Its been six weeks since my 19-year-old sister Rachael left us. On October 18th, she had an asthma attack and her inhaler didn't work. My dad and her best friend called 911 but the ambulance took their sweet time and screwed around too much to rush her to the hospital and get air into her lungs. She suffered seizures and severe brain damage, went into a coma, and eventually went brain dead because of the continued swelling. Hypoxic Encephalopathy was the final cause of death on her death certificate. We had to take her off life support. It was the hardest, most painful thing I have ever endured.

 the beginning, everyone was so supportive, but now I think they all forgot about it now that the holidays are coming. I feel so alone. Rachael wasn't just my sister, she was my best friend. She died six days before her 20th birthday. I am pregnant with my first child and Rachael was so excited about being an aunt. She had a dream it was a girl and she bought her a crib for me the day before she had her asthma attack. I found out on Rachael's birthday that it was a girl, she was right. Everyone keeps telling me "at least I have the baby" but it is so bittersweet that it is hard to be happy about it when I miss my sister so much.

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I totally understand..I went through this. I have no words to tell -- u are absolutely right,sometimes it is hard to be happy because of the pain.

Once u have the baby you will learn to smile with your pain..
im sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. i lost my baby sister, Breanne December of 2009. she was 15 years old. she was in a one vehicle accident and the car was overcrowded. the driver was fooling around. it will be a year in just a week since we lost her. at first people are so sypathetic and are there for you but after time it seem to go away. i dont feel as though i am getting any better and i still feel like its the end of the world for me. i find this group amazing becuase i am not comfortable speaking with my family. its better to talk to other people. at least thats how i feel.

sweetie, I'm so name too is Rachel, spelled differently...gosh, so young...I'm an asthmatic as well, although mine is controlled....I understand about that whole situation, I wish I knew what to say....I'm so very sorry....thats why I have always been scared having asthma....I hadnt heard of seizures occurring because of that, but wow I feel for you hun, she was obliviously depleted of mom's death recently is the hardest thing I have ever had to do too, I'm just trying to let you know that I understand sweetie....and I can relate about the asthma, and I know how you feel about your sister....the missing is hard....I just cant tell you enough how very sorry that I am....just want you to know I understand, being an asthma sufferer myself....its weird I have the same name too....but, hun, my heart goes out to mother was my best friend too, and, we couldnt have been closer





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"Hi Ross, so very very sorry for your loss, it's been 7 weeks for beautiful 18 year old son to a heroin overdose.  We all understand, a part of me is missing also and it's the hardest thing in the world. As we have learned…"
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"I just tell them it's hard and they usually reply with an I'll pray for you guys. And I try to change the subject. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't."
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"Been so tired, and so broken. Missing my mom so much. I think of things to call her about, then realize I can't."
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"I understand; it is the same for me. Well, unfortunately I'm younger than you are, but I hope that doesn't mean I have more years to live. But emotionally it's the same for me. I'm done with life, I want it over. If there's…"
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"Great picture Leslie!  I'm so so sorry for your loss - it's no doubt a life changer.  How old was your son?  He looks like you - stay in touch and know that we are here for one another.  Peace and lots of hugs to you…"
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"Christmas is definitely making missing my mom worse. I have no energy."
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