My boyfriend died 4 months ago. He was the most incredible person I have ever met. I'm biased, obviously, but many people said the same thing. He had a way of making every person feel special, important, interesting and happy. When he walked into a room, he filled the room with light and laughter. He had the most amazing smile and I can't breathe thinking I will never see that smile again. he was also loyal with a huge heart, for the people he loved he would moved the world. And though he was not perfect, he made my world beautiful and I was so blessed to have him. We only had 2 years together and I feel like we were cheated of the rest of our lives. Not only us, but he was cheated of his whole life, he had so so much to offer and he was always just excited to live. He was only 24. I just miss him so much and I feel like I'm drowning. Although everybody thinks I am doing 'much better' I feel like I'm walking around missing an arm or a leg. I'm going through the motions but I'm just not really there

I hope that in time the pain will ease. I just wanted to write down my feelings and try to express them to you, because I'm finding it hard to explain to anybody else. I am just reaching out for some reassurance and I wanted to tell some people what an amazing person he was

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I just feel so lost, can anybody help?
Hi Charlotte, I'm so sorry for your loss and believe me I know your pain. I can't offer much support as I'm going through the same, my partne died suddenly 7 weeks ago today. Like you just keeping breathing is a challenge enough. Carrying on as normal is way beyond me. Don't try to put on an act, people shouldn't expect you to be doing well. Just do only what you can cope with doing.
I only do what I have to, I only work to pay bills and feed animals, if I don't want to go out, I don't.
Just be kind to yourself, we got to get through this the best we can, we have to be grateful that we loved and were loved by such wonderful people. Some people live there whole lives and never have that. Keep writing on here, I find it helps as everyone understands hugs to you x
Thank you Jackie. I'm so sorry that you are feeling this pain as well. I try to remind myself every day that I was blessed to know and love him


I can't really offer any advice or help, because I feel much the same way about my husband as you do about your boyfriend, and like you I am not really here, and my husband died nearly 5 years ago.  I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in feeling as you do.

Charlotte, even though you may not hear back from all members here, it's a very special place. Because we WANT to hear what an amazing person your boyfriend was, we have walked this long, lonely mile before you and we know how you are feeling in a way that nobody else can unless they, too, have walked it. Your boyfriend was your center of life, and how do we ever get over that? We don't.

I lost the finest man ever born 3years and 7months ago. We were married within 3 months of knowing each other and spent 20 years together, inseparable. And now? He died suddenly of a drop-dead heart attack in front of me, and I held him and watched him die. It's taken 3years/7months to go from the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life, untold sorrow, to it is now the best thing I have, because he was all mine and I have 20 years of memories of growing in love with him, and him with me. Love from AnneJ.


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"Hi Maxey, I actually do believe my love is still with me, and I have this life with him nobody could understand. I've started bringing this up in conversation with people a couple of times, but soon stopped when I heard the sound of what I was…"
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Moved, but nothing changes

I moved from the beautiful Northwest to Austin, TX to be closer to my family, but nothing seems to change. My sadness and loneliness seem to follow me wherever I go. I thought maybe a change in scenery would give me a new perspective, but, so far, nothing.It will be two years in October that I lost my husband of 55 years, and I miss him MORE today than ever. I think I am becoming obsessive since I talk to him all the time and fantasize that he is still here. I make believe we are going to take…See More
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4 months and I can't stop crying

I knew my Best Friend since high school...we were good friends..And stayed in touch over the years - We may have gone 3-4 years before we spoke - But we knew each others situations and we stayed Best Friends - Giving each other advice - I just wanted to make sure he was home to his wife and child - As he served 8 tours in Afghanistan, Iraq and undisclosed locations - We both are parents..We reconnected face to face 2 years ago, both in bad marriages and unhappy...I was about half way through my…See More
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"Hello, well I made it through my 1st anniversary without him.  It was a really hard day, Wednesday.  I miss him like crazy and love him so much. Today I just feel numb.  All these stages of grief are exhausting.  Working full…"

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