..."At First, It May Seem Like Nothing... But, Something Seems Completely Different, That's When You Know, It Isn't Just, Nothing"...

 August 21, I posted about how I came across this site by complete"accident", I had been trying to find information about an occurrence that at first didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary however, as each day went by it wasthe same, same occurrence, same pattern...

That's when I really noticed something was different, it was then at that moment, something was telling me "pay attention, don't brush it off"...

You can find the original post under; 

"There Is No Other Bond Like The Bond Of A Daddy & Daughter... Heaven & Earth Separate Us For Now But A Bond Like Ours Is Unbroken, Always Showing Me He's Here..." 

(if you want to know and understand the reason for this post today) 

Just a little bit ago I was sitting outside taking in this "Beautiful Fall Like" weather we are having here in West Virginia, I decided to take my tablet and play my casino game, my husband and I have turned it into more of a competition on who wins the most money, as if it was real money... lol 

As I'm completely into my game, head looking down and not paying attention, all of a sudden I hear "zoom" right past my head, I look up and there was "my dragonfly", I stopped playing because I knew it was once again a visit from my dad... However, something was different today, it was the first time I had ever taken my tablet outside, it was a few moments later I decided to see if I could capture just one photo, not knowing if it was possible I decided to try... I captured the first photo, then a second and then there was the third photo... Of course not knowing exactly how or if I was able to capture any of the pictures, it was when I came inside and looked at my gallery I realized, I captured all three pictures and there was one photo (photo number 3)  I will Forever and Always Cherish... It was as if for that split second time stood still, just as my daddy, when he was here, always was ready for the camera (he honestly was a camera hog, lol) so was "my dragonfly", looking straight at me, perfectly with the somewhat familiar glow that was in my daddy's eyes... 

***I have put in order the photos, 1, 2 and 3***

I apologize for such a long post

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When I was a kid. Me and my mom would sit on the porch and she would point out the whiporwills. A couple days after she died a whiporwills stayed by my front door for two days and sang. So I can relate.


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"sorry on yore loss mary "
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"I am so sorry Mary Kay. Our hearts were broken when we lost our dad. My sister-in-law had told us to prepare that tears and grief would come in waves...out of nowhere. One of my cousins had lost her dad before us and she spoke some wise words to us:…"
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"Welcome, Mary Kay, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I can relate to everything you wrote about the loss of your beloved dad, except I was alone with him in the hospital when he passed away. It's the worst thing in the world to lose the…"
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"Hello, I am a newbie.  I lost my father on May 22nd at 2.22am. He was 92 years old.  Loosing him is the hardest thing I have ever gone through.  I really miss him.  We were able to have a funeral for him but there were so many…"
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I love my Dad.

For everyone that has lost their Dad.
May 29

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