So tomorrow is Easter and it will be the first holiday without my mom. I really do not know how I am going to handle it if it were not for my four girls I would probably just try and sleep the whole day since Im not sleeping at night time anyway. I honestly feel like I am losing my mind I find myself wanting to end my own life and then realizing what I am doing or thinking and I just start to cry and ask myself wth is wrong with me. I always knew this would be hard I just never thought it would be this hard and instead of the days getting easier it seems like they get harder and harder. I pray for comfort and healing all the time and I know somehow this has to get easier but my heart hurts so much that I am completely a loss person right now can anyone help to cope or understand these feelings.

Thanks Erica

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Erica, I understand your feelings - this holiday has been harder for me, without Hollister, than I thought it would be. My mind went to what we would have been doing if he were here. I've tried to keep in mind what Easter means - the promise it holds for where my love is now - and find I'm not comforted. Honestly, I'd have to say I'm feeling sorry for myself because I can't have him in my life. I know he's in a much better place.

Still, I'm not facing the same issues as you are and I'm concerned about you. You sound fragile, emotionally, and I wonder if it's time to talk to a professional to see what kind of help you can get. No, I'm not saying you're nuts or abnormal - I'm sure that's not the case. You're seeking help here, so I'd say you're not 'off your rocker.' From what you've described, I wonder if it's time to try an antidepressant to help you cope. A professional could answer that question. 

Remember that your children feel the same way about you as you do about your mother. Reach out for some help so you can be the mother they need right now. My prayers are with you.

Kathy my mind did the same thing I just kept wondering what my mom would be doing I even back home and to visit her for the first time since the funeral which was very hard I still feel like im in denial. By the end of the night I was a big mess and I honestly think I was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown it got pretty scary for me my kids and husband and with all that happening I did take the next step and call and made an appt with a therapist which that made a big difference these last 3 days. I go back to see the therapist on Tuesday and Ive been praying that things will get a little easier I even started writing in a Journal which also seems to be helping. Well I just wanted to say thank you for your prayers 



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"I hate that I found this site. Because I never woukd have had I not lost my son. I'm grateful for all of you though. I'm sorry we need each other and glad we have each other. This sucks. Don was the love of my life. 3 years lost August…"
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"One day at a time. At first one minute at a time. Be gentle with yourself. I lost my mother last year and it still hurts everyday. There is a huge void in my soul now."
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Thank You

Thank you for your heartfelt replies. It seems that as each day goes by the harder it gets. The little things like balsams seems to reduce me to tears. I always loved the library but we did it together. Just driving by the library breaks my heart. Today is 4 weeks since my husband left me. I had a dental appt with a new dentist & I was beside myself when he said what my appt next week would entail. Because of my terrible fear of the dentist my husband came with me & held my hand. Stupid…See More
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"It has been a year and a half since my mother passed away. I was her caretaker here at our house where she has a room. I still cannot go into her room without breaking down. Today I thought maybe I should get rid of everything including the house…"
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"ivis im so sorry for yore loss is not fair 2 hear kids 2 pass "
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"thank you linda,  but I stopped believing him when he took my life away"
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"even though we cannot fully understand God's plan we must never lose sight of Him. He will give you the wings to fly or carry you if needed. Please try and keep the faith, it's actually gotten us this far if we think about it. I personally…"
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"Never let the fear of how you believe it will make others fell affect how you deal with your grief. No one knows what you are feeling but you, even if they feel as though they may. I will never know your grief from losing your son, I will only know…"
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"when we lose our child, I feel theres nothing more to live for, I cant move on, sometimes I find it hard to breathe. I hate when people say the  ( D )  word, my shawn just went away, to where he can heal. but  my heart will never…"
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"Huggles and thank you for the positive and uplifting sharing of your life. "
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"Gale, It is not an easy process and takes a long time to feel we can give away the last of what ties us to our beloved children. It is a tearing , an abrupt end to what we perceive as the last links to our children. I think that if we dont want to…"
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"Have not been posting, but I think of you all every day and I try to keep up with the posts.  There are no words that haven't already been said on here and no feelings that haven't been expressed.  I find every day the same and…"
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"Thank you Linda. I am praying for you in your effort to keep your grandchildren. I hope it all works out for the best for everyone. hugs"
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"Gale it is a hard process.  You want to hold onto everything.  I had no cloice but to clean out Michael's apartment now I have a cabinet full of random things that I will probably never part with.  Michael loved his…"
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"Thank you Vasanthi for your understamding"
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"Thank you, I am sorry for your lost, I will go look for the book, I find no comfort on talking to my friends, and I am afraid of making my family feel even worse, usually I just read what others say and hide from my family on my weaker days."
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"Ivis, I'm so sorry for your loss.  I am 5 months into my grief journey, since I lost my beloved husband who died suddenly of the FLU, so I understand the pain of sudden loss. I urge you to find a support group you can attend, I have found…"
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Today is been a month since I last saw my son, he was 23years old, and someone ran him over while he walked his bicycle across the street, the driver failed to look to his right, my son lived with me all my life, he was a real late bloomer who didn't even have his first real relationship, a sweet child at heart who still kissed his mom at night, eager to please me, a dreamer who never got a chance, born with a leaning disability, he had to struggle thru life to achieved what it hurt did with…See More

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