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thnx stan me 2 wen i fond it 

evry tm i sleep i do dream or if i can dream i do but lstly i fall sleep i get wke up coz on/off i get thm nit terrors on/off

lk u i lots a lot of dear pepl 2 me dad anti d anti b surgte unl bill so on

my multi loss sonslk a hit list u cud say wish is not funny death is not funny

but wen we dream of thm it feas so grt

That was so beautiful Thanks Stan

thnx stan sin cloks hav gon bk its got me a bit weid it has it dos it evrt t if go fored or bk i feal so weid i do but evn wrse coz of death i doi no wev bth lots a lot clos 2 us



she mite be saying yore ant is ok stan  

2 day i fond 1 of my dads old walets i did i cud smell me dad on t evn my cat cud smell him she did wen she rubed her self on it she wz purringg sje wz thy say pets r dum i dont thn k thy r dum th r smart clever so loving thy r 

thn i let 2 ballons go for my dad evry i lost 2 tell ym i luv thm 1 burst bfre i i got 2 blow it 1 wtn  flyng all ovr its still flyng nw far as i no its 2 cold 2 wait 2 sea itits raing its hi winds wish if u hav a wibow opn u can hear it

i did fall a sleepp for a bit stan my mp4 playr playng till k got wok up my dad i it abot2 o 2 a bar he my anti d anti both smkt mentl  wz well famly is well for goin 2 a bar coz we all drink  a lot on my dads famly u cud say thy all lk drink /grog/booze/bear/wine sprts so on i lk bear or wine but not sprits u cud say i lk jamican bear or tiger bear 

my dad lket coors lite he did

my ani b ant d boyh smokt mentl thy did evry nw again u can smell it1on my mums sde anti b on my dads sde 1 tm my dads sd wz big it flt lk god ripet a lt of thm ot he did i no i shundt say it but its wat it feals tn frind of famly thn nboz i wud say hi 2 hw  r u so on r u om so on


thnx stan

Have a good night and I pray for you everyday  Stan

thnx stan

Listen I always think of you and I enlarged your Photos and they are beautiful and you will always be in my prayers..Stan



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"Sorry to hear of your loss. Taking baby step and present moment living will help, along with your family and close friends."
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"My son died November 25 at 936 am and I have. Cried everyday I honestly don't know what to do I can't function at all what do I do?"
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"Hello to all of you who are here for the same unimaginable reason as I am. I found this website last night after another night of going to bed where instead of sleep, pain sets in that I was able to escape from all day by being busy. Jess's…"
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"Joe, I have seven tattoos one for each year Julian has been gone. It is my way of honoring him  People make fun of me saying I am too old (71) to have them. Glad to hear I am not the only one still honoring their spouse after death."
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"Wow..you suicide yourself there us no place for you in heaven. You will find yourself again and life will go on without your dearly departed. Learn to love yourself find what you like to do there has to something. Think of it like this he…"
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"It is a tradgedy to lose a loved one. But it does get better. Not everyday will be the same some days burn to the core more than others. Find a hobby or volunteer or help someone basically find something to do to ease the monotony of the day. In…"
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"Joe, What a beautiful post. I have a tattoo on my shoulder of both our hands on our wedding day. I added my own words. God be with you."
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"Yes I still miss her terribly.  I am still sad and angry.  I was left with two boys ages 12 and 8 at that time.  What kept me going was making sure they were provided for and raised well.  I still have full on bawls when the…"
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"Reliving two years ago.  Ten days till She took Her last exhaling breath in my arms.  She went knowing that we will be together forever and it can't come soon enough for me. Till then:"
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"Rick, I am curious because I am within a week of being a widow of seven years how you are doing it allotter eight years?  Today, and more often lately (lets say for about the past six months) I have become more angry and more hateful of having…"
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