Annette passed May 19th. I was devastated that my soulmate had gone. After being inconsolable and a fountain of tears, over night a few days ago, I was suddenly numb.  I find it hard to care about anything other than our son James. I'm putting on a great show I think, but it is just a show. If it weren't for my boy I would join Annette. Im scared of what happens next, and wonder if I'll ever care again. I'm counting the days that I'll be raising our wonderful 14 year old, but look forward to joining her soon after.

This whole thing has been hell, and I guess I have just given up hope for anything better. I just need to keep a smile face on the outside.

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Hi, Ronnie. The death of your soulmate strips down to bedrock those who are important to you. Your son is #1 now and when you start to drown you can struggle to keep your head above water and you'll see him there, and you will know why you are here. You're going through the worst period of your life and it's HELL. I don't know how the human heart can take such a beating. Regards, AnneJ.

Dear Ronnie,

My husband has been gone 4 years, died of colon cancer, I have been numb since the day he died, I just go through the everyday motions. My broken heart will never heal.


Hi, Linda,

It has been almost two years since I lost my husband,and I feel exactly as you do. No matter how much time passes, the pain never seems to ease. Every night I hope I go to sleep and the Lord takes me to join my beloved husband of 55 years.
I wish us all some peace and relief if even only for a few hours.

Wow. My first holiday without her has sucked. We moved to Central America a few years ago but always had some kind of celebration. I have no urge this year because I just feel dead inside. I'm glad James and I are with my parents today so he has someone to be enthusiastic with. 

I'm guessing all the holidays are going to feel empty from now on. I can't imagine how her birthday is going to be like.

I have heard the firsts of everything are the worst. Going to the first great granddaughters birthday party was devastating for me. When I got in the car all by myself I cried like a baby all the way home as this was the first birthday spent without my precious Jim. I really am not looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas but I know I will make it through. Hang in There Ronnie and stay tough for your son.

Hi, Ronnie,
I know this feeling of being numb; I now look in the mirror some days and wonder who I am at this point. I see a face, but I am not able to connect any more. After 55 years with my husband, I truly feel that part of my soul is missing. I go through the days like a robot counting each one as one more day closer to leaving this earth and joining my husband. That is my only consolation.
I hope you know that all of the replies here are so sincere. We all feel your pain and heartbreak and wish you some comfort and relief.
Peace to you

The only time peace will be with me is when I join my Husband, he was my everything.


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I miss my Mom!

If you have that hole in your heart that you get when you lose the woman that you shared a body with....
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"Today is an especially rough day, can't really nail it down to one thing.  So many things going through my head.  I have had 2 weeks to my self to process everything that has happened in since my husband's diagnosis and passing.…"
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"Morgan, You said it perfect, there is nothing worth living for without my Husband to share it with."
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"Its been one year and seven months it has not changed, but it does get "softer", you'll know what I mean. Every night I tell her I love her and I would love to hear her voice one more time.  "
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"And same here. I have bad days and tolerable days. I am having a real hard time without my Mom right now. Life just does not make sense anymore. But I keep going on through the motions of  living, hoping this deep sense of loss will ease…"
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"Nancy, yes it sounds like there were a lot of similarities in our situations.  I married late and so we would have celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on August 16th of this year.  Jack's birthday was 12/29/2017. Cancer took my…"
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"Hello Nancy, I don't know how both you, and Cathy, can carry on as well as you have after losing someone you loved so much? It's unbelievable to me that your husband's doctor could be so inept as to never test his liver function,…"
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"Today has been waves of numb detachment for me... I try to be positive and hopeful but sometimes we can't force it and must just tolerate the sadness"
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"sorry for evry 1 it goin thru hell i am  i feal k im livin in hell coz of all bad shit wev had coz of loss"
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"Morgan, how beautifully written...And spot on!"
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"Same here. As you said some days are tolerable while others are still bad. I try to keep myself distracted, but memories of my mom invade my thoughts throughout the day."
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"I have been struggling along trying to improve upon what I was left to deal with without my husbands unfailing support for four and half years.  I still want to die.  Everyday.  And of course he would want for me to not have to suffer…"
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"Just wanted to see how everyone is doing, I have bad days and tolerable days. Its still very difficult, I miss her so much."
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"Hi Kim.  We have a lot of similarities.  Lost my husband to an aggressive cancer May 10th.  We had his celebration of life May 19th and it was truly a celebration with music, stories, food, a bonfire.  Just what he would've…"
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"I don't think you are being an A hole.  I just think maybe you've had more time to clearly think and grieve.  I hope to get to the point where I can live my life without despair every waking moment as well.  I appreciate…"
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"Not trying to be an A-hole here folks but, C'mon waiting/wanting to die? My Andrea is gone almost 3 years and she is always on my mind. I have good days and bad days BUT I try to live whatever days I have left the way she would want me to. She…"

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