Has your faith been tested or lost with the death of your loved one?


Has your faith been tested or lost with the death of your loved one?

This group was started because many are hurting so bad that their faith has been effected.  This is a place you can vent or even ask questions that brother you. Can the Bible or God help you through your grief?  Who is the cause of death? 

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The following list of brochures can be read on line at the links providedWhen Someone You Love Dies - My suggestion is to pay particular attention to the chapter, How Can I Live With My Grief?Lasting PeaceGOOD NEWS From GODContinue

Started by Brenda Ann. Last reply by Brenda Ann Jan 3, 2019.

The Death Of Jesus and Our Faith 1 Reply

The most important death to ever occur can have a huge impact on our faith.When we lose someone we can reflect on the promises made in the Bible and that can give us a wonderful hope for the future.Follow the link below to watch a video about the Death of JesusRemember Jesus’ DeathContinue

Started by Dennis C.. Last reply by Dennis C. Mar 18, 2017.


I will say my faith has waivered a little recently because i have been in bad health and I keep asking God why?  I do think its a test of faith, but honestly my faith will always be strong and is a part of me, I still grieve about my parents, but I'm ok and they would want me to live richly and happily....I'm doing ok, but yes it is a test of faith when your going thru illness with no light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm getting better now and thats all that matters....we see the reason for it later onContinue

Started by Rachel Lynn Schuler. Last reply by Brenda Ann Nov 11, 2016.


I will say my faith has waivered a little recently because i have been in bad health and I keep asking God why?  I do think its a test of faith, but honestly my faith will always be strong and is a part of me, I still grieve about my parents, but I'm ok and they would want me to live richly and happily....I'm doing ok, but yes it is a test of faith when your going thru illness with no light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm getting better now and thats all that matters....we see the reason for it later onContinue

Started by Rachel Lynn Schuler Nov 9, 2016.

Are you having trouble facing the loss of your mate? Even if your faith has been shaken, a close examination of what the Bible really says, may help.

APPEARED INFacing the Loss of Your MateTHE Bible is clear: A husband is to “love his wife as he does himself.” A wife likewise should “have deep respect for her husband.” Both are to carry out their roles as “one flesh.” (Eph. 5:33; Gen. 2:23, 24) Over time, the attachment a couple have to each other gains strength, as does their love for each other. You might compare it to the roots of two trees growing side by side. The feelings of a happily married husband and wife knit and intertwine.But what if the husband or the wife dies? Then that bond, unbreakable in life, is broken. The surviving widow or widower is often left with a blend of heartache, loneliness, and maybe even some anger or guilt. During her marriage of 58 years, Daniella knew many who lost their mates. * But after her husband died, she said: “I never understood this experience before. There is no way to comprehend it until you go through it.”PAIN THAT SEEMS UNENDINGSome researchers hold that no stress is more severe than that resulting from the death of a beloved mate. Many bereaved ones agree with that. Millie’s husband died many years ago. In describing her life as a widow, she says, “I feel I am a cripple.” She was referring to her emotional state, caused by the loss of her mate of 25 years.Susan used to feel that widows who for years mourned the loss of their husband expressed excessive grief. Then her husband of 38 years died. Over 20 years have passed, yet she says, “I think of him every day.” Tears often flow because she misses him so much.The Bible confirms that the pain of losing a mate is both cruel and long lasting. When Sarah passed away, Abraham, her husband, “came in to bewail Sarah and to weep over her.” (Gen. 23:1, 2) Despite having faith in the resurrection, Abraham felt intense grief when his loved one died. (Heb. 11:17-19) After his dear wife Rachel died, Jacob did not soon forget her. He spoke tenderly about her to his sons.—Gen. 44:27; 48:7.What lesson should we learn from these…Continue

Started by Brenda Ann Mar 10, 2014.

Having a very hard time dealing with the death of a loved one?

Has someone you loved fallen asleep in death?Are you still grieving?Do you need help in dealing with your grief?Is there hope for the dead?If so, what is it?How can we be sure?Can we turn to the Bible for answers?  Is it possible to trust God?Continue

Started by Brenda Ann Jun 18, 2012.

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Comment by Ruthie on November 8, 2016 at 2:37pm


Comment by Susan on July 10, 2016 at 9:19am

Thank you, Dennis C. for noting the passages for us. I have no doubt that I will see my loved ones again in heaven. I look forward to seeing those I haven't seen in so very long; and to seeing my husband as he truly is, without the dementia and cancer that changed him so much for the last 8 years of his life.

Comment by Dennis C. on July 9, 2016 at 6:48am

Below we find 8 different Bible accounts that are about someone who had died.

They were resurrected back to life and reunited with their loved ones

What a WONDERFUL thing that God did in having these experiences recorded in the Bible so that we can be encouraged, comforted and strengthened.

What a wonderful HOPE we have for the future in that we to will be reunited with our loved ones.

1Kings 17:17-24;

2Kings 4:32-37;

2Kings 13:20, 21

John 11:11, 14-44:

Mark 5:35-42:

Luke 7:11-17

Ac 9:39-42

Ac 20:7-12

Comment by Susan on July 4, 2016 at 3:22pm

I like Elynn m's mentioning of the passage in Isaiah that reminds us that our Husband is our Maker. Thank you, Elynn. I know I can depend on God for everything that he wants me to have. He has greatly blessed me in so many ways, I can never thank him enough. He is my strength in my weakness.

I lost my husband of 42 years in March and I am having some loneliness today. Even though I am never alone because God is always with me, I can still be lonely for a human voice or presence. And sometimes a girlfriend kind of presence.

I'm waiting on the Lord for a special friend to enter into my life. I have good, strong family relationships and friendly acquaintances, but I haven't had time for years to develop a special friendship with someone who's available when I am. Someone who has similar interests, who puts God 1st in her life and with whom we just do well together as friends. 

In the meantime I will continue to enjoy all the wonderful people God has placed in my life for now and keep my eyes and my heart and my mind open for a special friend to appear. It just may be someone I already know, but haven't spent enough time with. I'll let the Lord lead me on this.

Comment by Elynn m on July 4, 2016 at 12:14am

Lost my husband of 41 years last september.   Interesting that the Lord kept pointing me to Isaiah 54:4-6 ("Your Hustand is your Maker")  (at least ten times) a few months before Joe went to be with Jesus.    Doesn't make it any easier, but I can remind Jesus that He promised to be my Husband.....I can depend on Him to provide everything I need. It helps me with the pain and loneliness I experience.   Soft music helps me also.  I have some worship tapes I listen to.

Comment by Shoresh on June 26, 2016 at 8:54pm

Interesting Post from a Bereaved Parent on Mother Mary:

I have a favorite prayer card of the Blessed Mother, it features a painting by Johann Schmittdner, it is called “Mary Undoer of Knots.” For all their beauty, many depictions of the Blessed Mother present a woman I can’t relate to. No critique of the artists, art is subjective, it either speaks to our heart or it does not. I know what I like about the Schmittdner painting, the warm colors, and our Lady is painted as a woman of substance, with curves and real hips. Her hair is dark and thick, pulled back from her face, and she is intent on her work. There is an earthiness to this woman, she looks like she could have carried water from wells, helped Joseph when he needed an extra hand to hold a piece of wood, sweet featured, a woman of strength. I like William-Adolphe Bouguereau also, my favorite is his “Pieta,” I get lost in her eyes. Those are the eyes of a bereaved mother, of a heart so broken it will never mend. Look at how red her eyes are, the tears that track down her face, her swollen eyelids. I read that Bouguereau suffered the death of three of his five children and the death of his young wife. I cannot help but think that the pain engraved on his wife’s face imprinted upon his heart, and from that place of pain he painted. Compare the innocence and unlined beauty of his paintings of the Blessed Mother holding her infant son, then with the “Pieta”, she has intimate knowledge now of death and suffering.

Full Blog Post can be found  here:


Comment by Susan on June 24, 2016 at 10:32pm

Hi Mary! So glad to find you who understand what I wrote about! Yes, we have grief and miss our loved ones, but we also have the good things that God gives us. How sad that your guest wasn't open to the experience of the service you brought her to. A closed mind can't receive anything. At least you know you "brought the horse to water" even though the "horse refused to drink". That plus prayer are all you can do for her.

I'm starting a Hospice series of group counseling meetings soon and I hope I don't regret going there instead of going to Griefshare at a church. I'll leave if they expect me to not mention God because I can't separate the 2 of us. We are one. It will be the same with this site. 

I had a couple of really scary dreams start up after my husband's death and the Lord took them away very quickly. A very frightening experience, and it gave me sympathy for other people who have PTSD and psychological problems and so forth that would cause them to experience this kind of dream or reality. I believe I have a small amount of PTSD after the hell my husband put me through with his abrupt mood swings and verbal and emotional abuse and sabotage and manipulation. I don't know how someone with this kind of problem copes because it was truly awful. Just one example of a blessing from the Lord that has helped me get through a rough time.

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the peace of Christ during this difficult time in your life. I pray that he will bless you greatly and meet your every need in the days and months to come. 

Blessings,  Sue

Comment by Susan on June 24, 2016 at 10:44am

In the interest of not being misunderstood, I'm adding to my last post.

I am not trying to say I am special in any way. We are all loved by God as much as the next person. Any gifts God has given to me are available to anyone else should they choose to love the Lord and respond to his invitation to a closer relationship with him. He doesn't play favorites. By telling of some of the positive things God has brought into my life, I am showing to other people what they can have also, should they want them. I don't want anyone to miss the joy God has planned for them because I didn't speak up. I wouldn't have known how deeply I could have a relationship with the Lord if other people hadn't gone before me and wrote or talked about their experiences. Some of their writings are very old, centuries old, but valid nonetheless. Some are present day experiences. I am grateful to have the benefit of knowing about these experiences and to have grown in my faith and been free to practice my faith and pursue the wealth of knowledge available to me in my church. I wish only the best for everyone. Blessings, Sue

Comment by Susan on June 23, 2016 at 8:38pm

My faith has not been tested due to the death of my husband. My faith is helping me through the difficult times. It has helped me through the difficult years prior to his death and still helps me now. Without my love relationship with the Lord I would be lost and alone. Truly alone. I'm thankful that is not the case.

He is always with me, comforting me and letting me know he is near. I love him so much. Today at Mass when I received Jesus at communion I suddenly broke out in tears of joy. I didn't choose to cry, it just happened. I kept it to myself but it was so profoundly joyful!! To receive my Lord, body, blood, soul and divinity!! I was overwhelmed with joy. I can't imagine going through life without this wonderful support. Of course God supports different people in different ways. This just happens to be one of the ways he supports me. When I wake in the morning, he is there. His presence is so comforting, so all consuming. I just move around a little in it while still in bed and it feels like I'm in a plush cloud of pure comfort in his arms somehow. He's smiling and so am I. I really can't explain it well. I offer up my day and all I will do to him. That I will do whatever he wills and tell him how I love him and want to do his will, his way. To love his people as he loves me. I keep in touch with him as much as I can throughout the day. The closeness is very good for me and pleasing to him.

I don't presume to know better than God or blame him for my husband's illness or how he abused me in his illness. We live in a fallen world and there's much illness and evil in this world. I know that God's ways are far above my understanding and that he will work all things to the good for those who love him and do his will. So there is a plan for a good future for me, for hope, but I don't know what that is yet. I must wait it out and see what God has in mind for me. And after this life I have eternity to enjoy unfathomable joys that I can't begin to imagine! And I have a good imagination! God knows we need hope and he sees to it that we have it. My hope is in him. And I'm enjoying his gift of joy each day as I recover, or rather, learn to adjust to life without my husband.

Comment by Patty on June 18, 2016 at 11:42am


Respectfully, Mary is a Catholic.  The Christian Bible does clearly teach a doctrine of hell (“Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice  and come out—those who have done what is good will rise to live, and those who have done what is evil will rise to be condemned). What you are quoting seems to be the Jehovah's Witness Bible.  There is no reason for Mary to worry about her husband.  Jesus is the Judge.  He is a righteous judge (the only righteous judge since He is God incarnate). That man in the YMCA was just flat out wrong on too many levels to address.  But Mary's husband is in good hands.  According to the Bible (the parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke) his soul has conscious awareness in the presence of Christ. 


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