My husband, my Knight in shining armor, had a massive stroke 4 years ago. My sweet, gentle, patient husband became unpredictable, verbally abusive and dangerous to be around. In one of his more lucid moments, we made the difficult decision to separate. We have 3 kids and the things he would say to them when he was out of control would tear him apart afterwards. After separating, his health continued to decline and several times we were told it was only a matter of months before we lost him. It was so painful and I stopped seeing him although I would talk to him on the phone periodically. Yesterday he had another massive stroke and is in the ICU on a ventilator. He has very little time left and will never be responsive again. We are actually losing him this time. It all feels so fresh, the pain is just as deep if not deeper than when we lost the person that he was before the first stroke. So much sadness but intertwined with guilt. Guilt that I couldn't be there for him more. Guilt that there is some relief that he'll be at peace. Guilt that I'm glad our kids will no longer have to live with wondering when he's going to go.

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Liese,  guilt is normal when we lose someone we love.   My biggest regret is that I didn't tell my husband how much I love him, before it was too late.   He always told me he loves me,  but I didn't say "I love you" enough.   I really feel bad about that, because he was the best thing in my life.   Garth Brooks sang "If Tmorrow Never Comes". --  Talks about telling your loved ones how you feel about them,  before it's too late!!!!.   If you can, tell your husband how much you love him, even if he is on a ventilator (hearing is the last sense we lose, so he can still hear you, even if he can't respond.)


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When a heart breaks, you’re left gasping for air. After a while you seem fine, yet fall apart unexpectedly at random moments, sanity seemingly forsaken. There’s a saying that when a heart breaks, it cracks to allow golden love to shine through onto others. Do you see the value in going through this?It may not feel like it now, but grief is an honor. It is an honor to feel that much, to have loved that much. It teaches you compassion, gratitude, resilience, and the importance of grabbing life by…See More
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"Hi Enza This is a very early response to your email I know, but my sister is arriving today for 2 or 3 days.  I have to admit to being nervous.  First time having someone stay since I lost Pete. Plus, she will be sleeping in the bed he…"
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"Hi Ros, I hope you're not getting too much rain. We are yet again going through a period of persistent rain since yesterday morning and apparently will continue for the next few days. I thought England was bad! The tomato crop went OK, would…"
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"yep i get it loss mom to dem/copd cud not get in to sea her coz of cov 19 ruless in 2021 loss my uncle jon in 2021 bothh of thm 6th mnths aprt  so mushloss in lastt 30 yrs or more shud say loss of 47 yrs omy life coz i am 47 "
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I am creating this site for the many of us who have suffered several losses. I lost my mom, dad, grandma(2nd mom), grandpa, my beloved dog and divorce.Many of us have lost more than one person or event.Come share!See More

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