I wanted to give an intro and say "Hello" and say while I am grateful for stumbling upon this site, I am angry and heartbroken to have stumbled upon this site.

It's coming up on 10 months since I lost my soul-mate and hero.  He was my best friend, my rock, and my life has been forever rocked from losing him.  The Friday after we celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary (we were together for 14 years) he collapsed at work from a heart attack.

He never regained consciousness, and on Monday December 14, I had to make the decision to keep his body alive.  On Tuesday December 15, he was gone.

I have so many emotions, still to this day, that I just cant seem to get past, and I am angry, so angry at people, God, you name it. 

So, I am thankful to have stumbled upon this place where I can honestly speak about what I feel, without people telling me to "move on" or "you'll get over it" or whatever people say when they just dont have anything else to say.

Thanks for allowing me to become a member. 

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Thank you Anne.

Welcome my condolences also I also stumbled upon this website and it does help knowing you can share with people who really understand what you are going through

Hi Shinging (I am bluebird on another site we both frequent -- at least, I am assuming you are the same ShingingLight).

I'm glad you feel you can express your emotions here. I have found that this is a good site in that regard. I'm sorry you need this site, but glad that you found it.

Hi bluebird....

I was just going to reply to your post.  Yes it's me from the other site.  The minute I read it, I knew it was you, and wanted to reach out as well.  Nice to have a familiar "face".

I am glad I found this site too.  It's just a better place for me to be able to really express what I am feeling.

How are you doing?

Yes, I find that this site is much more open-minded than the other, overall, and the owner/moderator is much more laid back. Anyway, it's good to "see" you.

I'm doing the same as always.

Hello, I am also sad you need to be here, but grateful I found this sight... can't write much yet.. thought this many weeks past the incident would be enough... but no... many deep breaths... many long hot deep baths and just mainly many tears. . .hope you all had something other than tears for dinner....
It's amazing how many people out there in the state of Oregon..well and in Japan.. are not comfortable talking about pain or loss! It doesn't help... now I know from one of these sights that it was only since the 60s that repression of feelings about loss has gotten more popular with the culture...

My heart...did you ever know you could hurt so deeply?!

Have a very peaceful evening if possible tonight, new friends....

Wishing you the best Cheryl.

It's not just Oregon or Japan, it's everywhere. What I have found is that after the memorial service, everyone has moved on with their lives.. and I am left here, alone to face this. 

No one wants to discuss it, no one wants to hear it, they just ask "how are you" and move one.  No one truly wants to know how I am, which is... not good.

Giving you hugs. 



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"Hi Nicole. I am so sorry for your loss and suffering. I have been on here for almost 4 years, since loosing my husband suddenly as well. Just like you we had a huge life time of plans for the future. Even arguing who the grandkids are gonna like…"
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"I just saw you posted this is 2016. Hopefully you're doing better now that some time has passed. I hope you got married and I hope you have been able to cope better over the last few years. I hope things have been better for you and I wish you…"
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"Hi, my name is Lindsey. I'm 28 years old and my mom passed away suddenly 7 months ago in April, just 4 days after her 56th birthday due to heart failure. She had just come home from a dinner cruise with her boyfriend celebrating her birthday.…"
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"Hello Allen, Go to "Lost MY Spouse" and read through some of the posts.  There are some of us who share pretty regularly and respond with caring identification with each other.  You're not alone.  Grief of losing tho…"
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"I too wish you didn't have to be here.  I lost my wife on Jan.21, 2018 and wish I could say it gets better as time goes on, but for me it's just keeps getting worse.  We were together since age 16, close to 52 years together and…"
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"Linda, I am so sorry you have had to join our grieving group.  Each of us know your sorrow and we all grapple with how to deal with the worst thing we could ever have to deal with.  On January 21st 2013 my husband doc 35 years (knew him…"
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"I also lost my mother 1 year ago. I was with my darling wife for 25 years. Am I supposed to survive or give up and die."
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"Hello and thank you. Is there a certain time that people chat or anything, I need to talk to someone ."
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"Dear Allen, condolences on your the death of your wife, sorry that you are going through such a difficult, life-changing loss.  Just wanted to respond and say you are doing everything right in terms of the website, your comment and status…"
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"Is anyone there?"
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"My name is Allen,I just lost my wife. I don't know how to use this website. Does anyone see this? "
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"Linda, Your post is a perfect description of where I'm at. Morgan"
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"morgan, Your message is so moving! Every word you say rings so true! I could have written the message. You express my innermost thoughts and wishes. It's been a little over five years for me since Joseph has been gone, but I feel his lack as…"
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