Has anyone attended Griefshare support groups at local churches?  I looked at the included topics and it sounds very intense.  

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I have not. If you think it might help you, though, why not check one out?  There's no obligation for you to go back if you find it's not for you.

I did attend a Griefshare support group. It's a mixture of group discussion and videos of people from different walks of life who have gone through the grief process. Overall, I would say that I'm glad I did it because I needed to openly share my grief. I have a tendency to keep things inside a lot and suffer alone because people who haven't lost anyone dear to them don't get what I'm going through. Our Griefshare leader was also very compassionate which helped a lot. It also helps that the people in the room can empathize as they are grieving as well. That said, I also found the weekly meetings draining because sometimes I just get tired of talking about my grief and it seems to drag out the grief experience and no amount of talking about my feelings is going to bring my mother back. She's been gone a little over a year and if anything, my grief has deepened than when it first happened. I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm just being realistic about my experience. It may not hurt to try it out.

I'm glad it helped you a bit. Don't worry about discouraging  me, I am already discouraged. My husband died nearly six years ago, and my life has been hell since then. I have done therapy in the past, long before I even met my husband, for anxiety/panic disorder. I haven't and likely won't go to grief therapy, though; no grief therapist can fix or help me to fix what's wrong, because no therapist can make my husband not be dead.

Hi Bluebird & Joy

It has been 5 years since I lost my Husband. I too had a grief counselor for one year after he died. she did help me understand all the feelings I was having, but the grief never ends. Al I do is try to keep busy to make it through each day. Like the words in the song Willie Nelson sang, "It's not something you get over, it's just something you go through".


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It will be five years this year since I lost my husband and my mother a week apart from each other and everything feels still like it was yesterday there has been no easing of pain seems like the days go by and I feel no different so many people have told me time will ease the pain it doesn’t I still cry myself to sleep every night I struggle just to get through a day the only thing that keeps me here is my grandchildren and my children otherwise I would’ve left this world a long time ago The…See More
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