Hi, is anybody on this site suffering nausea since the demise of their spouse ?.

My doctor told me that Grief causes nausea.  Why does it, that's what I want to know.?

I aim to ask my doctor when I see him ?

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I have never talked to you before, but I just wanted to say that I believe the nausea is very normal for some people.  I would guess that being a man you probably don't let your feelings out much.  Holding things in can definitely tie your stomach in knots.  Sometimes I too (lost my husband of 34 years from Pancreatic Cancer, stage IV) feel sick.  Other times I cry so long and hard that I make myself feel sick to my stomach.  I think it's probably your way of grieving.  I just hope it doesn't keep you from eating.  I envy you your little dog.  We had a beloved little dog for 14 1/2 years, and I had to have him put to sleep about a month ago as his kidneys were shutting down.  I knew when my husband was sick last year that there was a very good possibility that our dog couldn't live much longer, being old for a dog, but having

to hold him on my lap while they euthanized him felt like losing another piece of my heart.  Pretty soon I don't think there will be much left.   I hope that you start feeling better.  Perhaps it is just a matter of time.  Best wishes to you!

It's been three years since I lost my husband and I still have nausea everyday. The doctors took every test in the book and found nothing wrong with my stomach. Just nerves they say. I tried all kinds of pills but no help. I hate waking up each morning, the nausea will not go away without a real powerful pain drug which my doctor won't give me. So I will just suffer until I die. 

Yes that's what ive been told.  Just nerves because there's no marital support system any more.

People who havent been there have no idea.

I have not experienced the nausea, just not much desire to eat.  I eat because I need to try to stay strong, but it can be a challenge.  I wonder if any of you have tried to learn, or already practice deep breathing, and/or meditation?    I have not been able to do very well with meditation, as it's hard for me to hold any thought for long.  However there are some very good apps for free on your cell phone, if you do a search for apps for meditation, and deep breathing.  The deep breathing is something that does help me relax, and I'm thinking it might help you to get some relief from the stomach problems.  I feel like my body relaxes finally, and it has helped me to get some sleep at times.  There are also many books on meditation, and they often go through learning the breathing process, and there are clips on YouTube as well.  You should definitely not be still suffering after 3 years Linda.  Please give this a try (unless you already have).  It might really bring you some relief.  One more thing, while my husband was sick last year,  he went to a very good Acupuncturist.  He had a lot of pain in his back and stomach from Pancreatic Cancer.  It was almost the only thing that helped him.  I have gone to the same wonderful lady this year, as she became our friend; she was very upset about my husband's illness.  It is amazing (I have done some research on this), how much a good Acupuncturist can help you.  They absolutely should be able to help relieve some of your nausea over time.  

Thanks for the advice, I tried, what I need is a joint once they legalize it in Florida. It helps stomach nerves.

Thanks . going to check it out.

I have terrible stomach problems now. Like all the time. Nausea too. There must be something to this. There is something called Zofran, I don't know if you can get it over there. It helps with the pain in the stomach for me also.

Hi Kathleen, Over the past few weeks and months, ive been to the doctors more than in my entire life, im late 60's now.  Everything I am going through is caused by grief, and because im now alone, paranoia creeps in.  I went to the doctor yesterday, 18th Feb 2016, because I was worried about slight twinges in or near my heart, he gave me the once over, my blood pressure is better than his, my weight is fine, and my heart is fine.  He said worry is making you anxious, and anxiety is your problem, he suggest antidepressants, but they have side effects so I said no.  I said ill just have to try and calm down a bit. 

Michael I can't take antidepressants either. I have been bipolar my whole life...even before it was called bipolar.  I'm on meds for that but there is nothing I can take for depression. I just have to suffer through it, like you. So sorry you are having such a hard time. Is there anything, like a hobby, that can take your mind off things for periods of time?  I can't do meditation ( I just end up feeling more anxious) so I'm trying to learn to draw and paint. I have no talent at all so sometimes I just color. I pick images that are very detailed and hard to do and I really have to focus. Then I realize that a whole hour has passed and I haven't thought of anything.

This is just an idea...there are other things that maybe of interest to you. Have you tried that? Sometimes we just need a break from the thoughts inside our heads. Even 30 minutes.

 I also pray and ask for a specific amount of time to not have to worry. I know it sounds weird, but I ask God to please let me not think about Rocky and his cancer for 30 minutes. And it works! But yes, then it does all come back. But I got that 30 minutes at least.

Kathleen, would you like to Skype with me ?.  I could introduce you to Tootsie.

I don't think I would be able to. I think it would upset Rocky. He gets upset when I'm on facebook and has accused me of talking to some man...even when I show him what I'm doing. I have 8 little parrots (2 babies I'm handfeeding) so I communicate with other bird people from all over the world about our birds. But he is paranoid about everything, so its not a good idea.

I would love to see Tootsie! Can you post more pictures? I just love animals and have my whole life. They kind of are my life, the only good part now. Rocky has not been into them like me, but he indulged me and let me have all these little birds.  I am hoping my birds and Rocky's dog help me have some sort of meaning in my life when Rocky goes. Right now it doesn't feel like they will. I know it sounds terrible, but I have lots of thoughts of ending my life when Rocky dies. It's just these thoughts that are there all the time, every single day. I've never been alone before. I always had my kids at least.  Now they are grown and moved far away.

Kathleen, read this.......What is Zofran?

Zofran (ondansetron) blocks the actions of chemicals in the body that can trigger nausea and vomiting.

Zofran is used to prevent nausea and vomiting that may be caused by surgery or by medicine to treat cancer (chemotherapy or radiation).

Zofran is not for preventing nausea or vomiting that is caused by factors other than cancer treatment or surgery.


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