I just lost my mom to Multiple Myeloma last Tues 12/20. Is there anyone else out there who has lost a parent or someone to that type of cancer?

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I'm so sorry about your Mum. I too lost my precious Mum to multiple myeloma on 9th December, 2010. I would be very keen to be in touch with you if you are interested.

Sorry for your loss. We had never even heard of Multiple Myeloma before. Yes, lets keep in touch.


Hello I just lost my mother February 18th, 2011 to Multiple Myeloma, she battled this disease for six years. I am sorry for your lost and would love to keep in touch.
So sorry for your loss. We had never even heard of Multiple Myeloma before. Only got the diagnosis after many months of of extremely low blood counts. A bone marrow biopsy confirmed it and the day before the bone survey she fell and then everything went down hill from then.So apparently she'd had it for awhile.My sister and I spent the last week with her while she was in hospice.Was your mom in alot of pain? 
Thank you, yes she was in a lot of pain not sure what hurts more having her gone or seeing her in the pain she was in.  She had the same issues with the low blood counts and had to get numerous blood transfusions. She was fine that Monday as she went out shopping went for a transfusion on Wednesday and hospice called me and my sister home Thursday we made her comfortable and she passed that Friday morning

Hello to you


I just joined this club

and I am sure this is what my Mom had


now she has leukemia

and not long to live I have been told


due to problems with the family and POA

I am at wits end I tell you


My Mom is elderly


I am very worry for your loss

and send out white light to surround you


My Mom is taking no transfusions

just all dressed in black at a Nursing Home

and I cant believe all of this


I am not the POA


if anyone can write me re this plse drop me a note


I could not find a topic on this


Tks for listening


and again

I am sorry re your Mom




will be posting as Sedona



OMG i can't beleive there r others who lost their mom the same way I did.  My Mother died from this rare type of cancer as well.  It is awful!  My Mom kept getting pnemonia and sick all the time and then when the doctors kept ignoring the fact that it is odd to be that sick so much, she collapsed into a Coma!  After she woke up 7 days later they did intense testing and found the cancer.  She died 1 month before she was gonna be released to come home bc a bacteria started in her lungs and moved through her body and ate up her liver. :( I miss her.


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