I lost my Mom to breast cancer about two and a half years ago. Her ten year battle and the abrupt end completely crushed me. The only way I knew to process was to write about it.  This has been a painful and cathartic experience that has resulted in a graphic novel (comic book) called HOMESICK.

I would be honored if members of this group would take a look at the trailer I have created for it. It is only about two and a half minutes and can be found at the following link - jasonwalz.blog.com

You will find the trailer at the top right of that page.

This is not a plea for attention, this is only my effort to begin meeting with people that have shared similar experiences. This book was made for us. Feel free to post here or at the blog link. I would love to talk to you.

Thanks so much.

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What a great way to deal with your loss!  Great work and congratulations.

Thanks, Mark. I appreciate you checking it out. I'm so sorry about the loss of your Mom too. That's a void that can never be filled.

Take care.

Thank you so much, Dacha.  That means a lot.  I'm very sorry about your recent loss.  I know how much it hurts and how little anyone can say to make it better.  I wish I would have seen this sooner and replied right away.  The only thing I learned about grief is that there is no right or wrong way to do it.  For me, there was no magical sense of understanding and peace over time.  There was just getting through it and healing over time.  You will find your way through this the only way you can.  And that way will be true to you.

I'm so glad you like what you've seen there.  The book was written for people just like you, so I'm so happy that you are finding things about it that you appreciate.  It makes me feel like I have honored Mom in the right way.  I have a "secret" website where I direct publishers to when I want them to read the entire comic.  If you are interested, you are welcome to read it too.  You can find it at jasonwwalz.com.  Just click on "graphic novel" at the top of the page.  Don't feel obligated at all.  Your pain might be a bit too fresh anyway.

Thank you so much, Dacha.  It means the world that my book touched you.  Your nice words have really made my day.  It was a lot of work putting the book together, but it's worth it when I know I've connected with someone else that has suffered a similar loss in her life.  There is a lot of strength in finding support from others.

Do you use Facebook?  If so, please feel free to friend me there if you want. Just visit my blog jasonwalz.blog.com and scroll down the right side until you see the Facebook link.

Otherwise, we can just stay in touch here.

Take care.

So sorry about the "her".  Blame it on typical American ignorance.  I apologize for that.


I would love to watch your trailer. I write myself. I intend on writing about my life and the weird family members that I have had to tolerate and deal with throughout my 56 years on this planet. I am so sorry that you lost your mom to breast cancer. I lost my amazing mother to throat cancer June 26, 2011. She was my everything. My father (sperm donor) left my mother with 4 daughters to raise. He just came home one day and said to her "I don't love you or these kids" and packed his shit and exited stage right. We never heard from him again. I am 56 years old and that selfish decision on his part strongly effected 5 people throughout their entire lives. My mother never got over it. I was married 3 times trying to find love in the wrong places. As you can see...I may have something to write about. Please accept my friendship and support. Sue


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