Why is it that theyhave to keep putting those Stupid commercials on TV every time I see them I turn the mute button on and cry for hours I'm sick of these commercials why can't they just stop putting them on TV don't people know how hurtful they are just hearing the word is enough I wish there was a way to stop them

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yep i no or begin for monny yea u giv thm monny still no way of fixin ths evil illnes evn hd letrs in male begin for £200 wk i dnt evn get £200 wk i dnt 

it piss me off wen thy beg for monny i dnt thng evn get it coz still no fix on big c coz pepel loze pepel 2 it evry day sorry if isond lk a greed persn

agan on tv askkin 2 giv mor monny 2 ths evil illnes its lk my moms ilnes alz/dem wish cnt get a fix on it i get sic of getn letr in male abot giv £200 wk or £300 wk i dnt evn get ts mony a wk i dnt iy angrs me seams 2 be mor pepe getin thes ilnes thn thy do flu or a runny noz thy do iv loss mush 2 big c i hav so mush famly so mush frinds so mush nbos 2 it sum dnt evn get pass 30 sum wear luky enuf 2 get pass 80 sum 90 

only tim i do dont wen its a funrell wear i put on a plat or box coz i do no thy get coz it gets donat 2 locl hospis or hosptl it duz 

The pharmaceutical thieves have to make their billions.Modern science drug companies don't want you to hear the truth about the side effects conventional methods produce.  

Every time I see those commercials I get so upset.


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