I wake up every day in absolute terror. I know the day will be the same.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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no it nevr will be

i try 2 go tak pics on my camra wen i can in it min irs hrd coz of mos alz/dem i  cnt ort mush i usd 2 i dnt 

Me to richard

I'm hoping to hear others fear as together I think it helps to know we're not alone in our grief and fear. 

Even as writer this im having a horrible shakes and I may need to take something to relax with,

my nervs is bad coz of mom salz/dem coz of verbla bus i get offf id rahr she hi t mecoz owrds still hot me thhy do

i wud uv 2 go on m rt akin pics on my camra but y mom cums 1st it cud be 20 yrs or mor ic bean tld 

The loneliness is the worst, the silence is deafening. Everything has changed for me here. As well as Shirl not being with me, the only neighbours i had have gone. They had to leave there farm, at least when they were there I knew there was someone else about, now there is no one, at least I used to hear dogs barking, cows mooing, sheep bleating and chickens clucking, now all I can hear are the birds. At night i hear noises that scare me, iv never been scared here. Sometimes I go all day with out physically talking to another human, I'm saved by texting, but I wonder if my voice will still work. I know a lot of this is our own fault, we weren't mixers, didn't have a big social network, as didn't need anyone else. This is the price I'm paying.
There are no supports groups here, I am going back to dr tomorrow to see if she can give me something as feel like I'm failing fast.
I feel like I died with Shirl, jackie has disappeared, just an empty shell left who is getting less and less everyday, it's been 9 weeks and I can't face a lifetime like this, people tell me it will get better but I don't see what will change, this is the price we play for love richard, take care

I share your suffering. Every day since my wonderful Annette died I find myself crying, shrieking in the night. I still see her blue lips and her closed eyes.

I am in utter agony 24/7 and there's no end in sight. I lay down in bed and I'm reminded how empty it is without her.

Annette used to make up songs in bed when I couldn't sleep. And I would drift to sleep.

I can't stop begging her for the rest of my life to forgive me for her death. I know in my heart I could have done better. I failed her and now begins a new life of misery, anguish and the hope that my already failing health will put me out of my misery.

We're in the same boat and everybody suffers.

Even now I am going to my brothers Doctor to be examined so I apply and be approved for disability. I don't want to. I wish I was skinny and healthy but fate and life have made it clear that I will fall through the cracks.

I won't have a dime and once more I will face homelessness again. And this time I won't have the support I fought for. I just want her back so I can hear her say "I love you, Richie."
I know richard, I can't picture Shirl without seeing the panick in her eyes as she grabbed my hand and shouted I'm going. I can still hear her head smashing on the floor as I had to drag her off the chair and lie her flat, 40 mins of chest compressions and me screaming at her not to leave me and screaming for ambulance to hurry up, and all for nothing as she still died. I am lucky to have my dog and cat, they are all I am keeping going for. We were private people so didn't have many friends and the ones I thought we did have, have disappeard.
I hope you can get some help, I think we are lucky here we have the nhs so don't have to fight for treatment like it sounds like you do.

I hope you can find some peace somewhere

I'm sure Annette is screaming I love you Richie


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"It has been 3 months for me now, and I still say 'we'. Every once in awhile I realize as I say it, and I've tried to say 'I' a few times. But I've starting to realize that it still is 'we' not just…"
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"Thank you, Alice.  I have been feeling more and more and more anger towards just about everyone I know.  I am angry they are happy, angry they have future plans they are looking forward to, angry they want to include me in those plans.…"
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"Hi Maxey, I actually do believe my love is still with me, and I have this life with him nobody could understand. I've started bringing this up in conversation with people a couple of times, but soon stopped when I heard the sound of what I was…"
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"I think John has said everything I am feeling each day. I sometimes think during the day of how many of us are out there suffering through this pain. It has been almost two years for me, so, I guess, after three there is still no relief or hope in…"
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Moved, but nothing changes

I moved from the beautiful Northwest to Austin, TX to be closer to my family, but nothing seems to change. My sadness and loneliness seem to follow me wherever I go. I thought maybe a change in scenery would give me a new perspective, but, so far, nothing.It will be two years in October that I lost my husband of 55 years, and I miss him MORE today than ever. I think I am becoming obsessive since I talk to him all the time and fantasize that he is still here. I make believe we are going to take…See More
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"Good morning everyone and good morning Mama!  I have alot to get accomplished today so that I can bring things home from Mamas home. As always I love you Mama!"
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4 months and I can't stop crying

I knew my Best Friend since high school...we were good friends..And stayed in touch over the years - We may have gone 3-4 years before we spoke - But we knew each others situations and we stayed Best Friends - Giving each other advice - I just wanted to make sure he was home to his wife and child - As he served 8 tours in Afghanistan, Iraq and undisclosed locations - We both are parents..We reconnected face to face 2 years ago, both in bad marriages and unhappy...I was about half way through my…See More
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"I lost my best friend 6/17/16 to a heroin overdose. I've noticed for me that the happiest times are the hardest. The milestones where you find yourself able to smile and laugh again are usually the most painful. The happier the occasion or the…"
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"Janie that sounds good, "I love  you mom"!!!!  "
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"I hope everybody has a loving good weekend and let's celebrate our Mom's for giving us life. I love you Mama!!"
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"Jennifer, It has been 4 years since I lost my Husband and soulmate to cancer. My family and friends tell me that time will things better. To tell you the truth the only way I keep my sanity, is adopting a dog and seeing my therapist and…"
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"Jennifer, my husband passed May 2, 2017.  We had a wonderful marriage and we loved each other with all of our hearts.  Jack was an awesome person.  I am currently going through this with my own family.  I am away from my family…"
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"Hello, well I made it through my 1st anniversary without him.  It was a really hard day, Wednesday.  I miss him like crazy and love him so much. Today I just feel numb.  All these stages of grief are exhausting.  Working full…"

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