He was killed in a car accident my daughter in law as life changing injuries.. I can't cope without him

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im so sorry tracey for your loss, I to lost my only child my beautiful son  shawn, it was his heart, I cry all the time, I cant and don't want to go on without him.  im so empty and alone. I know how much you are hurting,  theres nothing I can say to make you feel better but I do know hes still with you.  please if you need to talk, cry im here   hugs  kim

Thank you Kim and I am so sorry for your loss of your lovely son .. how are we suppose to get up in a morning and try to take steps forward .. everyone seems to be coping apart from me .. I bottle everything up inside thinking it's a nightmare and it's not true ...xxx

believe me its so very very hard to get up anymore,  I go see shawn everyday, then I come home and go back to bed, everyday. my doctor comes to my home to see me a few times a month. I cant go where shawn lived, or worked, I cant go where him and I went to shop or anywhere we went together. im on a ton of pills. I pray every night to go with him.  please don't keep every thing inside, you must let it out ,   are you seeing any one?  we had a break in after  my son went away,  we were sleeping and they took my sons computer and his things.  the police  sent me  a lady that comes every Thursday and we only talk about shawn, I cry so hard but I need so bad to talk about him.  I have lost my family and friends through this, they have not been here for me at all. so im very much alone.  my husband has been doing every thing , he knows I just want to die, last week I ask him to let me go.  I hurt so bad, I want nothing more then to die.  this pain is unbearable, my tears never stop.  please get help, cry your heart out don't hold it in.  I keep telling myself shawn will come back to me, if I don't im not sure what ill do.  they told me I was suicidle, I just don't care anymore, , sitting here typing this my tears are falling,  pain like nothing I ever felt,  im not sure I can help you but im here hun,  love and hugs   kim

You have explained exactly how I feel .. I also have lost so many friends and relatives through this ..I know half of me is with nathan .. He was my bestfriend as well as my son ..I couldn't go back to nathans hours for a long time .. u keep strong Kim .. hugs to u xx

Dear Tarcey

I am so sorry for your loss. It is awful to have to welcome someone new to this site but I hope you can find support and hope here.

I lost my son 3 years ago on Dec.1 in a car accident also. He was 17 and a passenger in the car.

Right wow I know your pain is so raw you wonder how you will ever survive. You just do, day by day, minute by minute. I get by because I believe my son's spirit lives on and is doing amazing things and that one day we will be together in that form. For now I talk to him all the time and ask for guidance. It is so hard to live without them. Love and prayers to you.

Hi connie sorry for your terrible loss ,I just want to be with him he was the driver coming home from a works do with my daughter in law,he was a hard worker lived for his 4 children who I was babysitting at the time .. so every parents nightmare the police knock on the door .. that minute half of me died .. The hardest thing I have had to do was to tell their children daddy was a star and didn't know whether mummy would make it either .. she was on a life support machine .. The other car involved had come the from the other side of a dual carriageway over the central resivation head on .. and hit them .. xxx



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