my cousin ahmed died from a car accident, he was heading to dubai which takes 1:30 hours to reach, he went their with his friend and sister he was taking his horse to race with.

then while he was heading their a Pakistani bus driver was speeding and hit his car really hard, his friend and sister survived the crash with some broken bones but the horse and my cousin died, after the crash his sister and friend kept blacking out and waking up again and they both saw him crying talking to him self saying (why do you want to take me? im young i still havent seen world. no no no i dont want to say it, asyhadu an la ilaha illallah wa asyhadu anna muhammadar rasulullah.)

(asyhadu an la ilaha illallah wa asyhadu anna muhammadar rasulullah) means "I declare there is no god but Allah and I declare that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah."

people say this before they die, he didnt want to die, he was talking to the angle of death and it was telling him to say that and he kept saying no he didnt want to, but at the end, he said it.

shortly after the helicopter came and took all of them and he died right their, when we went to the hospital i saw him laying in the bed dead, i broke down and crying my mom was worst then everyone she cried the most fainting 5 times refuses to get up from the floor.

i ask my aunt that i want to see his face, his face, his eyes and mouth were wide open i stopped breathing for 5 seconds i just couldnt why didnt they close his mouth and eyes? why? why? 

he looked like he has seen something, after this we took him to the freezer we saw him the next day to get him clean his legs were broken his leg bone was out, his arm was broken he had alot of blood, after he got cleaned we took him the mosq, we prayed and i carried him to his grave, everyone took a shovle i didnt have a shovle so i dug with my bare hands and after that my friend told me he wanted to see his father who died in explotion in the Yaman war.

his sister and friend do not know he passed away, they keep asking us about him  we just tell them he cant talk or move, they kept telling us why he was talking to himself we tell them we dont know.

this week is the worst week i ever had, i miss him alot and i feel like i cant wait to die so i can see him, do you think i will see him when i die? is he waiting for us all to come to him?


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what a fucking useless site...

Please check out this link. 

I hope you find comfort from these experiences.  


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