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Hi Everyone,

My name is Carlyn, and I live in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I joined this site because a very dear friend of mine was killed in a hit-and-run accident in May. My friend Rick, whom I called my "little brother" was on his bicycle in Back Bay Boston around 2am when a drunk driver rear ended him, sent him airborne, and then dragged him down the street while trying to flee. My friend died a day later. He was only 29. Rick was a kind, smart, funny man. He made people…


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My boyfriend passed away three weeks ago from an overdose. He was sober for 15 months, this was his first relapse. A few days after he passed away I found out I am pregnant. I'm only 21. This is the hardest thing I have ever been through. The steps moving forward seem so difficult. I'm supposed to student teach in a few days and everyone says it's the best choice for my baby's future. Without a doubt I want Wanda best for my baby, but mentally I'm not stable or okay to do much of anything.

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Felling so down

Hi my name is Ann. I lost my husband December 18,2016. He had lung cancer. I have two boys ages 21and 18. They both live with me. I have been through so much. I had breast cancer during the first year of my husbands cancer. I did chemo had surgery and in a year was cancer free. Then right after that I had infected kidney stones had two operations for that but they found kidney cancer. They removed part of kidney. I had the best support group through all of this my friends and church family. I… Continue

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Why I cannot be allowed to grieve,

I have been threw much and people who I thought be there all have gone but a few how are you doing. Its like they do not want a answer. Its me I am always so strong is there excuse. I am alone and her mostly side of the family is gone and only been 2 months. Yet was told I made my wife so happy from what she came from her last marriage. They never saw her so happy. I am so angry at issues that are going on and there petty and one is wrong. I sleep more and I just miss her. I have lost my…


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Lost my Son -only child in March of this year

Hello -My name is Karen.  I lost my only son at 22 years of age in a car accident in March of this year. I am doing "okay" considering.  I have strong bouts of intense grief on and off and of course I miss and long for him daily. It really just SUCKS! I have surrounded my self with a support group and a Psychotherapist.  I have also started to explore my Spirituality and looking for unanswered to questions to my existence and purpose.  I welcome anyone that would like to share their…


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Repost: Is It Wrong to Grieve?

Is It Wrong to Grieve?

Have you ever had a brief bout with illness? Perhaps you recovered so quickly that you have practically forgotten the episode. Well, grief is not like that. “There is no such thing as ‘getting over’ grief,” writes Dr. Alan Wolfelt in his book Healing a Spouse’s Grieving Heart. However, he adds: “Over time and with the support of others, your grief will soften.”…


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I lost My Mom

I lost my Mom on July 25th of this year(2017) 6 years after my Dad. I don't understand why I cant cry, I mean I know its a complicated process when things don't go as planned. My Mom spent some much time in and out of the hospital the last 15 years; every time was "the time" but then she would rally and be shopping days later. I admit I thought she would live forever, or at least longer than me so I never really saw this day coming. Still I…


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now guilt is in me 

fealin bad ovr bad thns lst 5 yrs or so nw moms dem/azl now guilt is beatin me up in sid is coz ovr loss of dad why u i cud not stp it frm hapinin u cud say 

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Don't worry!

Since my mom died in May, I haven't been to church except maybe two weeks after she died and then the pain of her death was still so fresh (it still is, as it'll be 3 months since she died next Thursday), I couldn't stay for the whole service. I packed up my things and left. I felt completely alone, yet I did not want to be around anyone. I felt that if I stayed I would've just started bawling and wouldn't be able to stop.

Today, was the first time I've been to church in months and…


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I can't do this anymore. I don't know what's wrong with me. But I feel like I'm lost. Like I'm drowning again. I thought things were getting better, that I was finally learning to handle my emotions, that I was coping. But now I'm right back where I was a year ago. I just want to curl up in a corner somewhere and cry myself to sleep. Over and over again. Nothing's changed, nothing's happened. And that's the worst part, knowing that it's coming from within. That I'm doing this to myself. I just… Continue

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Since my wife past I cannot sleep. I lay in bed like she is still next to me. I miss her kiss goodnight and the one before she left for work.  I am broken inside and have no clue in how to repair me. As I wrote before I do this alone. Yes I am angry at people. I would never make false promises because I am a man of my word. She made me so happy. I wish I dream about her so I could see her. So many people fail me. So I guess I know there true colors. Its really sucks to find out this way…


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My life has change and I cannot just smash my way out of pain.

I lost my wife Jodi on June 16th. At the time it was like any night but change quickly. Before I knew it I was back home alone cleaning up stuff left by the EMT`S. It then hit me. I was like this is a dream but my heart knew.I did not know I could cry like that. Then it began the start  answers that I could not be given truly and people just asking how over and over. I could not hear there words and did not know what to do next.I knew my wife wishes because we talk about it here and there.…


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Two in one day

I had some warning with Moms death but not with my first and oldest dog. He died in Mom,s arms four hours before she left this world. I knew he would be dying as he was old but didn't expect him to die the same day as Mom. He was his usual self in the morning and when I went to feed him two hours later he was was Mom wish to die at home with her two "boys" next to her, and that is exactly what she had. The youngest dog gave her the farewell kiss as well as to his brother. There… Continue

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I have only been on this site for a few days. And I realize that I am an anonymous person to all of you. You are to me as well. Over time I hope to get to know many of you better, to find out your stories, who you lost, and why you loved them so much.

I don't want to be just a random name, or that kid who misses his mama. I want you to know who I am. The first and most important thing to know is that no one calls me Brett. My nickname is "Oatmeal." I have been called Oatmeal…


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"My son died November 25 at 936 am and I have. Cried everyday I honestly don't know what to do I can't function at all what do I do?"
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"Hello to all of you who are here for the same unimaginable reason as I am. I found this website last night after another night of going to bed where instead of sleep, pain sets in that I was able to escape from all day by being busy. Jess's…"
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"Joe, I have seven tattoos one for each year Julian has been gone. It is my way of honoring him  People make fun of me saying I am too old (71) to have them. Glad to hear I am not the only one still honoring their spouse after death."
Serenity replied to Linda Engberg's discussion Ending my Life
" suicide yourself there us no place for you in heaven. You will find yourself again and life will go on without your dearly departed. Learn to love yourself find what you like to do there has to something. Think of it like this he…"
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"It is a tradgedy to lose a loved one. But it does get better. Not everyday will be the same some days burn to the core more than others. Find a hobby or volunteer or help someone basically find something to do to ease the monotony of the day. In…"
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"Thank you Linda.  It's beautiful for you to had done that.  I have tattoo of our names in a heart.  I wear two sets of our wedding bands on both pinkys and ring fingers.  We're still married and always will be forever.…"
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"Joe, What a beautiful post. I have a tattoo on my shoulder of both our hands on our wedding day. I added my own words. God be with you."
Jan 12
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"Yes I still miss her terribly.  I am still sad and angry.  I was left with two boys ages 12 and 8 at that time.  What kept me going was making sure they were provided for and raised well.  I still have full on bawls when the…"
Jan 11
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"Reliving two years ago.  Ten days till She took Her last exhaling breath in my arms.  She went knowing that we will be together forever and it can't come soon enough for me. Till then:"
Jan 11
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"Rick, I am curious because I am within a week of being a widow of seven years how you are doing it allotter eight years?  Today, and more often lately (lets say for about the past six months) I have become more angry and more hateful of having…"
Jan 9
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"Just another year closer to death I pray."
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Dec 31, 2019
Ellis Gee replied to Kyle McKay's discussion Lost my wife in the group Lost My Spouse...
"I know this doesn’t help right now, but even this will pass—lt took me seven months. It may take you more or less time, but the agony you’re going through will end. You’re in my thoughts. Ellis"
Dec 28, 2019

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