Lost my Son -only child in March of this year

Hello -My name is Karen.  I lost my only son at 22 years of age in a car accident in March of this year. I am doing "okay" considering.  I have strong bouts of intense grief on and off and of course I miss and long for him daily. It really just SUCKS! I have surrounded my self with a support group and a Psychotherapist.  I have also started to explore my Spirituality and looking for unanswered to questions to my existence and purpose.  I welcome anyone that would like to share their experience with me.  We all need support and voice to speak to and from.  Thank you for listening and reading Karen

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Comment by Karen Wilson on September 7, 2017 at 8:06pm

Hi Teresa, So sorry about your son as well! I never know what to say when people ask me "how are you" I usually say coping as best I can but it sucks.  I know and understand everything you have said, its heartbreaking!  We will drive ourselves crazy asking why? I will grieve til I take my last breath. I think we need to learn how to live with the pain, as hard as that sounds.  We can't end our lives as that is not a good legacy for our sons life. As much as I feel like it some days. I have really seen who really matters in terms of friends and family and it surprises me who has been there unconditionally and who has treated my grieving like its all about them and can't understand my process.  That has been a great source of pain and sadness for me in top of the loss. Where are you from Teresa?  I am sending my thoughts and love to you

Comment by Tereasa Clay on September 7, 2017 at 12:36pm

Hi Karen, I lost my son too in a car accident, he was 29, my only child. I feel your pain and often feel the things you described. and yes it really does suck and I too cant make sense of why my only child is gone, no grandchildren and no one to pass anything down to, all the hard work Iv done trying to make a future to pass on to him and for what? I feel like just giving everything away now to anyone just to get rid of, I can easily get rid of my stuff but find myself holding on to his stuff, even old toys he has when he was little that were just sitting in boxes. I miss him so much and still after almost 11 months now cant understand WHY

Comment by Joy on August 22, 2017 at 9:46am

Karen, I just want to offer my sincere sympathy in losing your son. While I'm grieving my mom's death, and our situations are completely different, I do know what grief is and can relate on that point. I'm glad you are getting the support and help you need during this most difficult time.

Comment by Billy Jo Colt on August 21, 2017 at 5:03pm

Hi |Karen, I lost my girlfriend just over 4 years ago. The loss hurts every day. I haven't got the network you have. From your tone, I sense that with all that help and support around you, something is missing? Grief is a very individual and personal thing. Every single person grieve in their own way. No two ways are the same. I always say this and it's so true. The one's we love most when they pass over it hurts the most. There are so many types of spiritulism, all have a similar basis though. It is an in depth field that often helps with our grieving process. The most difficult thing I think is coming to terms with our loss. There is no length of time, in which we do. Everyone is so different. What we do on the site is share that loss or losses. The loss again is different for everyone but it is still a loss. I have an African grey parrot called Barney who loved Carol. They never met as she lived in Canada and I live in Scotland. I spoke to Carol via skype and they even had a special whistle. He asks for her every single day. I picked up my guitar a few months ago and began writing again. He honestly is so clever, he is making up his own words and singing, Where is my Carol and variations on that theme. I've just finished writing a song about grieving which will be recorded shortly. It isn't quite finished completely yet but close. I hope it will help people and allow them to know they are not alone in their grief. I hope the site can help you in every way possible. There are some really nice people on here. Take care and feel free to add me if you want. I am a blind guy and often that deters people from becoming a friend. hugggs, John

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My mother had a stroke in October of 2015. She changed over night due to the aphasia and brain damage. She was a new person, half of who she once was. I began grieving my mother in October. I turned of all emotion and detached myself during the caregiving. It was just way too hard for me to deal with her conditions and my father's emotions. My family are gifted with abilities, mine was empathy and third sight. Most may not believe in that stuff, but it is more than real to me due to years of…See More
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I miss my Mom!

If you have that hole in your heart that you get when you lose the woman that you shared a body with....
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I'm new here and going through a very hard time.

Hello everyone. I'm new to this site.I lost my grandfather in June of 2017. A few weeks later, my grandmother passed away. My grandmother and I were very close. She was more of a mother to me than a grandmother. It was very hard on me. Only three months after the death of my grandma, on December 18th of 2017, my father passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. I never got to say goodbye. I lost the three most important people in my life within a few short months and I am having a very hard…See More
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I am creating this site for the many of us who have suffered several losses. I lost my mom, dad, grandma(2nd mom), grandpa, my beloved dog and divorce.Many of us have lost more than one person or event.Come share!See More
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"My mom died on February 25, 2017. She had a stroke a year and half that rendered her paralyzed and she had aphasia. I was her caregiver. It was extremely impossible to stomach seeing my mother constantly in pain. My nerves and mental state was gone…"
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Lost Without My Mom

My mom died, August 17, 2009 of an apparent heart attack from heart failure. Her doctors never told me how sick she was and so I was blown away and am heart sick and lost without her.
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I'm so hurt

I feel like my i have no support. I lost my bf and oct of 2017 and i lost my baby Nov 2017. I'm so hurt. I dont have anybody 2 talk 2. My bf family dont even check on me 2 make sure I'm ok. See More
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"Can't imagine what your feeling ..I just lost my mother 12-1- 17..please talk to someone that can help you..maybe even a pastor..go to church. .if you don't go at least pray..pray for strength  and comfort..give yourself time to feel…"
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it's been one year

Tomorrow, it'll be one year since Shelby died. No matter how things seem at any given time, the darkness has set in.  i just can't shake it.  i've continued having physical issues going on, and haven't been able to get in to see the doctor, yet--my appointment is for Monday.  i'm tired of trying to keep going.  i still haven't even begun to work on the planning of Shelby's going away party, yet, either.  *sigh  At this point, my hope is that once i can get straightened out, or at least find out…See More
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