I took a 2 year sabbatical from OnlineGriefSupport.

The CoronaVirus has been weighing heavy on my 

mind.  I want to be of service and help all those I can.  Let's talk.  How has this virus affected you?  I'm here for all of you.  

~ Diana, Grief Counselor

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yep its efecten lots mentlyy it is 

i no 

a lot of peplee off churchh wish is now cansled 

but eldy elderlyy can not sea frinds famly so on

coz we all hav to keep dsitanse we do esplyy risk gropus 

lk im it rsikk gropups if i go i wear a amskk a maskk i do 



is getin me

as well as evry 1 r esl 




sea u bac 

I'm glad to be back.  And glad to see you here dream moon JO B.  Where do you live?  I live in Central Florida and we are getting slammed.  


but its bad all ovr uk 

evry wears on loc thy is

its bad all overr it is 

v 1 or 2 frindss its fitin ths viriss  pluss efect my anxstyy levilss ev n frindss famlyy but only keep in contactt by fon or vidio carlss

Yes, it's making everyone anxious.  I'm glad you are only in contact with your friends via phone or video calls.  Stay safe.


loss a frind 2 day 2 cov19 its gonna efect lots cov 19 coz of loss or ptsd coz of it 

I'm really sorry to hear that.  And yes, I believe PTSD will be a result of this virus.  And to be honest, a person really needs a therapist that specializes in PTSD because PTSD is complex to say the least.  I had 2 family members with PTSD - hard to watch what they go through.  

 So, you live in the UK.  What part?  


n/e uk i do 

we all need 2 sea a conserl wen its all overr we do 

it juts feals if we in a a diastr horrorr moviee it duz

got my meds 2 day only tripp iv had evn thy wearn hazzrdd maskks thy is 

my frindss famlyy all i cud wz put a cardd thru door 

Hello Diana.  I don't know if I've ever thanked you for starting this website, but thank you, both for starting it and for continuing/maintaining it.

This Coronavirus situation is insane.  Globally, in terms of how many people are getting sick, and how many are dying.  Nationally, in the U.S., due to the utterly incompetent narcissist in the White House not giving a damn about anyone other than himself, and not taking the necessary steps to protect people in this country (not to mention that horrifically sorry state of U.S. healthcare -- not the doctors and nurses, but the system itself).  

I find myself terrified of catching coronavirus, as well as terrified of passing it to my family members if I were to get it (my sister has asthma, though she rarely has any occurrence of it anymore, and my mother is somewhat immunocompromised).  At the same time, I have wanted to die ever since my husband died, so I feel pulled in two directions.  Mostly, worrying about all of this has really kicked my panic disorder into higher gear, whereas I had it largely under control for a good few years prior to my husband's death, and barely felt anxiety/panic at all after his death (which I have always attributed to depersonalization, lack of affect, and there being no damn point to panic because the worst thing had already happened).

Anyway, I don't know if that's the sort of response for which you were looking, but that's how it is for me these days.

Thank you! You are very welcome.  It's very good to hear from you.  

Yes, I agree about the coronavirus.  Crazy times!  Yes, I am doing my best not to catch this virus. I am a thinker and boy do I think and study about this virus.  I have a history of panic disorder as well.  I too have kept my anxiety at bay in the past, so I am feeling some anxiety as well.  

I'm glad you shared that with me.  Let's keep in touch!  I will continue to visit this site.  I'm glad to see it's still up and running.  


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