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At 4:45pm on May 13, 2022, Angie Crabtree said…

Thank you so much. I'm still trying to figure out how to walk this horrid path. 

At 1:53pm on November 12, 2017, Elizabeth Flick said…


My beautiful Baby Boy was 4 months 5 days old. there isnt a day that goes by i don't think of him. He loved to laugh, and he loved his big sister. His 5th birthday is this February. 

At 12:05pm on October 9, 2017, Barbara said…

Thank you Michelle. I am sorry for your loss as well. I appreciate the support from you and all who are here. I lost my son Tim on 9/5/17. He was 20 years old. I wake up each morning, not knowing how I am going to get through each day.

At 10:31am on October 19, 2016, Judith Borenin said…

Thank you, Michelle.  My condolences to you as well.  Hard to post right now.  It makes it more real.

At 11:31am on October 18, 2016, Patty said…

Thank you, Michelle.  I am sorry for your loss as well.  After 6 years it has not gotten easier.  I grieve hard every day.  Now the holidays are coming.  Ugh.

At 2:24pm on September 7, 2016, Rita said…

Thank you Michelle. I have had a really hard time of it.... I'm sure like all parents of deceased children. It's such a sad and lonely road to travel and I hate it!  It's like so many country roads ROUGH!!!!

At 9:19am on June 8, 2016, Sharon McCarthy said…

Hi Michelle...thank you...yes very much so.  I'm sorry about your loss as well.  

At 7:55am on June 3, 2016, Sharnice said…

"Thank you very much Michelle H. I really appreciate and I am new on this site had lost my daughter this year on the 5th of January. I am also sorry for your loss.Needed to speak to grieving mothers cause it's really hard for to accept

At 8:15pm on December 19, 2015, Charlotte Finklea said…
dear Michelle, I hope you're well. I know the holidays are very hard to deal with. Everyone has their way of dealing with a loved ones passing. mine. Is talking to my son Scott as though he is here with me. I don't want to sound like a crazy lady but it helps me. I don't have long drawn out conversations but I do include him in some things I do from time to time. although it has only been eleven months since his passing I have come to realize he is gone and I must deal with it for my own sanity. I do believe in the hear after so I do think Scott can see and hear me. Of. Purse there are no guarantees but it helps me from falling apart all the time. Maybe you feel as I do. we have to hold ourselves together some how. Please take care of yourself.
A friend, Charlotte Finklea
At 9:34pm on September 20, 2015, Brook said…

Thank you, Michelle.  I am preparing to have a meeting with the San Diego Lifeguards and the press.  One channel was very kind and called me to ask me about my son, then reported what a great kid he was, that he was loved and cherished by his family, that he worked 2 jobs and went to school in a sincere effort to provide for his 7 month old daughter, and that he is survived by four little brothers.  Every other local channel couldn't have cared less, and the San Diego Lifeguard spokesman is definitely on my radar.  My best friend was at the beach when they found Brian, and she made it very clear to him that what he was doing was wrong and painful, but he is just so excited to have the cameras on him, he didn't care.  I have every intention of having a meeting with him and his boss to let them know exactly how much they hurt my family with their lies and lack of compassion.  I'm so sorry that any of us have to belong to this club -- I read elsewhere that the Bereaved Mother's Club is one that all women avoid because the dues are much too high.  I'd give everything I have (that is not living), even give my own life, if I could bring him back.  I'm old, I lived my life and had the opportunity to raise my children, while his life was just beginning.  It is just so incredibly wrong.

At 5:34pm on July 8, 2015, Gita KG said…
Thank you for your kind words Michelle, I am also so sorry for the loss of your son.
At 5:07pm on March 19, 2015, Rj said…
...and i am so very sorry about your loss
At 5:07pm on March 19, 2015, Rj said…
Thank you Michelle. i am living in the bottom of the valley, just when i think i cant feel any worse, another day comes and it is. I feel i am losing my mind. This suffering is so bad
At 12:06pm on March 9, 2015, haniyyah said…
At 5:35pm on November 26, 2014, Kim Snell said…

Michelle thank you and I am sorry about your loss. I understand what you mean about not being able to say goodbye. Never thought that I would have to. It's not suppose to be that way.

At 10:46pm on October 23, 2014, Britt said…

I just read about your loss. We have a few things in common. I never got to say good bye to my son, and his death to me was  somewhat unexpected. I knew he had an illness, but from what I knew it was controlled. After my son die I received a copy of his death certificate, the cause of death liver disease years. Apparently, I was not suppose to get a copy because my son's wife really tore into me.

At 9:30am on September 19, 2014, Alexandra Raphaela said…

Well thank you so much, and I am sorry about your lost as well. My prayers go to you.

At 3:33pm on May 13, 2014, anne said…

Dear Michelle, I've tried many times to explain to them, but they just don't listen. If I fight back too hard my youngest takes my grandkids away. My sisters have threatened me to not speak to our mom about it, and my dad doesn't know who I am anymore. He calls me number 6. It's a losing battle. My husband however is always willing to listen, and he doesn't know how to handle the girls either. I guess I have to learn to pick my battles. The problem is things about the boys slip out of my mouth, and that's when the trouble starts. Thanks for being there for me. I pray you know how much that means to me. Much Love and Peace to you.

At 7:50pm on April 30, 2014, Tamara Cooper said…
Yes it is. I keep hoping that it will get easier but people tell me it doesn't get better, it just gets tolerable.
At 11:22am on April 28, 2014, Michelle said…
Thank you for the add.. Been having a. Few tough days recently and my boss said that it was ok but then they have thrown it in my face about it I have two other children who I love loads and they have helped me through the tough times but I feel things are getting on top of means getting me upset xx

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