds me of my mom.

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I know how you feel. I lost my mom on march 31st 2013 and I havent stopped crying since. I am still angry at god, myself and the world. She was 85 years old and still full of life. I suffer from a major depressive disorder and the loss of my mother has sent me into a deep depression. Sorry about your loss

yes you have to hit a balance Emily between being alone and withdrawn and having time for yourself vs time for meeting people and activities.  And finally make sure you have time for people on this forum with whom you share a lot.  3 pillars

I feel the same way.  The pain is so deep I know I will never be the happy person I once was.  My mom died 2 yrs ago and it seems to be getting worse.  Many times I stay at home as my heart is not in going out.

I'm sorry to hear that. Do you have friends or family to talk to?

I completely understand. For me, I want so badly to explain, to somehow make someone feel what I feel, for them to truly comprehend the depth of my pain, the physical pain that lives in my breast that keeps me from being able to breath deeply. And when I find it's an impossible task, I feel more alone than if I secluded myself and made no effort to reach out.

Since my mother passed I feel there is a distance between me and everyone else. They are smiling and waving at me from far away and I am screaming and crying back at them, completely unnoticed.

Stay strong. I'm so sorry for your loss.

My mom went to heaven on Dec 8, 2012. I miss her so much she my best friend , It still hurts. If you want to write to me my email is bonner.kaye8@gmail.com

Everything reminds me of my mom as well...

I want to pick up the phone and call her to tell her things that are going on and now that she is gone I cannot and the things I may have been excited about do not matter all that much...

Nothing seems as important if I cannot share it with her...

Absolutely part of me wants to be around FAMILY and friends just to ease the pain or maybe get a little bit of comfort but the other part of me wants to curl up in the shadows of my room under a blanket on let the world pass me by



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