i am mad me for bean mad god 

i am so mad at god for stuff he has put us thru  if i sea him or her im worid in i say horble stuff 2 him or her im worid i will puch or slap him or her 

i bleve in god im so mad at god i am i am so mad at him or her

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I believe that many people have a very distorted view of God, and what he is doing. Most people believe what their religion teaches them about God. They believe what their religion teaches about an afterlife, and heaven, and immortality etc.

I personally can't find ANY of those religious teachings in the Bible. What I do find in the Bible is Answers that make sense. That give me hope and comfort.

The teachings that I hear from religion brings me none of those things.

Learn what the Bible REALLY teaches and it will surprise you. What you do with that information is strictly up to each individual.

With all due respect your definition of faith is not Biblical.

Hebrews 11:1 — Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen.

As you can see...their is NO mystery in real faith. It is based on accurate knowledge.
Faith is built on "evident demonstration of reality" not on guesses or mysteries.

The King James version of the Bible was re written by a committee of politicians and dignitaries who decided what would stay and what would go and in some cases how it would be said. I wouldn't just blindly believe what they decided. That is a historical fact. Go back to original texts......

Setting aside for the moment the issue of belief in god or the afterlife or the nature of either: of course the bible can be believed piecemeal, there are many people who believe some if what it purports, but not all, as well as many who believe it presents some cultural value, some literature and some history, but not the literal word of god. And then there are thise who believe all of it, as you do. But no one of those ways is more demonstrably right than any of the others.

Additionally, there are a multitude of ways to interpret almost everything in the bible, not to mention the many additions, deletions and mistranslations over the course of time.
The Bible is demonstrably provable. (Difficult to do that in this forum however)

Evolution is Not.

Interpretation is definitely an issue...hence the MANY religions. But it is possible to step away from mans interpretation and let the Bible speak for itself.

for sure

"God sent His son to redeem the world from its lost state. " are you joking?


That was NOT Jesus' message -- that was what rabbis and politicians said was his message, because it served their purposes. Jesus never claimed to be humanity's "redeemer" in the way you're saying.  There is no such thing as "original sin" -- I am responsible for my own inactions and inactions, I am not responsible for anyone else's, and no one else is responsible for mine, including Jesus. 

I don't reject god on the basis of man's misinterpretations -- I assume that most of the bible is misinterpretations, but I have always felt that way yet I did not reject god.  I reject god now because s/he allowed my husband to die much too young, one week after our wedding, without showing me beyond doubt that my husband still exists and is ok. Those are not the actions of a loving god. I do not believe any such being exists, but in any case I have never believed that god was as you describe, even when I believed there was a god.  You have a fundamentalist Christian view of god, and if that's what works for you that's fine, but there is absolutely no proof that your view is correct. There is no proof that anyone's view is correct, including mine or anyone else's -- all beliefs regarding god, afterlife, etc., are a matter of personal opinion. Don't assume that everyone else views all of this the same way you do, or that they should or need to. That's simply not how it is.


I have a question, if I can.

Do you believe that we can genetically inherit a condition, or a trait, perhaps a disposition towards a disease or a disability?

And if we can inherit such a thing, is it our fault?

Genetically inherit a condition or a trait, no. Environment, on the other hand, can play a part in this, as in if you're raised by an unmedicated schizophrenic you will probably have some difficulties interacting with other people in socially acceptable ways, or if you're raised by writers you will probably have a great vocabulary.

Genetically inherit a disposition towards a disability, no, as that comes from an injury either during the fetal formation, during the birth, or at some point in life (like a missing hand from amniotic band syndrome, or cerebral palsy from insufficient oxygen during birth, or quadriplegia from a car accident). 

Genetically inherit a disposition towards a disease, yes -- and no, that is not our fault.


None of which has anything to do with the doctrine of original sin, which is a matter of purported spiritual inheritance, guilt and liability.

hospitle drs i do not trust or nurse thy dont lk it if u complan thy dont

thy lie 

or thy will be ok 

wish is a lie 

Parts of the bible may be provable, in terms of history -- but whether or not it is god's word is not provable, it is entirely a matter of a person's individual faith and belief.



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